Bacardí Brews up Early Fright with Halloween-Themed Digital Marketing Blitz

Greetings, thirsty Thrillers and Chillers of the marketing world! Derek here, your favorite marketing guru, doing my eerie dance through the haunting halls of digital marketing. Today's titillating tale comes from the crypt of content creation, with a spine-chilling martini twist.

Bacardí, the famed rum brand, is raising spirits - and hairs- this Halloween with two boo-tiful ad spots and the resurrection of a fan-favorite, glow-in-the-dark bottle. These 30-second ghoulish gems, christened "Blood Moon" and "The Zombie," demonstrate to haunted homeowners how to stir up two cocktail concoctions infused with Bacardí for the spooky season. The commercials, directed by Emily Elizabeth Thompson, contain eerie echoes to classic horror films like “Poltergeist” and “The Shining”.

But Bacardí didn't stop the scare there. They’ve unleashed a bone-chilling Spotify playlist to set the dreadful mood and have planned a Snapchat lens that allows users to transform their face into a spook-tacular, cocktail-inspired visage.

So, let's unmask this creature of the night and see what it can teach us about marketing in the digital age.

Halloween is more than a month away, but brands are already brewing up their spine-tingling tricks and treats. Bacardí is stirring up early fears with two new TV spots inspired by classic horror films, two digital activations, and a phantasmagoric, limited-edition bottle. All to kick-start the creepy carnival.

That’s the trick - grabbing the audience's attention early. Your brand's strategy should stir anticipation for your product, just like a glowing green bottle of Bacardí rum, infiltrating consumer's minds before the main event.

But that's not all. Bacardí also extended their ghoulish grasp to other digital channels. They’ve summoned a “Terrifyingly Good Playlist” on Spotify, and a Halloween-inspired Snapchat lens. Considering Halloween spending is expected to reach a spine-chilling $12.2 billion in 2023, putting their eerie effort into this campaign makes perfect sense.

Now, pause the shrieks and screams, because we're stepping out of this haunted house and back into the mad, mad world of marketing, right here at Indeed, Bacardí's digital marketing strategy is cleverly chilling, but let's try to glean some valuable skills to sharpen our digital marketing fangs.

What's Bacardí's trick? It's simple: content creation. Bacardí created content - ads, playlists, Snapchat lenses - that their consumers will want to engage with. This content isn't just for Halloween; these are skills we can use to develop our digital marketing strategies every day of the year, each as important as a well-stirred Rum Zombie.

Bacardí’s digital marketing strategy is a brilliant blue-print for injecting some fun into your digital marketing campaign, but it’s a job that requires a lot of work, time and resources. Or does it?

With, you can let your marketing strategy run on autopilot while the AI generates and optimises unique, engaging content for you, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

So, here's my wager. As the fog lifts and the full moon unveils the future of digital marketing, I see more brands taking the Bacardí route, creating fun and targeted content for their audiences. But there's a twist in our tale. The future is not in the toil and trouble of manual content creation—it's in intelligent automation. And that's where steps in.

Will you be one of them? Only time and your next killer content marketing campaign will tell, until then, happy haunting!

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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