Best Websites For Marketing Professionals

Optimize Your Website with Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can measure all types of things related to your website’s performance. This includes page views, events, behavior, sessions, and more.

By measuring these variables, you can better understand how people use your site. You can then use this knowledge to make future visits easier and increase overall engagement.

Google Analytics allows you to create reports and monitor different areas of your site. You can sort items by date, search term, or interaction.

You can also set up custom alerts so you know when something important is happening on your site.

Hacker News

the hacker news

If you work in marketing, you probably know how hard it is to get visibility into the ever-changing jungle that is digital advertising. There are so many platforms, types, and methods of communicating with others about your business or service.

For example, keep up with what’s trending on Twitter but also find time to read articles on LinkedIn published by other marketers. You can even watch YouTube videos created by other businesses and follow new blogs you stumble upon.

These are all great ways to expand your reach across the internet, increase your knowledge, and gain insight from experts elsewhere. But you need to do them regularly to stay informed and keep moving forward.

That’s why becoming a regular visitor to the best websites for marketing professionals is one of the most important things you can do to improve your business strategy.

There are hundreds of these sites we could share with you. So, we have chosen 10 of our favorite ones.

Email Marketers Club

best websites for marketing professionals

Are you an email marketer? Do you want to get better results from your marketing? Then Email Marketers Club by David Cimmet is for you!

This online community helps you grow your business through networking and education. You can find help with creating strategies, building relationships, and selling products.

There are many different groups that all lead you to more information. There’s always something new going on at EMClub who wants to hear from you!

Also, you can follow blogger Marcy Winograd's weekly advice column, "So Now What?" This group discusses various topics related to entrepreneurship, including tips for handling difficult clients, political debates, and workplace issues.

Members of the group answer questions and discuss

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