Burger King Teams Up with DJ Steve Aoki for Remix of 'Whopper' Jingle

Well, it seems like the king of burgers has found its knight in shining armor: No one else but the star DJ and music producer, Steve Aoki. In a musical partnership that's got fans and foodies alike drooling, Burger King and Aoki have teamed up to remix a Whopper jingle, creating a spicy digital marketing avalanche on the internet.

Now, that's what I call marketing done right.

Brought to you by the folks at Paramount Brand Studio, this remix project is a juicy part of Burger King's strategy to celebrate their ongoing MTV Video Music Awards' sponsorship. And ladies and gents, it's a grand affair; after all, they've been doing the dance for the past four years, often partnering with music industry heavyweights.

To give you a taste of the upcoming feast, Burger King recently released a teaser and album artwork for the tantalizing tune. Watch this space as the full version of the song is scheduled to drop on their official Spotify channel and as an audio clip for TikTok on Sept. 12. But the icing on the cake? A breathtaking music video, set to premiere at the VMAs, promises to extend the song's reach and popularity further, leaving a sweet aftertaste of increased brand favorability and sales.

Aiming to ride the wave of its recent marketing victories, Burger King has called upon Steve Aoki's prowess to jazz up the VMAs. One glimpse of the teaser video, spotlighting Aoki getting busy with his music equipment, and you can tell - this is going to be one rip-roaring remix!

The "Whopper, Whopper" jingle, initially featured in an ad last October, has proved to be a savory success. Its repetitive and quirky lyrics, describing the all-time favorite Whopper, fast-became a potent earworm, propelling the fast-food giant’s popularity on social media, and spreading like trippy wildfire in the world of memes. Interestingly, a version of the song has already garnered over 7 million streams on Spotify, while the corresponding commercials hit a homerun during the last NFL season, thanks to well-strategized media buys by their agency partner, PHD.

Now, this danceable remix of the celebrated "Whopper, Whopper" jingle is expected to further bolster Burger King's commercial performance. The fast-food titan has not only seen the Whopper's star rise following a slump but has also witnessed an 8% year-over-year surge in its brand value, estimated at staggering $7.7 billion as per Kantar BrandZ's latest analysis.

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In terms of the future of digital marketing? Well, if we have to make a fun guess, we'd say it’s all about the “remix”! Brands need to stir up their conventional strategies, add a pinch of innovation, a dollop of creativity, and a dash of trending flavors. Just like Burger King and Steve Aoki are cooking up a tantalizingly tasty musical twist, businesses should explore fresh, out-of-the-bun ideas to relish the taste of digital success.

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