Best Marketing Research Journals

Marketing Science

best marketing research journals

With more than 16,000 subscribers, Marketing Science is one of the most popular marketing journals around. Published by Routledge, it features contributions from leaders in the field such as Matthew J. Mayer, David Yarnell (University of Iowa), Donald C. Hammen (Pennsylvania State University), Keri L. Friesen (Northwestern University) and Carl A. Paradus (Texas Christian University).

Closed until Fall 2019, this journal seeks to “help practitioners develop and test strategies for effective marketing communication”. Submissions are accepted year-round but there is no issue published at any time.

Journal of Marketing

best marketing research journals

If you are interested in marketing research, then the Journal of Marketing is for you. Published by the University of Chicago, it has devoted pages not only to scholarly articles, but also to providing tutorials and guidelines for doing market research.

In addition to its wide-ranging interest in marketing research, the editors at Journal of Marketing aim to publish quality content that will teach readers new tricks and techniques. As a result, this magazine has established itself as a go-to publication for business professionals looking to learn more about conducting marketing research.

It publishes six issues per year. You can subscribe to them online or through bookstores. A subscription is $99 for early access to back copies, before they're published online.

International Business Review

best marketing research journals

The IBR has four sections to organize their articles

The first is ‘Marketing’, then followed by ‘Product Development’, ‘Target Markets’ and finally ‘Strategy & Management’. Though not all of them publish research papers, they carry a wide array of interesting pieces that supplement our business education.

Subscription is required for access to most content. Articles are published once per month, some annually. Authors prefer subscription because it helps supports continuing education and allows flexibility in reading publications.

A recurring payment is made each year for unlimited access to current issues as well as an archive going back months or even years. Subscribing users can read several recent articles every time they login, helping to promote adoption of the platform.

Human Factors in Management

best marketing research journals

With its main focus on how people actually perform their jobs, Human Factors

(HF) is an important tool for businesses looking to improve productivity via innovation.

The international journal of human factors research with topics that span disciplines is called “Human Factors”. The flagship publication of the International Federation of Organizational Psychology (IFOP), it aims to provide psychologists working in business with tools to measure individual decision-making and organizational outcomes.

Concurrent with our discussions about psychological biases that may be hindering your team or organization, we also see a growing interest in best practices for ensuring good behavioral patterns within teams.

With this in mind, we at MHFT have partnered with IFIP to become one of the first academic journals to publish work in management and psychology. Our new quarterly magazine will cover current trends in management and psychology, along with suggestions on articles and resources to help you integrate them into your workplace.

We aim to provide practical solutions to mental challenges workers face at work, as well as helping companies enforce these strategies among their employees.

Psychology and Marketing

best marketing research journals

If you are interested in marketing, psychometrics, or cognitive psychology, then this is the journal for you! This international peer-reviewed journal features articles that discuss how people make decisions about buying products and services. Articles can be focused on consumer behavior, customer experience, technology use, social media influence, and other topics relating to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and available online at, this magazine provides researchers with descriptions of novel research methods as well as guidance regarding methodology and statistical analysis. By having access to it, you will also have access to some very useful resources such as reference lists of published studies.

The Journal encourages new members from around the world to submit papers. Since its launch in 1970, the APA has issued over 2300 manuscripts.

Business & Finance Magazine -- Top 200 Companies

Paragraph: If you want to work for one of the top companies in your field, Forbes is the place to start. With their latest list of the top 200 companies worldwide, there’s always a chance to move forward — plus, these are often the most popular companies with openings.

This listing includes the highest paid industries and careers, which are often growing beyond what they once were. These areas of expertise are going through an evolution period so keep up with the trends.

For example, only 28 years ago, doctors could look back at patients who suffered from diseases like leukemia

European Marketing Magazine

In order to keep up with the ever-changing marketing research environment, we should note that today’s market researchers are tomorrow’s pioneers. With new discoveries being made every day regarding novel methods and techniques for achieving effective marketing results, it is important to keep pace with what is currently working in market research.

An excellent way to do this is through access to several current studies and reviews of cutting edge methodologies. However, conducting comprehensive searches can be difficult and time consuming.

That’s why you can count on us to deliver best practice information along with contact details for top quality journals that publish works related to your business.

We work directly with publishers and authors to ensure that all articles submitted are rigorously reviewed and processed according to guidelines specified by these publishers. We then forward such articles to our subscribers who conduct additional review processes.

Furthermore, if an article is already written, we work closely with publishing experts around the world to have them published quickly and efficiently. And once published, we monitor how readers use the articles to enhance the readability and effectiveness of the publications that they issue.

Technology in Marketing

best marketing research journals

In this era of digitalization, technology is playing an important role in marketing. You can find several examples of its use in today’s market place. Digital technologies such as social media, mobile apps, blogs, and websites are making it easier to communicate with your customers and deliver quality content.

Digital technologies enable you to connect more closely with your clients through better communication and understanding. You can implement new projects faster and more accurately than before by using statistical analysis and relevant research.

Statistics play an essential part in our everyday lives. They help us make decisions about everything we do. We rely on statistics to answer questions like “Is my exercise plan working?”, “Are people responding to the advertisements I’m running?�”, or “How much money should I spend on food?”.

By looking at data collected from surveys, interviews, and other methods, statisticians are able to produce information that can be used for business purposes. The development of consumer behavior studies has been driven mostly by statistics-based evidence.

Science plays an important role in establishing facts, focusing on comparisons between samples and control groups, breaking down biases, and measuring variables to determine causality.

Therefore, science helps us understand the world around us and establish answers for all kinds of questions. The tools of science are valuable no matter what field we look into.

Market Researcher

best marketing research journals

Are you an aspiring market researcher? If so, then The Journal of Advertising is for you! This high-impact journal focuses on issues related to advertising and marketing communications.

Publish your original research in this journal or obtain unpublished manuscripts that focus on concepts relating to advertising and communication sciences.

Submission review times are very short (usually less than 2 months), which allows authors to send follow up questions during the review process. Upon acceptance, they also have the option of being invited to present their findings at our annual conference.

We seek articles that investigate problems or use methods relevant to the field of advertising, such as brand awareness, product placement, direct mailing, television advertising, online advertising, tracking studies, testing, segmentation, psychographics, word processing, copywriting, branding, messaging, advocacy messages, political advertising, social networking ads, advertisement pricing, ad rotation, advertising holidays, viral ads, sponsorship, digital ads, google ads, facebook ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, youtube videos, promotional materials, magazines, print ads, outdoor ads, radio ads, podcasting ads, web site design, advertising agencies, analytics, SEO ads, SMO ads, ad copiers, trade shows/infographic booths, existing advertisements, new technologies, content adverts, literary device ads, narrative resolution ads, human interest stories, movie scripts, comic strip ads, commercial films, promotion ideas, greeting cards, magazine ads, food ads, media sponsorships,

Advertising Media Monthly

best marketing research journals

For over 20 years, Advertising Media Monthly has been providing clients with fresh insights and original ideas in media advertising. The magazine is published monthly and features articles about radio, television, digital/mobile, print, social media, public relations and marketing communications.

Its goal is to help marketers develop and implement unique campaigns through professional research and expert commentary. Articles feature current practices, tools for success, case studies from across the industry, and interviews with key executives and professionals.

Subscription rates are available upon request. Free trial copies are not available, but you can try any service for free before you subscribe.

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