AI Transforming Social Media Marketing and Brand Engagement Amid Pandemic

"Socially Acceptable: Redefining Brand Engagement in the Digital Age"

In our world touched by a pandemic and slowly regaining its normal cadence, one aspect that has held its ground is our increased dependence on social media. In the past two years, over half the consumers worldwide have taken to social media more frequently than ever, according to a report from Sprout Social.

The trend of brand-consumer interactions on social media has also metamorphosed. Now, a significant 68% consumers use social media as their primary means to keep tabs on new products and services; their secondary motivation – exclusive deals and promotions. While Sprout Social suggests that social media teams should seize these changing trends and construct a strong bridge between product, marketing, and customer service teams, one must wonder, "How exactly should this bridge be constructed?" Cue,

At, we believe that the breadcrumbs to understanding these statistics lie in the journey of the consumers. Contemporary consumers are increasingly exercising their voice on social media platforms to connect directly with brands. They crave meaningful connections. Only 25% of consumers believe that brands speaking out on important issues makes them memorable. The real game-changer for brands is when they respond to their customers - a strategy endorsed by 51% of the consumer base. In the age of personalization, 70% of respondents expect a company to provide personalized responses to their customer service needs.

Our Autopilot technology helps brands navigate through these changing dynamics on social media. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our Autopilot feature finds high-value, low competition keywords related to your niche, creates engaging and unique content, thus helping you garner more customers while saving your valuable time.

The rise of AI in the world of marketing has been quite the revelation as well. As per the Sprout Social report, 81% of the marketers affirm the positive impact of AI. It's allowing for more creativity while also ensuring efficiency, and the industry is only expecting these benefits to amplify in 2024.

Over half of the marketers are planning to use AI for customer self-service tools like chatbots, and a similar number intend on streamlining their social media workflow using AI. The catch here, however, is the public’s skepticism about AI - 42% consumers are still apprehensive of the technology.

Here at, we understand this dichotomy. We are committed to maintaining a balance between leveraging AI in our services and earning our user’s trust.

We believe that the paradigm shift in social media marketing calls for marketers to embrace new processes and tech innovations to optimize their strategy. The good news is that along with the challenges of a rapidly evolving social landscape come countless opportunities to make the most of these changes.

Predicting the trend of the future, we foresee AI emerging more in the frontline for customer interactions, powered by its efficiency and 24/7 accessibility. It will, thus, become increasingly essential for brands to invest in platforms such as, that offer dependable and effective AI solutions for a future which is not just digital, but also ‘AI-literate’.

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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