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Paste Factory

If you are looking for some great-looking, high-quality printed materials at an affordable price, pastefactory is your go-to source.

Open a new document or select one from your sidebar (where all of your existing documents are stored). Type in your content or take a stock photo and add it to the doc itself if you’d like to create original material.

You can purchase inexpensive paper copies or personalized versions with your own font and color choices. What makes pastefactory so special is that they offer completely free desktop prints.

They also have offers every month where you can get a copy of their magazine for free. And if you join their monthly newsletter, you will receive a gift card for either Starbucks or Amazon!

Snatch Words

Even if you’re not an expert wordsmith, there are a number of good reasons to care about your snappy copy.

First, your writing should be grammatically correct. And it shouldn’t contain run-on sentences, wordy paragraphs or other flow problems that may make your text difficult to read.

Second, people understand what you say in your written communication even if they can’t put their fingers on exactly how you mean to say it.

Third, well-written content encourages others to share the work you’ve done. If someone reads something you’ve posted, at the very least they’ll remember it was nice enough to look at.

Fourth, long, short–everything is easier to manage when it’s easy to edit. Especially during the early stages of publishing, when you might have trouble finding the right topic, grammar niggles will take up precious time that could be spent creating the story idea.

Fifth, studies show that using fewer than four verbs in a sentence makes for unclear writing. Use less abstract language (no jargon), and try to organize your ideas so that related concepts are together.

Finally, compelling texts motivate readers to action. You want readers to act as closely as possible with what you’re saying, which means your messages need to be direct, clear, and convincing.

No Additional Editing Required

Finding quality content to include in your posts can be hard work, but there are many free tools you can use to find suitable material. One of the best free content finding tools is Google’s Data Finder.

Data Finder is a simple tool that can help you find relevant files (such as csv or txt documents) related to what you’re looking for.

For example, if you want data about how people spend money during their last shopping visit, then look for “visit duration, quantity purchased…” etc.

Write without Thinking

It’s easy to get distracted by thoughts while writing, especially when you are coming up with ideas for your copy. The best way to take yourself out of that thinking mode is to start editing what you have written.

There are several reasons why editing before you publish is better than editing as you write. First, making any changes after you've typed them is hard work. You'll need to find each error in your words and then make the change.

When you're writing quickly (which is every author's goal), you don't have time to re-type everything. Editing at this stage means rewriting which can waste time.

Another problem comes from the subjectivity of reading others' writings. When we read something written by someone else, our first thought isn't “what does it mean?” but rather “how does it look?”. In other words, we think about how things appear including the flow of text, the color used, etc.

In fact, studies show that colors influence us more strongly than letters. For example, white looks softer than black. Your pen may even seem brighter or darker depending on the page you are on.

Rather than focus on what you put down on paper, most readers will focus on how you present your idea. This is what triggers an emotional response and makes your reader feel something.

It is not the content you type but the actions you take AFTER

Brainstorm content

Writing original content can be difficult, but there are many people who have already created great topics for you to start with. These articles may still contain grammatical errors or other issues that need to be fixed.

Your job is then complete in the editing stage!

You can use existing content if you want to save time and effort. However, it’s also helpful to learn how to write new content from some of the more expert writers.

By using these tips and tools, you can develop your writing skills and become an independent writer.

Find a topic list

If you are new to writing, there is a good chance that you will need help in creating content for your website or publication. There are many ways to go about doing this, but one of the most common is by using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Both of these free document editing programs can be found at and You can write up articles using their built-in software, or use another program like LibreOffice (

It’s also helpful to know how to use both HTML and CSS, the language of web design. When you edit text, either online or through an editor, what you end up with is HTML code.

HTML is the basis of Web 1.0 websites and pages, which were designed before the term “Web 2.0” was coined in 1999. Web 1.0 stylesheet files are well known because they require computer scientists to understand HTML.

However, we have come a long way since then. Many people don’t want to learn HTML codes anymore and prefer graphical user interfaces (GUI), like Windows 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite.

Other advanced coding languages include iOS apps, Android apps, and WordPress plugins. They are similar to HTML, so if you know one you should feel comfortable learning the other.

If you are serious about writing and have a large amount

Idea Grid – Storyboard

The first thing you notice about idea grid is how easy it is to use. There are no buttons for you to click or options to change anything. It’s already set up so you can start writing immediately.

The layout is very simple, but that’s because the whole purpose of this app is to get you thinking and begin creation right away.

There are several pre-made stories/paraphrases that you can edit quickly and easily to get your creative project started. By using these examples, you know what has to be done and will save time in the long run by starting with a similar example instead of going through the process of creating it from scratch.

You also have the option of uploading an image or drawing a scene. If you choose to draw a scene, there is a template you can use or customize. You can download the free version here or purchase the pro version here.

Pitch Perfect

In Pitch Perfect, you input your idea or product, then select targets for your pitch

You can target investors, banks, media companies, or potential customers.

When you’re ready to publish your pitch, our system will create a draft version that includes both direct and indirect quotes from people in your industry. Then you can make adjustments and edits before publishing it onto your website or using as lead nurturing content.

This process works like a charm! Everyone who has seen the results of my hard work is able to have a clear understanding of what I offer without having to ask any questions.

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