Best Copywriting Books Ever

Marketing All-In-One Handbook

This is probably the most famous guide to marketing writing. It was authored by William Schwab, who founded Westley Publishers in 1948.

The handbook presents good basic info that can help you get started, including tips for developing your own blogging skills. But it also includes more advanced techniques that may not be common outside of professional writers’ circles.

For example, it discusses making yourself into a better writer through training programs, which can boost your overall skill set.

Also included are ways to connect with others via social media, blogs, forums, groups and other forms of online communication.

This book assumes you have some knowledge of your internet browser and general usage habits.

It provides tutorials and advice to make you a better user if you’re new to the web or want to improve your content creation skills.

This eBook focuses primarily on helping you market your written work, but it also helps you develop your personal brand and website.

Screw Advertising

Since launching his first book, Kevin has written more than 20 books and produced several videos. His debut novel, "Screwed", was number one in the Amazon charts for its category. He is currently authoring two new books!

Kevin has advice on how to get people to offer their money for something they want by selling them stuff.

But the approach (known as ‘selling yourself short’) is such a common mistake that leads people to fail at growing their businesses.


This book will change your life for the better.

It was written by business owner, Gary Alnor. He talks about how to build a business act of god program in your businesses.

You can find ways to do it through networking, other businesses, or even just through being involved in your community.

By being involved in your community, you can actually help make it a better place to live. That way, when people need something, they cannot forget that everything is provided for them.

So why not use your knowledge and experience to improve lives?

This concept is what makes up a marketing program. You are helping others before they realize what has happened.

They might have forgotten someone this time last year, but now they’re going to remember somebody who helped them. So then they’ll talk about their experiences with each other, and more often than not, they’ll think of another person who helped them.

Brand Name

If you’re just starting out, I recommend my book Make Yourself A Name (And Build A Brand)

If you don’t have a name or brand already, then doing so is your number one priority.

Having a name gives you credibility. Without a name, everyone will assume that you are a newcomer to the field with no experience or reputation at all.

Furthermore, if you even think about selling yourself short by having an amateurish name, people may not take you seriously enough to buy anything.

Therefore, invest time in creating a brand that represents you well. It can be hard, but once you find your brand, stick with it.

Keep working it into peoples’ minds over time, and soon you will need to start coming up with creative names for your products and brands.

In summary, work on your name now before anyone asks you. Also, do some research and figure out what your name means. Then set up a brand with meaning that fits who you are and what you want to sell.

Death Match

By building relationships with other writers, you can help each other grow as authors. The DM (Deathmatch) is a contest where two authors write a paper together; either set up by the group or submitted by them.

These papers are usually between 500 and 1,000 words, so everyone has enough time to put out an effort. Papers like these often focus on specific genres such as fiction or non-fiction.

The goal of the tournament is to see which author can string a bunch of sentences together better than the other one—thereby proving that they have the skill of writing.

Of course, both authors want to win, so they’ll do anything they can to win. This includes making every sentence as good as it can be, taking extra minutes to format the document, and submitting their work professionally.

Anyone can write a paragraph here or there – even kids – but being able to string several paragraphs together is what separates professional authors from regular people.

This deathmatch theme brings attention to your book. People love competition and will fight for the chance to publish a winning entry.

Deep Cleaning

Have you ever read a book that’s been there for years, where every word was written with clarity, and it just needed an update? I think we can all agree that’s a beautiful thing.

That’s why I wrote this unique book called — deep cleaning your business idea or website. By using different strategies and tools, we take the time to fix some of the issues that have been hanging around since earlier this year.

This book will help you get rid of any outdated content, work through anything that is holding you back from being as successful as you could be, and put in place new systems and processes to make things easier going forward.

By the end of this book, you'll have a deeper understanding of the things slowing you down and giving you trouble, and you'll have many helpful tips to improve the way you run your business.

Emotion Selling

If you read one book about sales and marketing, it should be this one.

Robert Cialdini writes about how psychology works when we make decisions.

He explores these concepts in his easy-to-read writing style, and they work perfectly for all kinds of marketers – including copywriters!

What You’ll Learn About Emotion And Sales

You will learn:

How to use emotions to win people over

Why explaining what others want to get out of the transaction is more important than offering reasons why someone should buy

The Magic Of Thinking Big

When you write a paragraph based on this book, you’ll increase the chances of your audience reacting to what you have to say by applying some classic thinking strategies.

You can also look at it from a skeptical standpoint: how fast people move towards or away from something is largely dependent on whether they think things are wonderful or disgusting.

For example, if someone thinks food is delicious, they’re going to try it just because there’s no penalty for eating too much.

But if that same person believes wine is so nasty, he’s not going to spend one single minute tasting it. His brain knows the danger of drinking something that might be bad; therefore, it’s preventing him from investing any time in it.

This principle -- the ability to get people to think about what you want them to do — applies to everything, including writing. You can use this approach with clients, colleagues, friends, or family members.

Soft Sell

By Jeffrey Moore, founder of

Rating: 4 stars

Why it’s a top pick): It points out something many people don’t know about selling products or services: you should not be afraid to sell yourself.

In a sense, all business is sales; everything you do is trade your time for money. The how to part of running a business is learning to sell yourself – confidence will attract customers and increase your profits.

This book helps you understand the importance of marketing and advertising in the early stages of a business when profit are lowest. You also get an overview of the product development process as well as different financing options.

Here, we learn more about what has made this book so popular and successful.

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