Best Copywriting Examples Of All Time

Facebook “Check In” Example

If you ever go somewhere, this technique can help you get more likes onto your pictures. When you check in to a place using your facebook account, you are telling everyone that you are at that specific location. This is a popular strategy for getting more fans.

All you have to do is click on the "check-in" button at the top of the screen, enter a description of why you're there, and upload a photo! Anyone who visits your page will see your latest vacation or visit to the restaurant/bar where you are currently located.

There are many other ways to receive free tickets to places you'd like to go. For example, if you are a member of any group related to your favorite bar, you could become a fan of their page too.

You should also follow the businesses you frequent on social media so they know to send you things sometimes.

Online Dating Headlines Examples

Talk about your website reviews

When it comes to effective dating headline, there are few things you should keep in mind. You need to have confidence in your ability to be romantic and funny.

You also need to think about who you’re writing for. Are they more likely to read boldface or normal style? For example, if you were to write, “Can I hang out after work?”

Product Description Pop-Up Videos

Even if you’re not sure that people will want to watch a video about your product, it’s worth creating one for just this scenario. Not only can you record an introduction to your product (pop up videos are great because they allow you to describe the product while still giving the viewer a sense of presentation), but you can also incorporate links in pop-up videos that lead to your product page.

When someone watches a video describing your product, they’ll be able to click through and buy it before it occurs to them that maybe what they really wanted was more information.

And when they go to purchase it, there’s a chance that they’ll decide against buying until they read the description. At the very least, it will take them away from the checkout process long enough so that they could think about their decision.

Furthermore, studies have shown that visual descriptions seem to better assist customers in deciding whether or not to make a purchase than textual ones. A succinct textual explanation may even hurt sales by confusing the customer or making them feel like they didn’t understand something; whereas a well-made video describing the same thing helps them grasp it better.

Therefore, although we talk about how powerful videos are as marketing tools, websites don’t rely heavily on them. However, without good video content, websites simply come across as dull and uninteresting.

Price, Performance and Rating Checkers

There’s a reason that most web visitors who check price, performance or rating checks never leave a review. It takes too much effort!

But for those businesses who have had more luck marketing with reviews (and therefore get reviewed more), doing so is becoming increasingly normal.

Review sites like Yelp, Google Local, Facebook, Twitter and others are major advertising markets, especially for local business. And unlike traditional media ads, you can specifically target your ad to people who are more likely to write a positive review of your product.

But while it’s easy to advertise using search engines and social networks, getting quality traffic can be another story.

That’s why good online marketing starts with creating great content and signing up for top ranking keywords. If you want to see results from internet marketing, you need to put in work.

And while working hard is important, nothing will take you down a notch faster than trying to squeeze out a few words every day when there’s a whole lot of stuff going on.

That’s why writers do what they do. They create words by feeding their brains several sentences all at once.

The key is to feed your brain quickly, keep them short but alive, and always be inputting new information into your mind.

Wordier Sales Letters

Even if you’re good with words, it’s best to avoid wordy sales letters. Your readers don’t want to read a short story; they came to your website to buy something or take action.

Sales letters under one hundred sentences are usually ignored by people looking for quality content. They become ineffective because the reader can’t determine what the main idea is or how to engage with the letter.

Letters that contain more than two sentences are considered difficult to understand. When there are too many steps in the way from start to finish, people won’t read the letter past the first sentence.

It becomes hard to keep their interest focused on the rest of the letter. Instead, try keeping each part as brief as possible. Add additional details where needed to better convey your message.

More Satisfied Customers

Writing good sales copy is an art form. You can test your writing skills by seeing how many satisfied customers you have.

If you have more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones, then you’ve written some nice words.

This is because when customers are unhappy they tell everyone else who will listen about their problems. Your job is to make them happy so that they keep buying from you.

The best way to do this is by providing excellent customer service. You should already be doing this, but if you aren’t, now is the time to start.

Consider hiring someone to write fake reviews on social media. Or pay money to have forum threads about your business deleted or moderated so that other businesses don’t get negative feedback.

Better Subject Lines in Email Marketing

Emphasizing or explaining something in the subject line is more effective than using bullets or pointing to get your message across. This applies especially to email marketing messages.

When an email arrives, people already know what the message is about. They also have their own ideas about what it will be worth reading as opposed to those cold emails that start with “Hi” or “Hello”.

That being said, you can still capture someone’s attention by doing a quick scan of the subject line. You want them to feel like they got some kind of reward for taking the time to open your email.

Better yet, try replacing the standard “Here’s what we have to offer you” with a personalized version. For example, instead of saying, “Our product reduces cholesterol levels,” say, “Michelle who works in our retail store has low cholesterol levels” or “Mary who lives in apartment C wants to reduce her diabetes risk factors”.

This way, even if the person doesn’t pay close attention to the subject line, they might read the body of the email and decide whether it’s worth responding to.

Storytelling Behind Customer Service

Consumers today realize they need more than good service. They expect to be able to contact customer care services about every issue, regardless of how small or unrelated it might seem.

Good customer service doesn’t just help when you have a problem shopping or paying online. It can also help increase sales over the phone, via email, or through social media.

How does good customer service achieve this? By telling a story. Very often in business, there is no loyalty from customers if the company gives it out for free.

But once you start asking your customers to pay money for something, then they become loyal consumers. This is because you delivered value to them at some point.

It could be an annual fee, a subscription price, or other payments that allow them to own or experience what you offer but feel like they are getting a deal.

Put yourself in their shoes before you try to sell them anything. You want someone who will always look beyond their own needs and wants to buy things.

If you can tell them a story they would find interesting, funny, or meaningful, they are much more likely to listen to your pitch.

Experienced vs. Potential Client Comparison

This example shows how an attorney can write off his or her potential clients versus those that are already customers.

This example focuses only on the words used to attract people to read your content. There’s another set of copywriting examples where we identified four irresistible reasons to buy from you.

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