Change Log

March 26, 2024

🛠 Improvements:

🎨 AI Image Functionality in ArtGen:

  • Sites now feature AI-generated images for both featured and in-article visuals. Admins can configure this functionality within the Generator Config tab. An option is now available to choose between stock images or AI-generated images for both featured and in-article visuals. //

🖼️ AI Image Prompt in Article Configuration:

  • An AI Image Prompt has been added to the Article Configuration, enhancing the generation of more accurate image results. Admins can provide specific instructions within the prompt to guide the AI in generating images that align with the content. //

Bug Fixes:

🐛 Removal of 'Singapore' Targeted Keywords:

  • This critical hotfix addresses the inadvertent targeting of keywords containing the term 'Singapore.' Due to this issue, some articles were inaccurately directed towards Singapore. //

March 14, 2024


🌐 Webhook Integration:

  • Sites can now seamlessly integrate with other platforms via webhook. Includes a 'Send Button' for immediate test data transmission.//
  • Webhook integration lacks categorization functionality compared to WordPress and Webflow. //

🔒 Verify WordPress & Webflow Authentication Button:

  • Clicking 'Verify' authenticates provided credentials or tokens for WordPress and Webflow integrations, ensuring accuracy. //

⚙️ Generator Config:

  • Users can now configure article output from the Article Generator, toggling elements such as YouTube videos and links. //

🖥️ Admin Dashboard Improvements:

  • Column Header Rearrangement: Headers can now be rearranged via dragging, with ordering automatically saved in local storage. //
  • User-friendly Error Messages: Clear, actionable error messages replace generic 404 and 500 errors for enhanced troubleshooting. //

March 1, 2024

🆕 New Feature:
🌟 Webflow Integration: Users can now seamlessly integrate and publish to Webflow via the admin dashboard. //

🖥️ Admin Dashboard Improvements:
✒️ Publish as Draft: Articles can now be published as drafts by turning the toggle off for 'Autopublish'. //
📊 Used Priority Keywords: Used keywords are now identified and will be displayed in a strikethrough font format. //
🔄 Priority Keywords Sorting: Users can now sort the priority of the keywords. //
🛠️ UI/UX Enhancement of Edit Site Page: Edit page is now using tabs for easy updates. //
🆙 Revamped Filter & Sorting: Unified system for all the Admin Dashboard pages. //

February 15, 2024

🛠 Fixes:
✅ Resolved broken internal links. //

🆕 New Features:
🌟 Article Categorization based on site categories //
🌟 Keyword Prioritization with low to high priority and exclusion options. //

January 31st, 2024

❇️ Articles now publish through WordPress; introduced default forms option for ease in onboarding and editing. //

🐞 Optimized Article Generator token usage, reduced from 100k to 10k-20k, and addressed missing internal/external links. //

🆕 Option to assign/create a default form for sites during onboarding/editing. //

⚠️ Article Generator's internal links sometimes off-topic; Backend and Form Generator have specific operational bugs. //

🕒 Front-end handling for price limitations, automatic value assignment for blank price fields, and naming convention for default forms for better identification. //

January 19th, 2024

❇️ Enhanced sitemap support and direct form embedding in articles //

🐞 Improved article job logging and token tracking //

⚠️ Added retries tracking and auto-update for null value metrics //

🕒 Enhanced token usage insights and keyword metric updates coming soon //

January 15th, 2024

❇️ Improved the accuracy of external links //

🐞 Fixed a bug with WordPress integrations that would cause failed article generation when a Sitemap was unfindable //

⚠️ If your sitemap is hosted on a subdomain, may have trouble finding it //

🕒 Pointing to specific sitemap URLs for further internal linking stability // Improved internal linking accuracy //

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Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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