Best Recent Marketing Campaigns

Nike “Dream Moments” Advert


Have you ever had a dream? Maybe it was great, maybe not so much… But have you ever considered why it was so meaningful to you?

Nike took that idea and ran with it in their latest marketing campaign, creating an ad featuring a young boy who has never been sick or injured in his life, then one day gets hit by a truck and killed.

The only thing he asks for before dying is to go back to school for kids like him, so they don’t end up like him.

Less than a week after its release, the ad gained national attention, with people talking about how powerful it is and discussing what deep issues we as a society need to deal with.

That’s where this ad comes into play. By making people think about important social issues such as health care, gun violence, and poverty, it becomes more likely that they will support something related to those topics.

Walmart Beauty Subscription Service


Who doesn’t love getting what they want from someone else? At least that’s how it feels when you visit

This is probably one of the coolest beauty subscription services out there! For under $10 per month, you get to choose three high-quality products for your skin type.

Each product only has a few ingredients so it works really well with what you are looking for in terms of hygiene. Additionally, the company says that each year they invest about 200 hours into research and development of new formulas.

What I like best about this service is that instead of buying lots of products at once, you can pick up samples and then buy bigger quantities if you need to. It’s not very often, and it’s easy to forget one or two things before becoming a subscriber, but it’s such a nice touch.

Starbucks Horchata Latte


If you’re not familiar with horchata, it is a sweet rice drink that has been made in northern California for years. It was even served at the Stanford Prison Experiment. In 2013, however, Starbucks introduced their own version of the beverage as part of their “Create Your Own Morning” campaign. Instead of making consumers choose from pre-made ingredients, they were given choices such as milk or no milk, brown sugar or no sugar, and either vanilla flavor or chocolate flavor.

According to Business Insider, this created brand loyalty because participants could make a consistent morning choice that they felt comfortable sharing with others. As a result, sales of the Horchata increased by 21% between March when the program started and May.

However, there are some who believe that this one change is what helped save the company. By taking accountability away from customers and forcing them to rely on themselves, the initiative cut down on wastefulness and failed experiments.

There’s also proof that this improvement in customer experience led to a boost in morale among employees, which is why companies should try introducing changes like these.

Just Dance 2018 Products

best recent marketing campaigns

It’s been two years since the launch of “Just Dance 2018” and we are still having fun dancing to the songs!

We have introduced special effects that make it look like you’re really dancing – smooth moves, strong pauses, and cool foot lifts. You can also access these features via the mobile app by scanning a code given by your telephone number.

And as always, you can create hilarious dances or share them with friends. We even have an AI-based dancer who will match your steps if you give him/her one chance.

Who is this guy? He is Phonea, and he speaks French. Tap on his head to start chatting; then play some music and dance to find out more. 🙂

For the people who want to learn how to dance, there are few new ways to practice. First, open up a song and click on the button to download the full version. Then come back here to either upload it onto your channel or add it to one of your lists.

There are now many resources available online for learning how to dance. If you are looking for something specific, easy way to get started is to go to YouTube and search ‘learn to do [your favorite move]’. There are lots of videos from beginners to experts.

If you already know what you want to work on, you can choose which ones appeal to you most. Or you could

UPS Malpractice Insurance Advertising

best recent marketing campaigns

Did you know that there is insurance available to cover malpractice claims? It’s true! And it can be expensive. But, if your company has an advertising agency account, they may still send you samples for no cost.

If you order your free sample, your request will be handled by one of their advertisers. So this could be that same week. Or maybe even that month.

But, remember that you need to call each advertiser individually to get started on ordering your samples. Also, some won’t take new clients, so check with them first.

UPS, the United Parcel Service, offers these liability claims as part of its coverage. Negligence, misdiagnosis, breach of contract, and more can all be covered.

A lawyer should help you understand what conditions are necessary to file a claim. Also, different states have different limits on how much money you can sue for, so research the highest limit in your state.

At $1 million, Florida falls below the national average. In Louisiana, you can bring suit up to $10 million.

Finally, only provide payment after you receive notice from your insurer about whether or not you must pay. This way, you’ll know where to find them when you make a demand.

Verizon ’ s Broadband Ads

best recent marketing campaigns

About a year ago, I did not have fast internet access. I knew that my service was extremely expensive, but I hadn’t realized how much until I started getting bills in the mail every week. After sending mine, I noticed other people talking about their high monthly broadband costs as well.

I called up my provider and asked if they could give me a rate drop or plan with lower cost options. They gave me a list of plans and prices. It seemed like there were just too many features for someone like me to manage and keep track of.

It also appeared that switching providers would mean jumping through several hoops – including having my home office staff (a pain) run all over the place looking for different services. I talked with my agency who helped me get rid of them for some extra money.

McDonald's French Toast McMuffin

best recent marketing campaigns

If you're looking for a way to attract people to your business, then one of the simplest things you can do is offer breakfast foods at low prices. Fast food restaurants are in the top five best ways to promote a restaurant. The reason is that they make it easy for customers who have work or school obligations to stop after reading about what comes up their door.

McDonald’s has been offering its popular Breakfast Sandwich since 1954. But recently, this sandwich got an upgrade—with an extra egg! What makes these items even more attractive is that they are under $5.00, so customers can put together a complete meal for less than half price.

This simple change made such a positive impact that employees loved handing out free sandwiches every morning. Within two weeks, there were over 200 Facebook fans sharing news about this new item. Soon after, the press started talking about how healthy this was. Now everyone from New York Times writers to local bloggers were discussing this delicious addition to the menu.

By introducing this Egg McMuffin, McDonald’s helped increase traffic by 75%, sales by 35%, and adjusted operating income by 130%. This simple investment led to increased revenue, which meant that McD’s could expand its offerings, leading to better customer experience and satisfaction.

Kellogg Company Morning Stone Promotion

best recent marketing campaigns

If you are looking for a way to promote your product in an interesting way, then check out the Kellogg’s “Morning Stone” promotion. This promotional event took place over Facebook where users were able to interact with it by creating digital sketches and posting them.

People who created these drawings became part of a contest that awarded winners with free boxes of cereal. The more friends you had who drew something, the better your chance was at winning. But it didn’t stop there. Users also could vote their favorite drawings into the top ten list, which eventually led to one of those drawings being featured as our world’s largest drawing on the front page of Kellogg’s website.

Not only did this create a massive buzz around the brand, but it helped increase its exposure and encourage people to buy its products.

Target Popular Fashion Tips Video Series

Are you looking for fresh content to create awareness of your brand or product? The next time you go shopping, visit your local supermarket/grocery store or look through their online site. More likely than not, they will have published some type of fashion video series designed to get you in the habit of buying things you don’t need.

It is estimated that by 2021, shoppers will spend more than half their time at the checkout line viewing digital screens.

This serves as an opportunity to sell them products with text messages and ads.

If you work in retail, there are many ways to improve customer experience that do not involve technology. By creating new experiences and courses of action, you can entice customers to buy more goods.

The concept of gamifying how you approach sales has also become popular. There are gaming systems available to help motivate people to purchase more (and increase production).

Keep in mind that games may be entertaining, but only providing entertainment is not getting anyone closer to selling anything. People still need to believe in what you offer and feel like it is worth their money.

For example, one way to promote customer service is via social media posts asking questions about current events. You could comment on different issues related to business services such as taxes or staff accommodations.

Try promoting giveaways associated with these topics. This way, you will start to build trust among your potential clients, and they will begin

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