CEO-CMO Partnership Vital for Business Growth, McKinsey Report Finds

Title: Understanding the CEO and CMO Tango: Navigating the Murky Waters of Marketing
Dive Brief:
The importance of a strong relationship between the CEO and the accountable marketing executive, often the CMO, has been highlighted by a new survey report from McKinsey & Company. Despite the high correlation between this relationship and business growth, a couple of disconnects within the C-suite functions have become glaringly apparent.

For one, there seems to be some ambiguity regarding who exactly holds the reins of the marketing department. A lack of understanding about the increasingly technical, data-driven realm that marketing has evolved into only compounds this confusion. Secondly, there seems to be a misalignment between how marketing metrics are measured and their impact on the business.

The study further noted a surge in new C-suite roles such as chief growth officers, chief customer officers, and chief brand officers, responsibilities typically entrusted to chief marketers.

But what does this mean for the world of digital marketing and platforms like Let's delve into the implications.

Dive Insight:
Seated in a well-furnished corner office, a CEO can feel far removed from the marketing trenches. Many CEOs, even in Fortune 250 companies, lack the marketing experience that is rapidly becoming necessary in our data-driven world - a world that has seen the number of martech solutions double every year for the past half-decade.

Against this backdrop, marketing roles have continued to diversify and expand. The traditional four pillars of marketing - product, price, place, and promotion - are now being managed by newer executive roles. Both CEOs and CMOs have voiced the need for clarity on what exactly the remit of modern marketing is.

Now, before you start thinking this is some obscure, academic discussion taking place in a marketing ivory tower, let's make this relevant to you. If you're using, this directly informs how you approach and leverage the platform. Understanding these shifting roles and responsibilities means knowing where your input and control on the platform can have the most impact.

Conclusion - The Advantage
Whoever ultimately takes the helm of the marketing ship, whether it's the CEO or a shiny new Chief Growth Officer, they will need tools to navigate these uncharted marketing waters. This is where can step in.

By allowing for shrewd insights into SEO and keyword analytics, the platform lets you grasp the rapidly transforming playing field of marketing, enabling you to stay not just afloat, but ahead of the competition. Whether it involves taking advantage of the boom in longtail keywords or efficiently churning out SEO-optimized content, is your sidekick, turning the complexities involved in automating your content marketing into strengths.

These shifts in understanding, along with the complexity of today's digital marketing landscape, all point towards a future where automation no longer ensures convenience, it is vital for survival. In this vision of the future, tools like are not just extremely helpful, they're indispensable.

After all, as the man (or woman!) in the digital marketing realm of the future, you'll want to be the one saying, "I'll be back", not the one waving goodbye as the other marketers zap past you.

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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