Change Log

February 15, 2024

🛠 Fixes:
✅ Resolved broken internal links. //

🆕 New Features:
🌟 Article Categorization based on site categories //
🌟 Keyword Prioritization with low to high priority and exclusion options. //

January 31st, 2024

❇️ Articles now publish through WordPress; introduced default forms option for ease in onboarding and editing. //

🐞 Optimized Article Generator token usage, reduced from 100k to 10k-20k, and addressed missing internal/external links. //

🆕 Option to assign/create a default form for sites during onboarding/editing. //

⚠️ Article Generator's internal links sometimes off-topic; Backend and Form Generator have specific operational bugs. //

🕒 Front-end handling for price limitations, automatic value assignment for blank price fields, and naming convention for default forms for better identification. //

January 19th, 2024

❇️ Enhanced sitemap support and direct form embedding in articles //

🐞 Improved article job logging and token tracking //

⚠️ Added retries tracking and auto-update for null value metrics //

🕒 Enhanced token usage insights and keyword metric updates coming soon //

January 15th, 2024

❇️ Improved the accuracy of external links //

🐞 Fixed a bug with WordPress integrations that would cause failed article generation when a Sitemap was unfindable //

⚠️ If your sitemap is hosted on a subdomain, may have trouble finding it //

🕒 Pointing to specific sitemap URLs for further internal linking stability // Improved internal linking accuracy //

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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