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Once you have your list of webpages that are like sales copies, create another document with your writing samples. You can either edit or copy these pages to build your marketing portfolio.

This document should detail how you plan to promote products through social media, online communities, articles, brochures and other selling tools. Show readers how you understand their emotions and what you have learned about product management.

Your website may already include several marketing materials that focus on promoting your work. If so, you can use these documents as guides for creating additional portfolios.

If not, then this will help you meet your goal of having numerous high-quality pieces of content to attract visitors and encourage them to buy from you.

You can also consider paying someone else to write quality content for you if you aren’t confident in your own ability to produce something worthy of attention.

Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to help make your portfolio more visually appealing. Or you could hire some one who offers both services, i.e., a writer/publisher to help get your brand out into the market place and find people willing to purchase it.

Include samples of your best work

Connect With Other Businesses

Most clients will only hire you if they like what they see, so be sure to write an introduction to your portfolio that highlights your most impressive content

Content is one of the most important things about marketing, so don’t worry about perfectionist tendencies or creating ‘wow’ content. They’re not necessary!

What is needed are several pieces of quality content; something that shows effort and skill. In fact, studies show that high-quality content plays such a significant part in spreading online word-of-mouth information, that Google considers all content with this purpose under the guise of ‘content marketing’.

Google also considers websites featuring curated content (i.e., written by someone other than the curator) as ‘blogging’. Curated content adds little value compared to original content – why would anyone treat it any differently?

Furthermore, people appreciate being offered a taste of good quality content before they spend time reading a long article. It makes sense then, to include some great looking articles at the start of your writing career to help them make the transition.

Consider having multiple drafts of your most popular works available, along with a detailed description showing how you developed the ideas through different stages. You can even add videos or screenshots to give readers a closer look at elements of your designs.

State what you’re willing to pay

Why Does Shopify Hold Your Money

Most people offer their services for free, but they usually have a minimum fee of $5,000–$10,000 per month. If you cost them money, then they will charge you more.

They will either give you an agreement or make it very clear that if you take one client off of the market place, someone else will come in to replace him.

Most companies are run this way, which is why having at least three clients is crucial to their business model.

You can ask any broker whether or not he takes new customers or how many months ago he took someone on as a customer. He should be able to tell you easily enough.

Create a website

If you don’t have a web site already, create one. There are a number of great websites that make creating a web site easy (Webinars). Web hosting services such as and Squarespace offer free web sites for personal use.

There are also a number of great website design companies that provide pre-made web sites with custom look and feel to fit your style.

Your web site should be an extension of yourself and what you want to say. It is best when it tells people something about you and what you do. Your audience needs to be able to understand what you are saying quickly and easily.

And most important, you need to be able to update your web site often. People love new things, so keep your web site up to date.

It takes time to develop a good reputation and find out who likes you, but in the end having a web site is very helpful for business.

Get a professional headshot

If you’re going to show people your face, you should exhibit good behavior and present a trustworthy image.

Don’t worry about looking silly with a big nose or chin, but focus on showing others what it means to be you.

If you want people to trust you, they need to understand who you are beyond your appearance.

Get a hold of at least one professional picture that represents you. You can use existing photos or get them taken by someone (a photographer).

Focus on making the subject look happy in the photo or else it will seem false. Make sure the lighting is right and the camera operator knows his way around photography.

Have a story to tell

If you don’t share stories with your audience, they will lose interest quickly.

They need something interesting to happen in their lives, or something that makes them feel less than successful.

When you write a story, make it an exciting tale that gives everyone a chance to experience success at some point.

People want to know how things work, so be sure to include any tutorials and explain what people can expect when trying one of your recommendations.

Tell your story through all of your portfolios using eye-catching phrases such as “ never before seen…”, “world first…”, or “how we did it”.

Keep going until you have several pages of text telling your story. Then add your advice for taking action and doing well once you finish.

This way your readers won’t forget about you, and you made a goal giving them information. You are now more likely to get heard again.

Tell your tale

Websites such as Slider, WordPress, Weebly and Squarespace have all-in-one platforms you can use to create a website with prebuilt designs and layouts.

But there’s a reason we make an effort to build each client’s site from scratch. It’s so they can own it.

You get to put in the work of creating a great first impression and keep coming back for more traffic.

That’ll never happen if you use one of these platform websites to pull off a basic “shoot for the stars” marketing campaign. You need to commit to using a good web design template that will give you some depth at least once you add content to the page.

And you need to spend time developing new posts that are going to explain who you are, what you do and how you can help people out.

Websites are like books, but without pages. Having content is nice, but nobody wants to read about ol' Bob doing admin tasks day after day. I mean, unless you're old school and have done this forever, you want to write about things that come natural to you and which you enjoy.

Readers love variety and authenticity. For instance, if you talk about living life and taking risks and presenting pictures that make you feel passionate, you'll probably connect with readers and find ways to attract their attention.


Add some credibility

Credibility is one of the most important things that can bring in new customers for your business. Without it, all the other bells and whistles (features, benefits) that you add to your product or service are useless.

You need people to believe in you and what you’re selling. How do you gain their trust? By having top-notch marketing skills and an impressive track record.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If they read about your stellar performance hacks in a book or online resource, how confident are they going to feel using them?

The truth is, no matter which route you choose to get into self-publishing, confidence is key. People who lack self-confidence make poor decisions and will never succeed at writing.

It takes a lot of work and energy to maintain that level of creativity and production. It’s time to focus on developing yourself as a writer and ideas guy/girl to try out this process with your books.

Focus on building up your brand and getting readers excited about you and your content before they find out anything about your background. Readers want to connect with you and their own opinions, and they want to be passionate about them.

Let your works speak for themselves and give people a reason to pick up your books. Most of all, let people know you and like you, and take the time to write a great chapter from your novel that

Focus on providing value

When visitors view your portfolio, they should be able to quickly understand who you are and what you offer.

Your past experiences may have led you to become an expert in the field, or you could use that experience as a way to connect with customers.

Whatever you’ve done up until now has given you advantages, so make use of them! There is no need to tell your story — let the results speak for themselves.

Your clients/customers will appreciate that you are being honest about what worked and what didn’t; plus, they will know you better which makes working together more effective.

You can also balance out any uncomfortable moments by emphasizing the positive aspects of your work. This creates a comfortable environment where everyone can trust each other and collaborate while solving problems and advancing the business.

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