"Champion Launches New Global Campaign: Beyond Sports to Champion Personal Passions"

Title: Champion: The Brand That Transcended Sports and Embraced Change

Derek Here! It's time to lace up those sneakers, sling that gym bag over your shoulder, and get ready for a whole new game. This is no longer just about the net, the touchline, or the field; it's about becoming Champions in every sphere, in every aspect of life.

The renowned athletic wear label, Champion has always been associated with sports. For years, they've stitched together our impressions of victories and endzone dances by manufacturing uniforms for NFL and NBA teams. But recently, Champion decided to take a step off the turf and broaden its uniform to cover more than just sweaty athletes. Remember the cereal-themed activewear collection of 2020? Yeah, we do too.

On September 13, Champion kicked this rebranding up a notch, and not just within the confines of the court, rink, or track. With the launch of their new global campaign called "Champion What Moves You," Champion is encouraging people who champion causes and transform personal passions into beneficial change within their communities.

The campaign features a diverse set of creators worldwide—from rap artists to street cobblers, all champions in their right. These creators have all found a way to turn their passions into impactful contributions. Launched across social media platforms, this campaign blends in with Champion's first batches by newly appointed Global Vice President of Design, Jay Escobara.

What's more, to further drive this change, the campaign includes a Champion Creators Program, providing support and resources to upcoming creators, underlining Champion's commitment to nurturing creativity and purpose.

Vanessa LeFebvre, Champion's President of Global Activewear, succinctly said that the campaign seeks to “champion a better tomorrow.” She sees the brand as a verb, indicating action rather than a mere description. Mapping its future on these lines is an interesting turn towards a more comprehensive understanding of the brand.

Champion's new initiative doesn't just casually flirt with branding boundaries—it bulldozes through them. By connecting with creators worldwide, the company is attempting to touch every corner of human ability, creativity, and potential.

Curating a global portfolio that features influencers from the U.K., China, Japan, Latin America, Australia, and the U.S., Champion is ready to play on the worldwide field. Sporting a cause, a craft, or a creed has never felt so compelling.

But why am I, Derek, your favorite marketing sage, talking about this? Because right here, in our very backyard at Juice.ai, we're Champions too—Champions of Digital Marketing.

Just like Champion levels the athletic field for diverse kinds of creators, at Juice.ai, we strive to level the playing field for businesses of every size. By wrapping data-based insights with our intuitive technology, we champion causes that revolve around helping you grow your brand.

From autogenerating content to identifying powerful keywords and scaling your website's organic traffic, we're here to make you a Champion in your industry.

We deeply resonate with the philosophy of finding purpose in what we do – in marketing and otherwise. It's not just about selling products or racking up numbers; it's about creating a meaningful impact, fostering relationships, and helping businesses grow.

What does the future of digital marketing look like with this kind of trend? Well, if I were a fortune teller—which I sometimes fancy myself being—I'd say we're moving towards a more inclusive, diverse, and purposeful digital marketing era. And in this era, you can bet that Juice.ai will be right there championing your cause, helping you navigate, and flourishing in the digital seas.

Until then, let's keep growing, let's keep moving, and let's keep championing what moves us. After all, we're all champions charting our unique courses in the vast, unpredictable court of life.

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of Juice.ai, CEO of Panda
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