Best Copywriting Brands

Ogilvy & Mather

If you’re looking to take your brand content marketing to the next level, there are few companies that can help you more than Ogilvy & Mather Digital Marketing.

The agency is known for its creative genius, understanding of branding, and ability to create meaningful messages. Its workers are experts in sales storytelling and helpful team members.

What makes Ogilvy & Mather special is their long history as one of the top advertising agencies in NYC and worldwide. They have worked with some of the most famous brands, including Air France, BMW, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, Ford, Pepsi, Sony, Kellogg’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Google, Yahoo!, and many others.

Ogilvy & Mather has produced everything from iconic ads to concept cars, so you can be sure they have done work appropriate for your industry and needs.

Dawn DePewd

If you’re looking to learn about blogging, then no one is better than Dawn DePewd. She has written dozens of blogs and even more articles, so there are a ton of resources available for her methods as well as tips that she offers other bloggers. Her biggest claim to fame is probably that she hosts some of the best-known writing brands, including How To Write A Blog and Content Formula Station.

She also created a community forum where people ask questions about blogging and get help with their posts, which attracts a lot of readers. She was previously the host of Business Formulas On Google+, which attracted a small but dedicated audience.

These days, she mainly promotes products through her YouTube channel and facebook page. You can gain access to most of them for free, but if you want to gain access to others, you will have to pay.

There are several reasons why people like working with her. First, she does not charge anything for things like reblogging, which is very rare these days. Second, she works hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and able to contact her via email or message. There are many comments and reviews from past clients that show how helpful she can be.

The Shoe Designer Co.

What is unique about The Shoe Designer Company is that they focus on creating quality shoes and clothing specifically for women. All of their products are designed to fit properly, which is important when selling footwear.

They also offer consulting services where you can work directly with the company to design your own shoe line or business pattern. They have an online shop as well as a retail location in case you want to buy something personally.

Fjord Paperworks

If you’re looking for engaging, funny writing with an eye toward creative thinking and innovative approaches, then Fjord Paperworks is for you.

Their topics range from kids’ books to printed holiday cards, but every topic is what they call “good storytelling”; each one has a message that leaves a specific effect or response in your mind.

You will never feel like you are being preached to, nor will you ever find yourself reading something that pulls off feeling overly scientific.

Their stories are rich, yet there’s a lot of freedom in their approach to publishing. You just have to decide how much you want to invest in your book.

Lakeland Pine Papercrafts

If you like papercrafting, you'll love what they offer in terms of pricing and quality. All their products are high quality, made by hand, and priced very reasonably.

They sell digital designs as well as traditional ones, including some designed by the owner herself. She offers crafting guides as well as learning how to design templates.

Big Picture Kids

If you are looking for creative marketing ideas, then children’s writing brands can help you out. You can find free lessons and resources to improve your writing ability.

These kids’ writing blogs were created by parents who want to teach others about child development and what it takes to be a successful writer.

Parents are always looking for ways to connect with their readers, and writers are an incredibly rewarding group of people to talk to. Since they put themselves out there emotionally every time they write, they are also very generous in helping others.

You have access to hundreds of parent-run websites that share similar content if you browse online parenting forums.

There are many different social groups dedicated to raising children that will help you connect with other parents. Most are run like a club where you pay a membership fee to learn how to lead such a group!

Blue Nile

Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile has established itself as one of the top travel retailers in the world by creating memorable experiences for buyers.

It’s easy to shop at Blue Nile; you can use their website or go into their stores. Both options work well. The design is simple, yet attractive.

The prices are great and there’s plenty of choice. You can find anything from fun teenage parties to special occasions like weddings and engagements. There’s also an option to create custom designs.

What makes Blue Nile unique is that they send professional artisans directly to your table. They bring merchandise to life through story telling which appeals to customers who prefer listening to reading.

i purchased

There are only two brands that have truly earned my trust + admiration, and that is Amazon and Apple.

Not just because they’re technology companies (though their innovation and creativity in those areas is formidable), but because of what they stand for as businesses.

They’ve done something very few other companies ever manage to do; build a brand around an asset that is entirely dependent on software and machinery – their people.

Amazon has a reputation for customer service that’s said to be the best in the business, and Apple is renowned for its user interfaces and experience.

But these are just branding tools — not why I buy things at either store. I don’t buy goods or services because of their logo or because of advertising.

I go to retailers who understand me and my needs because we built a relationship over time with someone we trusted.

We bought stuff from them because they knew what we wanted and could deliver it.

That kind of retailing isn’t going away anytime soon. But if you’re looking to make your product shine, making yourself available through these types of channels can help spread the word.

It also helps keep customers coming back by being consistent across all channels.

Entrepreneur On Fire

If you want to learn how to create sustainable online businesses that truly work, then you should listen up. Michael Hyatt has nothing to lose by being completely honest about what it takes to build a successful business.

If you’re looking for basic marketing tips or advice, you will not find it here. But if you’re already an entrepreneur who wants to take their idea to the next level, then this is some free education for you.

You won’t find any fluff reading here. This is real knowledge delivered straight into your inbox.

To help you develop as a leader and manager, he provides insights that only someone with substantial experience in leadership can provide. You will also enjoy his stories of life in the Army and the death of his friends and family during war.

His passion for teaching others flows out of him when he talks about management. Whether you are a CEO, a middle manager, or both, there are lessons you can apply from these conversations.

He brings expertise in entrepreneurship, software engineering, technical writing, and web development to deliver quality content that will blow away you.

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