6 Tips For Developing a Proper Sales Funnel on Your Shopify Site

The world is full of clutter and confusion, which makes it difficult for you to stand out among other businesses. To be able to convert more people, there are some very tried and true methods.

Whether you have an entire department dedicated to marketing or not, it is definitely possible to dial in your sales funnel. By having a strong presence on your platform, customers will be able to connect with you better and will be more likely to convert.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that everything about your brand is exclusive. That your target market only wants what you have to sell and anyone else is selling something that isn’t as good or quality.

But being able to communicate that is a completely different skill, and reflecting on how your brand is perceived will help you develop a proper marketing funnel — which will help draw people to your website and keep them there.

Here are some tips on how to develop an awesome sales funnel!

1. Offer extra bonuses with each purchase

How to develop a proper sales funnel on your shopify site

The second part of your funnel is built around an offer or incentive, which you attach to the next step in the process. You can be as creative or elaborate as you want here, but it should be more noticeable and memorable than the first part of the funnel.

For example, you can include a discount on 2 or more products if they buy in bulk.

Or, how about offering a chance to win something by visiting our site, signing up to join the mailing list, etc.?

Don’t forget to set a goal (and a deadline) so people know when they should start buying stuff. Ideally they will have a couple days in order to get the offer (which expresses exclusivity!)

Sales funnels are like bombs – you need to put them together carefully and appropriately. Put too little effort into creating a funnel and you'll fail. It takes time to build trust and customers will leave without buying if you don't treat this campaign seriously.

2. Consider lowering prices or offering sales

How to develop a proper sales funnel on your shopify site

The price of your product or service will play a major role in how many people decide to buy it.

If you have an expensive price, people may balk. A cheap price can indicate that your product is lower quality. So how do you balance this?


The only way to truly know whether your pricing is adequate is by doing tests and receiving customer feedback. Definitely follow up with your customers who have purchased and ask what they think of the quality of the product and any other feedback they may have.

Offering sales are great ways to know that if your product were just a bit cheaper more people would buy. If you find this is the case, consider lowering your pricing to be more affordable so that more people can buy your product. Or consider producing limited quantities of products to enhance demand and justify the price.

By creating demand through limited time offers, advertising organic or environmentally friendly value, offering very fast shipping are all ways you can justify a higher price.

This way, buyers will feel satisfied that there were clear advantages to buying from you.

3. Direct traffic to a LANDING PAGE (not your homepage)

Testing out your sales message is important, but you should test one thing at a time. You need to understand which elements of your sale drive people away and what things they like about your service/product.

For this reason you want to create a landing page that all of your traffic from one source will see (for example paid YouTube ads).

You can actually set up A/B testing and create 2 different landing pages with slightly different marketing copy so that you can test which page works better in your marketing goal.

4. Don’t make the focus of your website about selling as much as it is about giving value

People buy from you for three reasons: because they need what you sell, because they want to own something that looks cool or because they have money.

If you don’t offer something that meets one (or more) of those needs, people will leave

It is crucial to put the right price on your products since this will be how customers learn about you and find you.

There are two ways to attract buyers and earn their trust: give them great deals or provide quality products at low prices.

Deal offers drive sales, but quality items priced lower than comparable things help too.

5. Tell your audience what you can offer them

6. Use social media channels to their advantage

How to develop a proper sales funnel on your shopify site

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are free marketing tools that can help you grow your business in multiple ways. When used correctly, they can boost your sales and lead generation through little or no cost.

Facebook is a good tool for reaching out to existing customers and turning them into fans and followers.

You should use special events like giveaways and news items related to your product. These things only work if people actually go to her page and click on something.

According to statistics, about 50% of people who visit someone’s page do not make a purchase. But if those same people become fans, then it will be very likely that they will eventually buy from you.

Your content needs to be relevant and interesting. You want people to look at your website and feel comfortable making an initial comment or inquiry.

More info

This list was only a brief guide to creating an awesome sales funnel. Here are some more resources for converting leads and getting the best ROI out of your marketing efforts.

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