Best Youtube Channel To Learn Copywriting

Pearl Letaba’s YouTube channel

Having lots of views on your videos

You can find her teaching anything from how to increase your views, to how to sell more products with Facebook ads. She has several online coaching programs that you can sign up for.

One of my favorite things about Ms. Letaba is that she doesn’t charge for lessons. Everything that she teaches you will be free.

You can ask her any question you want, but most people don’t go to see these questions asked. People visit her channel because they are looking for an answer.

She provides answers at all levels – from how to get better results in social media apps to how to close more sales. Her goal is to teach you how to use Google Maps to help you generate leads into your business.

The Key To Success In Online Marketing

Use quality text images, icons or videos

Consumers today have more options than ever before when it comes to buying products or services. Technology helps us connect with others, share our experiences, and access information quickly and freely.

This connectivity has greatly helped consumers in making their decisions about purchasing items, but it also plays a key role in brand loyalty.

More and more companies are learning that keeping customers connected is one of the best ways to boost customer service and sales. There’s no better way to keep your audience engaged and feeling special than by communicating directly with them.

That is why marketing through social media channels is so important. But if you only use Facebook to market your business, then you might be missing out on valuable opportunities like starting conversations with audiences and encouraging them to click onto other links that can help promote a sale.

Facebook is a very popular platform for people to engage with each other, so having a profile there is helpful. However, you need to create multiple profiles to continue engaging with all your fans and prospects.

Create Natural Interest

The best way to learn copywriting is by doing it, so don’t worry about that blank page or losing your speech notes. You can work through this book with a pen and paper.

However, there are other ways you can connect more naturally to the text itself.

Many people prefer reading books on their phones, which has become easy with the right apps. There are several app options, but the two most popular ones are Kindle and Nook.

You can download either app for free from your device's app store. Once you do, you can open any book you have on one of those platforms.

What makes them different than others is the screen. People love how e-ink screens look versus the colorful LCD screens on other devices.

They also take advantage of what they call “page turning”, which is when you turn the page automatically. It feels natural and works well for written material.

There are other good things about going down in digital form. For example, you can move information around faster and easier than you can with a physical book.

And, as mentioned earlier, you can read online versions anywhere you like. The only limitation is that these versions are visible and searchable. With a physical book, you can make it hard (but not impossible) to read.

Focus On Recurring Revenue

There’s one key difference between YouTube channels that earn money and those that don’t, and it has nothing to do with video creation.

Most YouTube channels that make money are focused on recouping advertising expenses.

This is where channel revenue grows when users watch ads. For new content sponsorships (for events or products) require proof of an audience before they will pay for commercials.

When people comment about your videos (and whether you choose to engage them), then customers start coming in. When people purchase items from your page, you have room to explain how they can use their newly acquired knowledge of your product line.

Of course, growing ad income is important for any youtube channel, but keeping your viewers engaged is more vital for making ongoing sales.

You can grow ad income through promoting other businesses using affiliate links, by buying ads, or through direct donations.

Choose Your Target Audience

The first step in writing is choosing your target audience. You need to have an idea of who you want to read your work.

Who are you writing for? What experience do you have that makes you qualified to write about this topic?

You can’t teach someone something if you don’t understand it yourself. How could anyone else help you learn what you already know?

A good way to think about it is by comparing yourself to others who have done this same thing. There are many people out there who are like-minded, learning things similar to how you’re trying to learn them.

There are also many people who are not like you, with different experiences, opinions and skill sets. Consider these when looking for publishers or editors.

The more similarities you have with a reader, the better job you will do at engaging him or her.

Write About What You Love

Even if you’re not very good at writing, there are still ways that you can make your content stand out. For example, don’t be afraid to use more abstract ideas instead of precise details.

This works best when your topic is something subjective or too broad for most people to understand. The goal is to create longer paragraphs using simple words and phrases that have been “learned” by humans through repetition.

They’ll stick in someone's head and help them remember what you said. That way they’ll feel like you did a better job than if you had told them exactly how it all fit together.

Another thing that makes readers stay engaged is consistency. A lot of copywriters think that the key to great writing is choosing proper verbs and terms. But actually, its the same old phrase — choose appropriate language to speak to your audience.

You can be unique without being eccentric. You can connect with others even though you might spend hours staring into a mirror.

It’s just a matter of finding the right tone. Once you find this voice, you can apply it to your work. And after doing that, you’ll see more results.

Develop Good Content Quality

This is probably one of the most important things that you can do for your channel from a copy perspective.

If you’re going to be publishing any type of content, quality will help people stay engaged with what you’re doing.

When you have good quality content, it will show in the numbers! More and more publications are recognizing the importance of quality content.

It’s something everyone needs to work on (if they don’t have an editor) and it should be top of mind every time someone writes content.

Use Proven Saleswords

There’s a reason saleswords are proven (and always changing). People buy using their brain, not their heart.

Salespeople use powerful words that grab your attention and force you to read the message or blurb they want to tell you.

You don’t need fancy language or deep thought. The most effective words in marketing communicate with our instinct for survival.

They make us feel something about what we is saying. Even if we do not fully understand it yet.

We can relate to them because they address an emotion within us.

Whether we like it or not, we want to believe what someone is telling us. We trust them more because of it.

It is easier to influence people if you can touch their emotions. Word processing skills are pretty much everything when it comes to writing.

People are very visual, so visuals play a major role in selling anything. If you have pictures or videos of the product helping how it sounds, then people will be more likely to purchase it.

Test Your Saleclicks

Even if you’re not marketing expert, there are ways to see how effective your sales pitches are. For example, set up a funnel to test different selling strategies.

Start with an attractive price that is below what people would normally pay but still makes it worth their attention.

Next, offer additional incentives for buying more products or attending events. This can be money-off coupons or tickets to games or live performances.

Test each variation of your sale page to see which one converts better. You can then tweak the page to increase conversion rates and sell more items.

Use this testing process to find out which tactics work for your site and your products. What doesn’t works rarely gets used again.

Your followers want to trust you and your recommendations. They will only do so when they feel that you’re being honest with them and their confidence in you is genuine.

If you don’t feel comfortable promoting something, you should also understand why before you put your name on it.

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