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Creating an eCommerce store from scratch can be fun, but it also requires a lot of time and effort. There are many free tools that offer you ready-made stores or easy ways to start your business online. These sites usually feature shopping carts, payment processors, and marketplaces that you can use to launch your site.

By and large, these sites get you going quickly with all the features you need to run your business. However, they typically don’t look very appealing or engaging!

Many of them seem like unfinished prototypes that were never updated after the initial release. This is not only unappealing to watch for other users, but it also gives people the wrong idea about the functionality of the service. You want your customers to feel confident in buying anything from you, so making sure that everything looks clean and polished is important.

The best way to do this is by investing in paid software or services.

Buy your domain

turnkey ecommerce business

Now that you have your destination, what next? You need to pick a name for your site! This will be your business’s online identity so make sure it is strong and catchy so people can easily remember it.

It is very common to use the word of the product or service in the website’s URL. For example, if your site sells towels, then would be a good choice. But this may not sound interesting or unique enough.

We have all seen sites with long ugly URLs already – they are hard to type and look boring. If possible, try to find an easy way to identify your site (make it simple and short!). For instance, is much better than

There are many free tools available that allow you to search through different domains. You can usually choose from cheap ($5-$10 per year) to expensive ($100+ per year) packages depending on how much traffic you expect your site to get. No matter which package you select, make sure to check out their quality control before buying a plan. Buying a paid account could also be tricky, as no one really checks whether those promises work until after you buy them. Make sure to do your research and read other reviews.

Set up your website with a hosting service

turnkey ecommerce business

Starting an eCommerce business doesn’t mean creating your own site! There are plenty of free, paid online services that will take care of all the technical aspects of running a successful store.

A good way to start is by choosing a well-respected host like Amazon or Shopify. They both offer you a web space (website address) where you can create an account and launch your shop.

By using their tools, they have taken care of the hard work for you! This is called a ‘turnkey’ business model and it removes a lot of the stress from starting out.

You get everything you need to run your store – including payment processing, shipping, marketing materials and more - all in one place. It makes things much simpler than having to find these resources separately.

Buy products

turnkey ecommerce business

Finding an online store that sells high quality merchandise is the most important part of starting your business as a seller. There are many ways to do this, but you should always look for sites with good reviews.

There are several reasons why buying from Amazon is the best option. First, they offer low prices which are almost never marked up. This helps retain customer loyalty since they get the same product at a lower price than other sellers.

Second, Amazon has its own logistics service that ships items for you. This takes away the need to find a supplier or buyer who will handle shipping themselves.

Third, Amazon offers credit card processing so customers can purchase easily without having to worry about getting a refund. They also have reward programs for business owners which help promote sales.

Overall, by offering these services, Amazon makes it easy to run your e-store quickly and efficiently. And even better, you don’t need their expertise to succeed, which is helpful if you are not very tech savvy!


Running your own ecommerce site isn't too difficult if you know how to buy stuff and ship it. Starting off with Amazon may be the best choice because of all the perks they have to offer.

You could start small by selling only some of their services or products and then grow from there.

Create your store

turnkey ecommerce business

Creating an online shop is not a very complicated process these days, thanks to all of the free e-commerce softwares available. Most have drag-and-drop interface features that let you create your site quickly.

Some even have easy ways to add products, pictures, and videos for sale! Others help you design the look of your site, which can be done to perfection.

Overall, there are many options out there to pick from, so it really doesn’t matter what type of business person you are. You will find a tool that works for you soon!

There are also lots of people in this world with good money who would love to sell their old things online (or make some extra income selling them). A great way to get started is to start buying and selling through Amazon or Ebay as a seller.

Start selling

turnkey ecommerce business

Starting an e-commerce business is not as daunting as some may make it out to be! Gone are the days when you needed to start from scratch with no resources or introductions. Now, there are many easy ways to get your online shop up and running in just a few minutes.

Most of these sites offer you a free starter package that includes all the tools you will need to run your store. This gives you time to learn the basics of how they work before investing in the full version.

Some of these sites even have you create an account through their platform where you can begin advertising and marketing for your business. By having this done for you, you can focus on building a strong audience and stream of income for your new venture.

There are also lots of helpful forums and communities around the internet who can give you tips and tricks for running a successful site.

Design your marketing plan

turnkey ecommerce business

After you have done some research, determined your niche, and picked your website platform, it is time to design your online business marketing strategy!

From there, you can start creating and distributing content to attract new visitors to your site. You will want to use pictures and illustrations to enhance your posts. Make sure to include an adequate amount of content to keep people coming back for more.

Your cover photos, header images, and logos are all important pieces of your company’s look.

Get certified

turnkey ecommerce business

After you have created your website, business model, and domain name, it is time to get professional looking signs that people can see to indicate who you are and what you do. You will need an easy way for others to find out more about you and your products or services. This article has some tips on how to easily become an eCommerce seller!

Getting certified as an online seller is a great way to establish yourself in the market. There are many ways to go about achieving this certification depending on which one fits you best. Some of the most well-known certifications include those from Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Each of these offers different levels of certification with their own requirements.

Making sure your company logo and merchandise look good is another important part of becoming an online seller. Starting off on the right foot will create positive perceptions of you and your product line.

Accept credit cards

turnkey ecommerce business

A turn-key eCommerce business means that you do not have to spend hours creating your website or learning how to run an online store. You can simply download yours from someone else! That person will take care of everything for you, including payment processing.

Most people are very reluctant to accept credit card payments due to fear of theft or problems related to fraud. However, there are many reliable companies that offer secure credit card services.

There are even some that allow you to keep part of the profits in return for their service. By and large, internet merchants use these services because they make selling easy.

You should consider offering such a service if you want to start a new career as a digital seller. There’s no need to worry about logistics like hosting, security, or software; those things are taken care of by the provider.

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