Best Trademark Search Companies

Google trademark search

best trademark search companies

If you are searching for your own trademark, this can be done directly in Google. Just type in the name you want to find into the main search box. Then click the “Search” button below it. This will bring up several options for filing a patent for your brandmark (trademark).

If you have already filed a patent for your mark, then you should check out how to file a trademark registration through uspto.

Otherwise, you should download the app here. The uspto website provides plenty of helpful information about registering a trademark.

Note that if you are looking for another company's trademark, you do not need to register yourself with uspto first. You can go straight to when clicking on any links herein.

There is also link between the two sites which gives you directions on how to fill out our choice form format.

Trademark tracker

If you have an idea for a mark or want to search for marks already in use, Trademark Tracker can help you. This online tool allows you to create an account with different services that check trademarks.

From here you can either review existing marks or file a new application for one of them. You also get legal advice along with information about when and how to use each mark you find.

There’s even a section where you can draft your own letters. (Disclaimer: these features are free but require a registration fee.)

Trademark Tracker is easy to use and provides lots of helpful information. And you don’t even need to download any software to access some of the tools.

Law office

best trademark search companies

If you have any trademark questions, then contact a Law Office regarding them. Attorneys that specialize in this field provide help to companies with registration of their trademarks as well as litigation related issues.

A knowledgeable and experienced staff is extremely important for answering your questions and assisting with your case.

in-house counsel

best trademark search companies

In-House Counsel oversees the legal activities of an organization, including trademark clearance searches, litigation, mediation and arbitration. Their primary focus is on trademarks, but they also provide assistance with patents, copyright policies, trade secrets, and governance issues.

They review registration applications, opposition proceedings, existing registrations, and pending proposals for new marks. They then typically file one or more of these with the Patent and Trademark Office to maintain their mark.

If you have any questions about whether a particular mark would be acceptable to your application, then it’s best to talk to them before filing anything. For most small companies, in-house counsel are looking to save money by handling some of this themselves. As a startup company who doesn’t yet have enough revenue to pay someone else, that sounds great!

However, there are still other areas of law that need attention. Depending upon what jurisdiction you are in, laws may require local legal representatives, and/or state attorneys.

In the USA, US federal law requires lawyers (although businesses acting as corporations usually only need to supply shareholders and directors). By having corporate officers act without counsel, they can run into problems under State and Federal laws.

legal eagle

best trademark search companies

LegalEagle is one of the best websites for finding trademark information. Their database makes it easy to find registered marks, as well as trademarks that have been abandoned or are currently being prosecuted.

LegalEagle also offers an interactive mark map tool that allows you to search specific strings of characters within a given radius (the farther out you go, the more data they collect, but that comes with a bigger file size).

You can either draw a shape or type in a word document to use the feature. For this article, I drew a triangle using Adobe Illustrator.

Then I typed “trademark” into the box at the top of the page. A dropdown menu will appear containing all kinds of different trademarks.

I like how many similar marks they compare your desired mark against. For example, there was OneTouch Firewall from Apple and Then There Was None by Sony which seems pretty self explanatory.

lawyer website

best trademark search companies

If you need legal advice, then you should consult with an attorney. You can check out websites for attorneys in your area by using Google’s search engine. (It is important that you use reputable resources when doing research like this.) Once you have some names of potential lawyers to help you make your decision.

You can also search for attorneys via their online directory or call them directly to find out more about they offer. An internet-based business does not require a license from the state to operate so checking out the attorneys will give you some information regarding who offers what services as well as how they are funded.

randy goings

best trademark search companies

Randy Goings is president of Word My Way Inc., one of the top trademark search companies in the country. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, certified trademark examiner, and consultant.

Many people are unaware that there is such a thing as computer-assisted legal research.

Before modern technology, lawyers had to manually look up court cases, statutes, and other law references. The advent of powerful computers made it possible to automatically extract information from a larger database for use in attorneys’ briefs and arguments.

This reduced the need for professional researchers, which saved businesses money. Today, legal professionals can focus on what matters — creating a client’s case.

Technology also makes it easy to perform digital searches, which saves time. With so much data available online, conducting original investigations is fast and straightforward.

Professional translators have been helping individuals and businesses with foreign names and trademarks. Nowadays, all important records are scanned and uploaded to the internet. It only takes a few clicks to check if a particular name or symbol is already being used by someone else.

stetson law firm

best trademark search companies

Stetson Law Firm is an intellectual property boutique that handles multiple trademark disputes for clients. The team at Stetson works with both owners of unregistered trademarks as well as those who have registered their marks.

The main goal when filing a lawsuit against someone for infringement of your mark is to get you to win your case, so that other people will believe that your mark is valuable.

By having top lawyers represent you, your chances of winning a court case increase. However, keep in mind that winning a court case requires hard work and time, which means that it’s not something that you can necessarily shortcut by paying more money than you would otherwise.

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