Best Paid Copywriting Jobs

Write brochures

Even if you’re not an expert writer, there are many tasks that need to be done before writers can get to work. You could do some administrative writing last minute, for instance.

There are plenty of places where written content is produced with limited input from copywriters. Brochureware, for example, is uninspiring prose written directly to customers using business marketing messages.

Some documents call for descriptive text. For example, show your creative writing skills in writing a description of a product or service for customers who want to know more about it.

When writing such material, also known as bait text, be sure to use catchy phrases and fonts, and organize the text so it flows properly.

Also keep in mind how easy it is to change just one word in a given context several times until you arrive at the perfect tag line. Although it may take time, changing words is another effective way to move forward.

Create landing pages

The best way to get paid for advertising is by creating highly valuable content that people want to read, and then promoting that content via ads. This method can work for just about any topic or industry, so long as there’s an audience that will pay money to access your content.

The beauty of advertising is that it’s constantly needed – especially online advertising. Even if you only have content to promote once or twice a week, there are hundreds of websites that offer opportunities to advertise.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are all great ways to reach a wide audience, but they do cost money. Another option that’s very affordable is generating ad revenue with google promoted links.

These are official posts from businesses talking about what they do and why someone should buy their product. They're usually listed in the upper right-hand corner of every page, and they're full of information, tips, and discounts.

Produce sales letters

Writing a sales letter to promote your work is an excellent way to get some immediate results from your writing. If you have products or services that people might need, then you should try selling them for money.

Of course, making money writing does not mean that you should sell bad products. It just means that you should be willing to write about subjects that may be difficult for readers to understand.

You can make more money if you can cut down on overhead and give yourself more time to research stories and ideas.

And of course, producing good copies of your sales letter is important. There are several ways to increase demand in your marketing campaign.

Provide marketing strategies

Though creativity is its own reward, good writing comes with business goals in mind. You will need to understand what your potential customers want and how you can reach them.

It’s not enough to simply write sentences together. You will have to think about the audience and create content that speaks directly to their needs.

There are two main types of writers for this job: those who focus on consumers and those who focus on businesses.

If you choose to work as a writer for companies, you will need to conduct market research studies so you know where to target your efforts.

For consumer writers, they should be able to define their price range and speak directly to their desired audience. Businesses looking for commercial writers should include detailed knowledge of their budget.

Manage search engine optimization

Even if you’re not much of a writer, managing your own search engine optimization (SEO) can be very useful. It helps in improving your website’s exposure and user experience.

Most writers are trained to manage their writing but have no experience with SEO. You may also need help from an expert as Google is very stringent about posting content that is optimized for seo.

This job would require someone who understands the work involved and has familiarity with other jobs such as social media marketing and link building.

Some people call this position ‘search engine marketer’ or ‘seo specialist’. While skills in writing and grammar are important, having expertise in one or more of these fields is necessary too.

Social media management

The number of websites and blogs that require social media management is increasing every year. Some of these sites or brands expect you to pay per job, so make sure to price your jobs conservatively.

You can work as a freelancer for specific social networks or agencies, or you can have established businesses of your own and offer consulting services.

The first type of job is best suited for beginners who want to gain experience in social media management. Consultants recommend running Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts, as well as LinkedIn and any other relevant profiles.

To get started, identify which platforms you plan to manage and establish contact with their administrators. Make yourself available at set times each day and keep abreast of changes to the systems.

That way you’ll be able to retrieve information when clients ask for it. You also need to be self-aware about your use of time and expendable resources like internet bandwidth.

Avoid wasting time by staying connected just for fun or checking social media messages when you should be working. Also avoid letting your passwords go through periods of inactivity.

Animated advertising

There’s no doubt that advertisements have played an important role in helping businesses gain visibility and customers. After all, without ads companies could hardly afford to sell their products or services.

That being said, there are new ways to attract your audience and promote yourself using animated ads. An animation is an advertisement featuring one or more images before they become videos.

These images can be anything from product shots to words alone; however, animations typically use visual imagery. The advantage of animations is that you can create them very quickly (compared to videos) which allows you to put them up online easily.

Another benefit of animations is that you don’t need to rely on third-party websites to display them. You can run them by yourself at little cost. And since people tend to find it easier to watch things that move on screen, they may pay attention longer than if you had just presented information visually.

Email marketing

When people buy products or services, they quickly want to receive helpful information. By sending out emails periodically, you are helping them by sharing useful content.

If you have a niche and customers, email may be your best tool for selling more goods. Thanks to social media, buying online is becoming more common.

Email newsletters and other informative messages can help buyers get familiar with your brand and encourage repeat business. Because emails are delivered regularly, recipients who open them are much more likely to purchase than those who check their feeds only.

Affiliate marketing

Even if you don’t have any experience with affiliate marketing, it can still be a good opportunity for someone new to this way of selling products. You will need to learn how to make effective sales pitches that encourage people to buy your product rather than theirs.

There are many ways to sell products without being in direct contact with the customer. By joining an affiliate network could help you find customers.

You would work as a member of a team assigned to promote different brands or companies. The affiliation between the company and the individual marketer is not required by law, but both must agree to terms set forth by each business.

Affiliates are paid per click on their website (or via some free techniques). There are several ways to earn money listed below.

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