Business Hand Gestures

When someone does something nice for you, it is appropriate to show your gratitude by doing the same for them later. Consistently showing respect will help them feel that they are important to you.

Business people spend a lot of time working together towards a common goal — making money. As such, there’s an underlying current of tension in the workplace due to all of the assumptions about what each person can or cannot do.

When someone does something kind for you, it is normal to respond with some form of “thank you.” But, when this happens outside of work, we tend to focus only on the “thanks” part. We forget how much effort it took to come up with the idea in the first place!

Gratitude is a lovely quality. It makes us happier than anything else we could possibly be. Spread it around a little more and see how happy you become.

Give the gift of kindness today by practicing using the following business hand gestures.

Thumbs up gesture

business hand gestures

This is one of the most universal hand gestures that almost everyone can recognize. The thumbs up or up-vibe gesture was made famous in the movie Superbad where Ben Stiller does it to show his support for the other person’s idea.

The most common way to use this hands-up gesture is when someone else has done something great. For example, if your friend just told a funny story, you could say “Aww, how sweet!” And then make the thumbs up sign.

Thumbs up signs mean positive feelings, so use this trick to boost others’ self confidence and morale. It also works well when they are trying to get into an event as a guest or member.

This gesture will help them feel welcomed and connected. (And don’t be surprised if people start doing it for you!) Try out this tips next time someone deserves a round of applause.

Thumbs down gesture

business hand gestures

When you get out of work, your colleagues can often be the first to tell you how hard their day was. They may even share some stories about what they had to go through while performing their jobs, or what problems they were faced with.

If a friend has just finished telling you this kind of story, then take a break. Give them time to relax and talk about something else before you both agree to do business together.

This does not mean that you should walk away immediately after being greeted with a thumbs down sign. It is better to give someone his/her money’s worth than to leave early because you did not like their attitude.

But if possible, try to avoid doing business with these people afterwards. If this is not an option for you, at least say goodbye and thank them for talking to you. This will help prevent any bad feelings later.

Kiss your fingers gesture

business hand gestures

This is one of the most common business hand gestures that almost everyone knows. When you want to show respect, acknowledge someone’s achievements or call their attention to something, you will use this gesture. To do so, take your middle finger and press it against each knuckle in turn. Then pull up all five fingers, making a quick downward motion with them as if wiping away water.

This way, your index, ring, and pinky fingers form an “OK” sign, while your middle finger forms a circle with a thumb inside it, creating a kiss shape. You can also add some kind of emphasis by changing the position of the hands and/or adding other body language like nodding or shaking heads.

Using this gesture when needed can help create strong relationships and trust, which are important ingredients for success. It is usually not necessary to go into much detail, but staying aware of these signals can help you understand what others need at times.

Point to the sky gesture

business hand gestures

As you are talking, put your hand up in the air and make a circle with your index finger. Then draw a line from that circle going down as if pointing at your body and then lower your hand.

This is called the point-to-the-sky or “up” gesture. It signifies something that talks too much and needs to shut down. Or it can be used as an expression of gratitude. For example, after receiving a job offer, someone might do this to indicate they have achieved their goal.

Business people use this move frequently during meetings. When they see this done by another person, they will copy it and add their own comments.

Waving hand gesture

business hand gestures

A very popular business hand gesture is known as the wave or fist bump. It was first made famous by NBA player LeBron James. When he does it with his friends, they call it the “Bron-wave” or simply a “bump.”

He originally performed this move when receiving an award for being named MVP of the league. Since then, it has become one of his favorite gestures to do with teammates, coaches, and even fans!

The way he performs it can vary slightly from person to person, but the concept remains the same. He raises both hands in the air, touches the front middle finger of each raised hand together, and sweeps them down once again.

This little ritual symbolizes celebrating someone else’s success while also showing respect for what they have achieved. Because of this, it is not only seen as a basketball related sign, but as a good luck charm as well.

Many people believe that doing the wave helps promote energy and motivation in others, giving you both physically and mentally.

Fist bump gesture

business hand gestures

A fist bump or high five is a great way to greet someone, or even just to boost your own self-confidence. It’s also a very popular greeting in the workplace! The best place to do this is next to the elbow with some fingers extended.

This hand position looks friendly and informal, so it’s a good option for use in business settings. If you want to add some extra oomph to your fist bump, try shaking hands like a pro!

Some people make too much of a big deal about sticking out their pinky when doing the handshake, but that really isn’t important unless you are sensitive around touchiness.

Money sign gesture

business hand gestures

When asking someone for their money, it is important to know how they prefer to be asked for it. Some like to see lots of cash, while others do not.

If you notice that person looking at their watch or putting something away, this may indicate that they would rather get their money in a less conspicuous way.

Ask if they accept credit cards as an easy way to make purchases. If they say yes, then ask if they have a preferred card to use for shopping.

This can help you decide which bank to approach with business loans or other opportunities. They can tell you who to talk to about such things and what services they offer.

Hammer and nail gesture

business hand gestures

A common business hand shake is called the hammer and nail handshake. This is done by holding your right fist with your middle finger up like a hammer and your index or little finger slightly down, kind of like you would hit a nail with it. Your other hand will be able to grab onto either the top or bottom knuckle of the first person’s pointer finger.

This handshake was designed as a way to show respect. By putting your own “hammer” in front of the other person’s, you are saying that they are more important than I am. It also shows people trust them enough for me to place my hands in their hands.

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