Best B2B Copywriting Examples

Best selling authors

If you are an author with a book published, you’re already successful.

You should have confidence when talking about your book, and people will trust what you say.

It’s easy to write a best selling novel, but it takes talent to make that same material into a story people want to read.

There are several things you can do to be a best-selling writer:

Be knowledgeable in your field. When you write books, don’t worry about formatting or rules – just tell a good story.

Research the types of plots for stories and choose one that fits the theme or genre you’re writing. Then work on how you’ll implement those themes into your writing.

Work hard, knowing that success won’t come easily or without effort.

Product manufacturers

Writing for product manufactures is different than writing for other businesses such as restaurants or staffing agencies. For example, you’ll write an ad offering your products directly to consumers, so the target audience is typically inexperienced readers who may be uncertain about what you offer.

You’ll also write copy in response to press releases that promise news articles and features. In addition to being difficult to work with, this can make your content sound too good to be true.

Goodwill isn’t necessarily the result of positive marketing; it’s more the effect of informing customers and leading them to seek out their desired product. The truth is that no matter how hard you try, you will still leave trails of untapped possibilities.

That’s why it’s important to understand that successful manufacturer communication depends upon understanding the person receiving the message. When company representatives fail to clarify messages after they have been delivered, things usually go sour.

The worst case scenario is when both the sender and receiver don’t realize something has gone wrong until later. By then, people are often frustrated enough to want to find someone else to solve their problem.

Corporate marketing departments

In most cases, the quality of your writing will be determined by the type of company you are (the industry), who your audience is, and what you claim to offer them.

Your attitude can make or break you in the eyes of management. So choose something that speaks to their souls rather than just putting buttering words onto the page.

Attitudes towards leadership range from fear of being too bold, to lack of confidence, all the way up to fear of failure.

Any one of these attitudes could be preventing someone higher up from giving approval for an increase in responsibilities or pay raise.

If there is a reason why they have not been promoted, now is the time to find out how you can contribute and help this person get ahead.

Commercial websites

If you’re in the commercial industry, then this is an obvious way to connect with other businesses looking for ways to improve their products or services.

You can find blogs written by other companies be searching “other businesses”, or checking out business networking sites that have developed since network members set up forums where companies can share resources.

If you own a company and want to connect with others seeking information about bettering theirs, there are many different places you can turn to get started. One of the easiest ways to introduce your brand into people’s lives is through social media channels.

Twitter and facebook are great places to make these connections because they allow someone to reach out via text message. Connections like chat give you another avenue for connecting with folks.

Financial consultants

The title of financial consultant is rarely passed down from generation to generation. This tag typically adds weight and complexity to your audience’s decision to hire you.

Consultants have little reason to believe that what they learn in school will help them be successful financial advisors. That’s why only one out of ten people who become financial consultants actually go into it.

Given that many businesses fail, the first step to becoming a successful financial advisor is knowing how to translate your skills into something people can wrap their heads around-like a job description.

When someone wants to know “how do I get into finance?”, you respond with “become a financial consultant.” It’s an answer that works for most people, even if you don’t hold out much hope for them being able to.

The key is giving advice without making assumptions. Most people want to understand money management and investing, but they may not feel like they need financial coaching.They might see asking for help as a sign of weakness.

That’s why pitching ideas after facts seems so convincing; you are being specific, while also leaving room for interpretation. People want to think they know what you mean when you say ‘fact’, but they often disagree about whether or not a fact exists.

Health professionals

As health care professionals, you likely take yourself to be quite knowledgeable about current medical practices and procedures.

However, if you are trying to persuade other people to follow your recommendations, you should know that they don’t trust what they read, so it is hard to convince them of anything.

When we see doctors in medicine, we put our confidence in them because they are trained and licensed to help us through their knowledge of healthcare.

But with social media messages or letters to our physicians, others who are not trained in helping patients feel like they can offer advice or guidance which may be very harmful for them.

This is why there is such a focus these days on patient-centered care. Patients are seen as individuals whose needs and preferences should come first.

It is common these days to see online campaigns from companies asking questions about product features and giving suggestions for improvement.

These are called customer feedback sites and every company uses them to better their products and services.

Software developers

When you write about software (or any product for that matter), your main target audience is other software professionals. Therefore, what you say will be in the technical domain, so make sure your writing is detailed and uses specialized vocabulary.

You want to give them a sense of excitement when they read your content, so choose facts instead of opinions. Tell a story or an experience to connect with the reader and motivate them to take action.

Let’s look at some examples:

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