Burger King and DJ Steve Aoki to Debut Whopper Jingle Remix at MTV VMAs

Cue the lights, grab your glowsticks and prepare your taste buds! Famed fast-food giant, Burger King, has partnered with the acclaimed DJ Steve Aoki to remix the Whopper jingle, a viral sensation that has seriously shook the internet world, as revealed to Marketing Dive recently.

In a harmonious (pun totally intended) collaboration with Paramount Brand Studio, this Whopper remix will make its debut at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on September 12, as part of Burger King’s sponsorship. The fast-food tycoon has a history of making waves at the VMAs over the past four years, frequently aligning itself with top-tier artists to deliver high-impact performances.

Look out for teasers and album artwork to drop before the big day. However, to savor (pun again!) the full experience, fans will need to tune into the official Spotify channel of Burger King or check out TikTok on September 12. Never fear, visual learners, a music video with Aoki and Burger King awaits you at the VMAs stage too. All of this is part of Burger King’s ingenious strategy to extend the popularity of the addictive jingle which has proven to be a hit for its brand image and sales.

The “Whopper, Whopper” sensation, which made its first appearance in an ad last October, flaunts infectious lyrics which melodiously describe the brand's signature Whopper burger. Its repetitive charm soon became a social media staple and meme culture maven. As of now, one version on Spotify has already garnered more than 7 million streams, and the correlated commercials created thunderous applause around the previous NFL season, thanks to the strategic-media-buying magic of agency partner PHD.

This is all a part of a larger “You Rule” creative strategy, developed by the creative agency of record OKRP. Not just that, this move fits into a broader “Reclaim the Flame” revitalization plan by Burger King that includes a robust advertising investment.

Interestingly, the jingle, an ode to Burger King’s classic "Have It Your Way" ads from the ’70s, is more than just a viral success. The remix comes hot on the heels of Burger King's impressive sales figures this year, with the Whopper revegetating after a previous period of stagnation. Scan the latest Kantar BrandZ analysis, and you'll see Burger King's brand value leap by 8% year-on-year to reach $7.7 billion.

From a digital marketing perspective, the partnership with Steve Aoki and the execution of the jingle remix is a testament to how brands are leveraging nostalgic elements and riding the wave of viral trends to boost sales and brand recognition. In this digital age, such collaborations and viral marketing tactics provide a new avenue for brands to reach and engage with their audience in a fun and memorable way.

As the future of digital marketing unfolds, we should expect to see more of these innovative content collaborations. This is where Juice.ai fits in. Imagine content collaborations and viral marketing tactics being analyzed and optimized for maximum reach and engagement. Juice.ai can help drive this trend by using AI technology to parse through online data and provide actionable insights to digital marketers.

In making a wild, witty guess, the future of digital marketing based on this news story may include more collaborations between brands and popular personalities. And who knows? We might even see a trend where brands partner with AI-driven platforms like Juice.ai for a killer remix of their digital marketing strategies. When that day comes, remember, we called it first!

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