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Yahoo! Answers

If you’re looking for home-based jobs that don’t require any experience, there are several good options. One of them is yahoo! Answers.

It’s easy to use and requires no skills or training. You can ask questions about everything (from health benefits to how to get out of debt), and they will help you find an answer.

You can upload files such as videos and slide presentations, and you can add your Twitter account if you want your tweets to automatically update when you make a reply.

Some people view yahoo! Answers as a type of social media. When used correctly, it can be a great way to network and build connections with other people.

Writer’s Reward

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As a writer, you will often be asked to work on content development projects around the company. Most companies see that writing is an excellent way to connect with their audience and want to give you a chance to write.

Many publishers turn to freelancers to meet these needs. Others prefer to hire internal writers who may already have a following or be familiar with the brand.

It’s important to understand that not every publisher considers themselves a book marketer. However, while some books enjoy wide success, others are buried in page stacks and remain largely unknown.

The choice of whether to become a freelance author or find your own publishing team depends on many factors, including how much money you make now versus later when you are more established.

In summary

Writers can expect to earn between $12 and $20 per hour depending on what type of writing they do and where they live

It takes time to build up a client base so don’t expect to jump right back into journalism once you’ve had a change from producing fiction

Your clients might just take a shine to you and start talking about your writing skills +themselves+ which brings another level of familiarity that helps get your name out there

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