Blogging About Marketing: Examples

A few years back, people used to think that social media was only for young adults with lots of money to spend. Now it has become almost impossible to ignore its presence in our daily lives.

It’s like watching television- you can’t turn away!

Social media is a tool that allows us to connect with other people. It is also a medium through which we advertise ourselves to potential employers, customers, and collaborators.

Some ways that advertisers and marketers use social media to promote products include creating accounts on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and investing in promotional or advertisement posts. They are called advertisements because they appeal to an audience who has made it known that they want your product.

The tricky part about advertising via social media is making the content interesting and engaging. If the content seems too sales oriented, then no one will actually watch it!

What if there were easy ways to launch your own business using social media? There are, and here are some tips for doing just that.

What is a website?

A web page or site is an online space with content or materials designed for consumption through a browser, smartphone, or tablet device. Websites contain text and/or multimedia design elements to convey their message and attract visitors. They also typically include links directed towards other websites, products, or services.

Websites are usually accessed via a computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Using a tool called a browser, you can visit different sites by selecting them using the web browser’s search bar or direct entry of the URL (uniform resource locator).

Most people now have access to a smartphone with a large screen that allows easy viewing and navigation of sites. This means anyone anywhere has easy access to create an audience and grow your business or personal brand.

Blogging is a form of writing that doesn’t require too much investment or cost beyond creating an accessible free blog account on a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger. You can start off simply publishing short notes on what you do or what you think about related topics.

What are your strengths as a blogger?

blogging marketing examples

As you read above, being passionate about what you write is a strong start. Being able to connect with your audience and reading their reactions to what you wrote is another big strength.

Knowing how to use social media tools to promote your blog and getting feedback from others through comments or messages is also an important skill.

Running a giveaway or coupon contest every once in a while is good way to get more traffic to your site and increase engagement. Having a chat area or “talk room” where people can come together and discuss things related to your niche is another way to gain attention.

Last but not least, knowing when to be stealthy (or sneaky!) when marketing for your business is very important. People will sometimes share your posts on social media pages or talk about you in forums, so keeping tabs on this is crucial.

What are your weaknesses as a blogger?

blogging marketing examples

As you read through these tips, ask yourself what you can do to improve upon or take away things that aren’t working for you. If you notice something being broken about your writing, experiment with changing the tone or structure of your posts to see if it works better.

If you notice that your comments are getting lots of feedback but people don’t seem to be responding to your posts, consider offering a freebie or doing a giveaway to draw in attention.

If you noticed that your followers are dropping off, try introducing new features or giving them some motivation to keep up with you.

How can you boost your blog's SEO?

blogging marketing examples

Having an active social media presence is one of the most important things you can do to improve your online exposure. But it’s not just any old account that works!

It makes sense to have separate accounts for different areas of your business, but making them all work together to promote your brand isn’t always easy.

That’s why we've put together this guide - our top tips for optimising your blogs SEO effectively. From ensuring your URLs are properly linked, to using keywords in the right way, these tricks will help take your writing career to the next level.

What are your blogging marketing strategies?

blogging marketing examples

A few more tips to help you start engaging in better blogging marketing practices are knowing what not to do and when to stop doing things.

Stop posting about products or services that will cost you money! It is unnecessary spending that can hurt your business in the long run.

Your followers, readers, and customers will notice if you seem like you are trying too hard to gain attention through excessive advertising. They will subconsciously feel uncomfortable reading your content because it seems promotional.

Content should be educational, motivational, inspirational, and entertaining – but it does not have to be all of those at once to achieve this. Your audience will know when you are no longer investing in their well-being.

Avoid using very popular keywords to write posts. If your target market uses these keywords already, they won’t find your article interesting or helpful. Instead, invest time into writing insightful material informed with rich vocabulary.

How to start a blog

blogging marketing examples

Starting a business is never easy, but starting a blog isn’t any harder than starting anything else. With the right guidance, it can be a lot of fun!

Blogging doesn’t require too much money or time beyond what you already have. You don’t need fancy equipment or facilities to get started.

You will need an internet connection, though, so make sure you know how to use that!

Finding content for your website is another key part of getting off the ground. There are many ways to do this, from writing yourself down with notes to creating an online diary or journal.

This article will go more in depth about some of the other ways to begin blogging.

Finding your niche

blogging marketing examples

A little known tip is to find your blogging niche before you start writing. What we mean by that is, determine what types of content you like reading, and then write about those topics. If you love listening to music, create an album review site! If you are passionate about fashion, start a shopping diary or even better, buy some clothes and do cost-effective fashion updates on Instagram!

Your online presence will grow when you establish yourself as an expert in your field. People will come looking you for advice and tips because they perceive you as knowledgeable. Plus, it’s a lot easier to be more creative when you aren’t trying to cover every topic!

Finding your niche isn’t just important at the beginning either – it can be changed later on if you feel that different themes are needed. For example, after Kim’s starting her business she realized she needed to help other busy moms learn how to manage their time so she created Time To Focus. She still reviews products, but not as much as she used to due to the success of her book and her new job helping others achieve the same goal!

Don’t worry about being perfect right away – the first few drafts of your posts should be casual and error ridden to ensure everything looks natural for you.

Creating a website

blogging marketing examples

Starting your own online business is easier than you think! With the availability of free web hosting, it is now possible to create an online store with a beautiful site and domain name that fits your style and personality.

Most people start their journey as bloggers by creating a WordPress site. You can pick any theme you want, make it personalize using your pictures and videos, and then begin writing and marketing.

The hardest part is actually getting started. So, how about we do a little bit more exploring? Let’s get creative!

I have provided some links below to easy ways to start your blogging career. Who knows, maybe one of these will help you start your own blog or improve what you are doing already.

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