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Become a Magnetographer

A magnetographer is someone who primarily creates magnetic marketing content. This includes videos, podcasts, advertisements, articles, or other forms of creative media that uses words and images to direct focus.

Magnetographers use storytelling and conversation building techniques when creating magnetic ads. They also use data analytics to determine which stories will engage readers most effectively.

It’s about having fun and speaking with confidence while you write, says Laura Smith, director of brand engagement for Milwaukee-based health care company Cigna. “You can get more confident writing if you read something every day--if not multiple times a day,” she adds.

Being aware of your strengths and knowing what you don’t know helps keep you focused and delivers quality work.

“We all have weaknesses, but it’s how we respond to them that matters,” says Eric Hoffman, chief executive officer at Storytelling Arts in San Francisco.

For example, if you're unsure about making your audience feel a certain way, try asking others for feedback instead of coming up with another solution yourself. Or, if you tend to overuse keywords, try cutting back slightly on the number of times you repeat a word.

Take A Free Short Test to See If You Are a Good Candidate For Marketing

Although marketing has many aspects, there are two main skills that you can develop to be a good marketer.

The first is copywriting, which includes creative writing as well as technical writing.

Technical writers write long tests and process research methods carefully. They may also work with software or design programs.

Many employers look for candidates who can write well. Because testing software is a large part of web development, if you aren’t a good tester, you’ll have trouble getting a job in web design or application programming.

Take Our Live Webinar Any Time, 24/7

With our free online webinars, you can learn copywriting skills at your own pace with no deadline to break.

Webinar leader Kristi Miller has two tips for success.

First, sign up for some weekly goals that are related to your work (and pay someone to review your work). Then focus on what you're going to teach people about writing and take extra time to prepare lessons ahead of schedule.

Second, don't worry about being perfect. It's more important to share what you have written than it is to be polished. The best stories make yourself and your readers feel like you’ve been there before them.

Finding out what works best for you takes practice, so give yourself enough time to really master this skill.

Get Super Confidence By Becoming An Expert At Selling

There’s a reason top-level sales people make more money than top level marketing people: selling is truly an art form.

Great salespeople have a natural ability to connect with people and get them to buy what you are offering.

They can stay focused when conversing with a customer, even if that means shifting the conversation away from marketing messages and toward a personal one.

That said, no one has everything they need to learn about connecting with people and shaping conversations into purchases.

The best way to improve as a seller is by practicing getting people excited about what you offer through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

There are also several certifications that focus on improving your abilities as a speaker. People who speak often benefit from doing so once in awhile, but there are few opportunities to do so without experience.

Salespeople who prefer written communication find Sales Speaker Certification useful. More than just learning how to talk about products, this certification teaches spoken skills for effective interaction.

We Will Teach You How To Generate New Ideas Like A Pro

Creative thinking is an essential skill that every successful writer has in their toolkit. Some people who have strong creative skillsets feel that writing is something they can never do, or think that it’s easier to be creative when you write words.

However, I would argue that because writers are able to manipulate symbols and language to suit their needs, they can also help themselves out by being aware of how they process information.

More specifically, studies show that different types of formatting (like color placement) help guide our perception of text, so we use this knowledge while reading as well.

Another way authors create stories is by using details. Sometimes things like real life experiences, unexpected events, or everyday situations can be used to make scenes. These small additions may seem insignificant, but if there is a genuine connection with the reader, it will leave a lasting impression and inspire the author for more ideas.

Write Without Plagiarizing With Nuance

Writing without plagiarism is an important part of your job as a copywriter. You must learn to interpret content and produce original writing that holds its own or exceeds the quality of the original.

Interpreting content means you understand what the writer was trying to say. When you’re reading professional material, you should make it a habit to read multiple versions of the same article/post before producing your own work.

This way you can compare your own words with their results and adjust your script accordingly. It also helps you understand the audience and grab them by the balls (yes, I am aware this is meant to be humorous, but anyone who has never done this may not have a sense of humor).

Grasping someone by the balls isn’t about being funny; it’s about being sincere. If you want to write for people, then you need to know how they think and talk.

Filtered Water Delivers Health

The average American drinks about one hundred twenty-five gallons of water per year. That’s roughly six liters, or two bottles each of tap water, bottled beverages (wine, coffee, etc.), and juices. The rest comes from contaminated sources such as plastic, fluoride in public drinking water, and salt content in foods.

We can improve our health by cutting back on sugar and processed foods, and replacing them with clean fruits and vegetables. But what if you could also drink your way to better health?

Through innovative technology and quality control, Fithlerized Water has created an organic beverage that utilizes the purifying properties of water. Their products are non-GMO, contain no pesticides, animal ingredients, or preservatives. What remains is trace amounts of all kinds of natural minerals, which the body already efficiently excretes.

Claimed benefits include weight loss, improved digestion, and enhanced immune function. Plus, individuals who drink filtered water experience greater energy levels and have been known to feel more awake and refreshed.

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Kids

Part of your job as a writer is to know your audience, their beliefs, and what they’re hungry for. You can learn how to write by taking an online course or reading articles like this one. Here are some basic nutrition tips that you can teach kids in your class.

They’re easy to remember – put food first! : ) Then add protein, fat (the good ones), fiber, no sugar, and maybe a star ingredient. Students will enjoy them and understand why healthy eating is important.

Protein teaches growth

You can find foods that are high in protein at any grocery store. Generally, you want to choose proteins that come from sources with a low risk of health problems like cancer, but which also have benefits including weight loss, proper skin cell function, and muscle development.

Meat contains a lot of protein- try turkey bacon today or fried chicken tomorrow.
Pork has vitamins A and Z

Foods that contain vitamin A include carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, and squash.

Vitamin Z is found in dark meat such as poultry and fish.

Together, these vitamins form a group known as retinoids that protect against sun damage.

If you eat enough fruits and vegetables, you’ll get all you need. But if you don’t, you may need supplements.

These vitamins work together to keep

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