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Marketing Blogging Success

Are you trying to improve your marketing blogging skills? Do you want to learn how to write excellent direct response copy (aka ad copy or sales letter) that generates tons of leads and sells lots of products?

If so, then Marketing Blogging Success is for you!

By adding quality blogs to your repertoire, you can more effectively market yourself, your business, and your products.

You will also be able to work directly with potential customers through these platforms.

Get Straight to the Point

Issues with Facebook’s advertising platform

Even if you’re not an expert at direct response copywriting, there are still many things you can do to make your writing better.

You can also consider developing your writing skills by reading books that get straight to the point.

Write Excellent Headlines

Great headings make or break a page in terms of whether they’ll get people to read your article.

If you want more people to read your articles, websites, books etc., then you need to use headlines that make them think about opening the content ahead of enticing them to open up the content.

Headlines that simply state the title are better than ones that don’t give enough information to be interesting. People who understand headlines know how to write effective ones.

A good headline tells someone what the article is going to talk about before they even have to open the article. For example, if an article is going to teach you something, it should tell you right away.

If there was no way to immediately see the value of the article, the editors would have too many unsubmitted manuscripts. Therefore, the only way to learn how to write a good headline is by practicing.

There are two ways to test your headline writing skills; quiz yourself or look for bad headlines out there and try to rewrite them so they sound more persuasive.

Question: Does everyone like reading the same type of content?

Answer: No one likes being forced to read the same type of content. But we all enjoy reading articles that inform us, persuade us, smile at us, or challenge us.

Content that informs us is often boring!

So create different types of content that appeals to you and fits

The Art of Writing Sales Letters

By explaining the art of writing sales letters, this book explains how to connect with your potential customers and convert them into buyers.

Written in an easy-to-read style, these pages will teach you valuable lessons about marketing yourself or your product.

The author points out that since people are constantly being sold something, they may be desperate for information that works.

You’ll learn tips such as creating trust, giving guarantees, and delivering promises; all through the use of storytelling.

By the end of the books, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to write effective sales letters and make changes to your pitch letter if needed.

Don’t Make Them Scratch

“Don’t make them scratch what?” you may be asking yourself right now.

You might also be saying, “But Matt, people have to buy my book to learn how to write good direct response copy!”

Well, yes. That is why I am recommending that you charge for your book. You can take it free approach only if you are really committed to giving your books away for free.

For most authors, selling their book directly provides more revenue than doing so through other means.

How to Start a Weekend Business

Who doesn’t want to work from home? It sounds perfect, but is it? Not if you don’t know how to start a weekend business. This article will discuss what makes a weekend business different than any other kind of business.

You need to understand that there are no rules or requirements for your business to be a success.

All good businesses obey some form of rule or law. What makes a weekend business unique is that it has limits.

There are few limitations such as time, money and resources, to name a few. No matter which type of business you choose to have, without knowledge of each individual case, I cannot advise you whether or not it is wise marketing-wise to keep working at night.

I can only refer you to articles like this one to help you make up your mind. Test the waters before you go in them!

Learn To Program

If you can type basic information (like your name and email address), you can program an opt-in form onto your website. This way, people will always know where to find your contact details.

You also need to have knowledge of how to use programming languages, like HTML or JAVA, so that you can create apps and run ads.

It’s best if you are already familiar with some computer skills such as writing web content for yourself or others, typing, editing files, running a browser, and dealing with easy websites.

However, even though most of these things were done at startup, there are still many tutorials online to help you learn them.

Become a Financial Consultant

Are you looking to learn how to attract new clients, grow your business, and have great conversations? Then join us as a financial consultant is a group of highly engaging speakers who are proud to share their knowledge and experience!

Our conferences are fun, practical, and helpful. You will leave with inspiration for creative ways to help others work through challenges.

Join the AFMC today and receive four free books!

Create a Productivity Online and Away from Computer

Finding productive ways to work outside of your computer is becoming more important. You need to prepare for this possibility every day.

There are many reasons why you should be working out away from the computer. Here are some examples of when it’s helpful to work away from the computer.

You can get something done without being interrupted while sitting at a computer preparing or eating lunch, etc. Plus, you have the freedom to walk around or do other activities while you write notes or take breaks.

Working away from the computer has its benefits. Let’s look at them together.

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