Aerie Unveils Fall Collection at Charitable NYC Pop-Up Event

## American Eagle's Aerie Showcases Fall Collection in Unique Pop-up with a Cause

This fall, Aerie, a brand under American Eagle Outfitters, is not just making fashion statement, but a social one too. Digging into New York City's treasure trove of local businesses, Aerie is set to host a one-day pop-up event showcasing its fall 2023 collection in the hip Meatpacking District, according to details shared with Marketing Dive.

Nicknamed the Hidden Gems Marketplace, the event on August 15 will not only feature free items from participating vendors, but also a charitable angle that would certainly warm hearts. Attendees can donate a previously worn bra and get fitted for a brand-new one, for free!

Another fantastic facet of the event is its charitable component. The donated bras are going to Free the Girls, a nonprofit organization advocating for sex trafficking survivors. According to Aerie's CMO, Stacey McCormick, this effort is part of Aerie's "reintroduction" of its intimate apparel business.

But hold up, there's more! Aerie's endeavor to "make boobs happy” brings together an array of local businesses for a unique pop-up event to celebrate the retailer's fall collection. To change the conventional narrative and emphasize inclusivity, the Hidden Gems Marketplace will host an Aerie "It List" showcasing cozy fall items and selections from the brand’s four bra collections.

Aerie perfectly embodies the "local is the new global" trend by selecting local businesses with shared values of positivity. Featured businesses range from Brooklyn Blooms, a floral boutique recognizing the beauty of custom-tailored florals, to Mikey Likes It, an artisanal ice cream shop dishing up pop-culture-inspired flavors.

Another highlight is Aerie’s bra-trade scheme. Going inclusive and disruptive, Aerie is allowing attendees to dump their old bra (of any brand!) in exchange for a fitting and a free fall collection bra by an onsite brand specialist! A similar trade-in event is also being organized from August 24-27 at all Aerie outlets.

Bras donated at the Hidden Gems Marketplace and in-store trade-in events will be used by Free the Girls, a nonprofit providing economic opportunities for trafficking survivors. Given Gen Z's demonstrated preference for cause-driven brands, this initiative could boost Aerie's connection with the socially conscious cohort.

In the words of McCormick, "We've sold over 100 million bras ─ we know what we're doing here and we want to make sure that we turn people on to it.”

## The Bigger Picture: What This Means for Digital Marketing and

Taking off from Aerie's smart integration of live events, charity, and brand promotion, let's talk about your digital marketing needs. Localizing their campaign, Aerie is managing to create a win-win situation by using marketing to drive social change.

So how can brands outside the fashion industry replicate this strategy in the digital world? Enter, your digital marketing guru based in Portland, Oregon.

At, we leverage leading-edge AI and data insights to offer targeted content creation and distribution solutions. Just as Aerie curates offerings from local vendors, curates content personalized to your brand and industry, helping you stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Our Autopilot feature takes the grunt work out of developing a successful content marketing strategy, saving you countless hours and effort. And just like Aerie’s trade-in initiative gives customers a reason to visit their stores, the targeted and engaging content produces will drive organic traffic to your site.

Based on Aerie's innovative marketing approach, we predict the future of digital marketing will increasingly involve AI-optimized strategies combining the best elements of traditional and digital marketing, while also appealing to consumers’ sense of social responsibility.

So, come sun or rain, whether you are aiming for the runway or the digital highway, remember there's always a way to make your mark- and we are here to help you do just that! Our guess? The future of digital marketing would be a smart blend of AI-optimized, socially-conscious initiatives, with dollops of creativity thrown in.

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