B2B Marketing: Who Is It For?

Now that you have found this article, I can tell you with high probability that you will soon be leaving this site with your wallet lighter than it was before you came. You have been lured in by false promises of money and gadgets to spend along with some gimmicky contests.

I want to make one thing clear at the start – I am not here to criticize marketing as an industry or individual campaigns. Many marketers are trying to do good and bring happiness to the world via their advertisements and products.

However, there is always a cost associated with every product or service. Even the ones that seem totally free usually have very expensive underlying costs.

The problem comes when these additional costs are not clearly identified upfront. Companies put off disclosing these fees because they are too busy spending money to advertise and market their products.

After buying their product, you find out that some of those fees were hidden and/or unnecessary! This is why it is important to research companies prior to purchasing their product or engaging them for help promoting theirs.

It is also worth noting that some services offer you a starter pack which contains many things that cost extra separately. For example, most social media sites have you pay per month to use their platform but also include certain features like email, etc which are separate expenses.

Who is it for?

b@b marketing

The most common way to use social media marketing strategies is to have someone create or produce your content. A popular way to do this is through an online business or company that offers public speaking services. They may offer basic talkings points and/or pre-made speeches you can edit and publish yourself.

By offering such services, these companies become influencers. They influence others to visit their site and learn something new by editing and publishing another person’s speech!

This is very important to note because this article will focus on how you can start earning extra money as a speaker soon.

What should you do?

b@b marketing

Changing your marketing strategy is always worth it! If you are looking to increase traffic or sales, then start testing out new strategies today.

There’s no reason to stick with what hasn’t worked before unless you have nothing else to try. It would be best to find a mix of strategies that work for your business and see some results at least.

This could be trying different types of social media sites, changing your pricing, experimenting with products or services, etc.

You can never know everything so don’t feel like you need to take things as seriously as those who seem more experienced.

When should you do it?

b@b marketing

Even though creating a business social media profile is not a high cost activity, it can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing! It is important to remember that your online presence will only matter if people look at it.

If no one sees your profile picture or read an article you wrote, then it doesn’t exist for much of anything.

That said, marketing via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is a very accessible way to spread your brand. A lot of people start using these websites as part of their personal use, but you can add value by giving information about the products and services you offer.

This is called “marketing through engagement” and it’s totally fine to leave your profile up when you are away from your computer.

What are the results?

b@b marketing

Recent studies show that most people spend less time engaging in active, healthy behaviors like eating healthily, exercising, and managing their weight after they leave your house!

In fact, 97% of all overweight or obese adults report planning or executing a diet, exercise program or both within the past month. But only 1 out of every 5 people keep up with their new habits for more than two weeks before dropping out.

That’s an average of just over one week per person!

What makes it even worse is that almost half (46%) dropout at least once in the next ten days, which means they won’t be saving any money by trying to stay in budgeted calories for lunch.

There’s no reason to feel discouraged though – you can probably make changes to avoid wasting too much money if you give yourself a little extra help.

Sample videos

b@b marketing

Recent trends in marketing include the use of short, catchy videos to promote your product or service. These are often referred to as “marketing clips” or “sampler videos.”

The reason these types of videos are such an effective way to market products is because they give potential customers a small taste (or sample) of what you can offer them.

Clips with music and stories appeal more to people than ones that are just lists of benefits. They make your product or service seem more interesting!

What makes a good marketing clip?

It must tell a story about your company and its services.

It should be fun and engaging for the viewer. Your viewers will want to watch several of these videos to get more information about your business.

Music helps set the tone for your video so choose one that fits with the rest of the components.

These tips will help you create your own marketing clips. Become familiar with the YouTube channel of someone who has success using this technique. You can also take some time to research different ways to develop your voice and style when creating content.

Businesses still use printed materials and advertisements to reach out to new clients but technology continues to play a bigger role in marketing. A well-rounded approach includes utilizing all forms of media.

Sample blogs

Recent examples of business marketing blogs include doing your company’s annual review, posting about products and services, hosting giveaways or competitions, starting an online store, sharing tips and tricks, keeping up with what social media platforms are popular these days, and more!

Mostly, people read blogs for content so having interesting writing is important to ensure that happens. Content should be written using good grammar, according to sound marketing rules, and focused on offering solutions to problems.

Your readers will quickly lose interest in poor quality content if there isn’t anything they can take away from it. Make sure yours leaves them with something helpful.

When creating new content, think about how you could use what you have learned recently in relation to the topic. If you notice your friends talking about a product or service you know well, do some research on why they like it and see if those reasons apply to you as well.

You want to give off the impression that you reading this article was needed by someone, not just you. Your readers hope you would keep coming back to their site because you received value from what they had to say.

Facebook ads

b@b marketing

With the right ad campaign, you can create a whole new social media profile for your business! Companies have gone so far as to use Facebook advertisements to promote their next big blockbuster movie or to increase sales by offering discounts or free merchandise if people like the product exposed to them through advertisements.

The thing about advertising via social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and now, Facebook is that it doesn’t cost much money. There are some costs involved in creating an advertisement (creating a video or photo, paying for advertising space), but the rest of what we mentioned here is pretty inexpensive.

With all three of these sites having very large audiences, this is your chance to get exposure for your business! People will potentially see your advert and either click the link to learn more about your business or the invite to join your company's group. Either way, you've succeeded in exposing your business to wider audiences.

Email marketing

b@b marketing

With the explosion of technology, almost every field has seen an increase in efficiency via use of software or apps. This is true for business-use apps like Gmail or Microsoft Office, to name a few. Technology has made it easy to launch quick email campaigns with pre-made templates and features that take away some of the need to edit messages manually.

Email marketing is one such tool that can be used for your company’s success. There are several ways to implement this into your daily work, from sending promotional emails to gathering feedback through surveys. It is important to understand how email marketing effects your audience before jumping feet first into the process.

What is email marketing?

In general terms, email marketing means using electronic messaging to communicate information about products and services to your audience. Businesses use this to promote their products and gather testimonials and comments. You may also send out coupons and deals!

The term “marketing” typically refers to advertisements you place online to gain new customers, but it does not exclude the use of e-mail. It is simply including more digital media channels in your advertising repertoire.

How does it effect your audience?

One major factor of doing email marketing is making sure your message is relevant and interesting. Your recipients will be able to tell if you do not care about what you are saying, so make sure you are looking out for their needs.

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