Can Copywriting Make You Rich

Why copywriting is a lucrative profession

Writing copy has always been an easy way to earn money online, but with the growth of digital marketing, the importance of good writing has increased. More and more companies are turning to bloggers and writers to help them promote their products and services.

There’s a lot that goes into becoming a successful blogger, beyond having knowledge of a topic. It takes understanding not only of how to write convincingly, but also how to connect with your readers and encourage conversation.

That’s why even if you aren’t a professional writer, blogging can be a great tool for earning extra income. But being a blogger isn’t as easy as writing about yourself in your own voice.

You need to know what will catch the reader’s eye and keep their attention. There’s a reason they work with professionals instead of just letting anyone go and write a blog page about something.

It all starts with knowing the goal and purpose of the blog. Without this understanding, then any opportunity cost is being paid in terms of time and effort without producing results.

The difference between writing and copying

Writing is hard work. It takes time to research your topic, perform extensive research, write and edit the piece, then get it published.

But how much money have you made lately? Probably not very much. Why? Because most people don’t know how to write well!

The solution is simple. Just like visual marketing, good copywriting can help you increase the engagement of your audience with your products and services. But how do you go about writing a paragraph based on the following topic and bullet point?

Well, a little structure goes a long way. People tend to focus on the first sentence or two of a paragraph, which is usually the case because they are structurally significant.

Most paragraphs consist of a headline, introductory text, a step or section, and a conclusion. Most papers use them in unison for effect.

Unfortunately, many writers avoid structural elements out of fear that their reader will lose interest if they see something unexpected. This unpredictability makes the prose feel more natural but unnecessary.

They also worry about margins, font size, bolding and highlighting, leading spaces, and other stylistic choices that rob the writing of what feels like an organic flow.

If you are avoiding these structures due to inexperience, start with your shorter pitches and promos and build up from there.

Learn to be a great writer

If you know how to write, then people will pay money for your work. There are many well-known writers who make millions of dollars per year from their writing.

You can also create online content and earn cash payments. Content creation includes blogging, article syndication, videos, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and more.

By being a well-known writer, you can use these platforms to promote books you’ve written and get paid fairly. People spend thousands of hours reading blogs and articles.

If they find enough good content in them to read or subscribe to, they will go through all the effort of clicking through pages and signing up with different websites.

Put yourself into the reader’s shoes. They found an article that had information that helped them solve a problem or reach a goal. How would they rate the article? Would they trust it?

Give lots of options as readers choose which option they want to follow. Your job is to help them connect with the topic and message you covered.

Have patience

Who says you have to wait until tomorrow to do something awesome?

Well, I don’t know about “you have to wait until tomorrow”, but it does say that you need to start being patient with yourself and your business.

It takes time to create content that will grow over days, weeks, and months.

You also need to understand that there is no one right way to produce content. Just because someone else can write a great article doesn’t mean you should try writing before you learn how to be creative and focused.

Focus on producing quality content that helps people solve problems or accomplish goals. In this way, you’ll get results.

That said, you still want to make changes in your life and for your career to improve--your readers may not always come back after their first read of an article you wrote. It takes around six minutes to count a $5 bill from a cash register.

That same amount of time could help a reader who is trying to think more critically about a topic or issue they feel strongly about. On the other hand, maybe they just wanted to take you out for lunch. No judgment here.

We all need both -- productive conversations and meaningful discussions. We all need opportunities to dive into tasks without fear of looking foolish or making mistakes.

These are examples of why you shouldn’t worry about what others say when

Practice, practice, practice

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of writing that can eat away at your time doing other things. But investing time in learning how to write well will pay off far into the future.

A great sentence or phrase is worth hundreds of words. Figuring out why someone decided to read this article is way more valuable than analyzing what they just clicked onto their next facebook update.

You need to understand why people are reading what you put out there if you want them to keep coming back for more.

It also helps when you can connect with your audience on an emotional level. People feel better being heard and understood.

That goes for parents too – children need to be able to connect with your brand on a personal level to continue buying their products once they reach product maturity.

Be diverse

Even if you’re an expert in one area, being an expert is actually pretty new to people.

If you want to be rich, it’s important to know that having expertise in one area makes you an authority or expert in that area.

However, everyone has things they are knowledgeable about and things they are not familiar with.

You will have strengths and weaknesses. Diversity is your financial strength.

Diversity in what you offer helps you reach more people and earn money from more sources. Why? Because different people have different needs and interests.

By being diversified, you can make use of several skills or areas of interest at once. This creates opportunities for higher paychecks and greater satisfaction.

For example, instead of focusing only on writing, learn how to design graphics and help musicians improve their songs. By doing this, you can earn much more money because you’ll understand both writing for blogs and creating posters, newsletters or album covers.

Or you could even become a writer and designer as well. Both roles require skills that you already have and the ability to write or create something original.

The choice is yours but becoming highly successful at earning money online requires some level of diversity in what you choose to do.

Focus on building relationships

There’s a reason that most good copywriters will tell you that writing is about people, not content.

That is because they are great at selling through conversation. Content marketing may get your message out to a large audience, but creating engaging conversations along the way helps build trust with your customers.

You can use talking points, questions, or stories. And when you write articles, keep their main idea in mind when you write the introduction and their specific needs in mind when you write the conclusion.

This creates an opportunity to give them what they need in the middle. This is where you sell them on why they should invest their money in you and your product.

If you talk about other companies, then they will see that there are others who are just like them. If you discuss trends and things people are interested in, then they will feel right at home. They will believe that these topics are important to mention and speak up if they aren't so it's worth bringing them up.

Stay positive

More than half of all online shoppers complain about poor shopping experiences. And it’s not because buyers are always bad — it’s just that some people aren’t very good at it.

Negativity is easier to carry in your head than positivity, which makes negativity more difficult to ignore. But don’t worry – you can learn how to control your own thinking and avoid being negative.

For example, instead of thinking, “This product isn’t working for me,” think, “It’s helping my body react against unwanted weight gain.” Use this new way of thinking to replace old habits with thoughts that are more positive.

You will quickly see results!

Think like your customer

An important way to be successful at copywriting is to think like your customers, if you have any.

You can get some insight into what they want and need by reading their words online or going out into real life and asking them directly.

Their answers may differ depending on who they are and how much of an expert they are in the field. But it’s always helpful to know what people expect from writing.

There are many ways to go about creating content for your marketing materials. The most common way is just by happening to come up with something when you’re doing other work.

But there’s another way to find out what people expect from written word content-by buying books that have advice on how to write better.

By looking around your home (if you don’t live with your parents) or in book stores for books labeled as helping people improve their writing, then read the notes that are part of each chapter before deciding to buy them.

Many times, right below the title “Help! I can’t seem to make my writing sound good”, there’s a little note saying why the author has chosen that particular phrase.

It might tell you that this statement is unhelpful and leads readers to believe they cannot achieve success. This small note provides a little guidance on how to avoid this same trap later on.

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