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Trial and error

sometimes, the better to start on your own

You will make mistakes along your journey of learning how to write. Everyone does! The only question is, do you live with those mistakes or fix them later?

It’s been said that all great writers fail at something when they first get started. It is because of this that I believe there are no bad writers; just bad authors.

There’s a difference between being a good writer and being an author. Being an author takes more than simply writing well.

You have to be able to market yourself and your work. You need to understand your audience and what moves them. These are all things that come with time – and it may take years before you feel like a “real” writer.

Start educating yourself about how to publish now (there are many ways to publish), then study some books on publishing and management techniques. Chances are you already know someone who works in the industry you’re interested in, whether it be modelling, journalism, blogging or other passions.

Keep developing your craft by reading as much as you can. And most importantly, never give up.

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