Companies Embrace Bold Brand Makeovers Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

When it comes to riding the transforming waves of marketing in an era that's dealing with pandemic aftershocks and stringent financial scrutiny, pressing Ctrl+Alt+R for a fresh brand makeover seems to be the tactic many businesses are adopting. Is this a sign of a resurgence expected once uncertainty settles? FYI, this is not just any ordinary reboot; we're talking the "look at me now" kind of glow up!

Some brand transformations we've seen are as gutsy as buying a lion for a house pet. Companies, both the stalwarts and the struggling ones, are shaking things up with big changes to their visual appeal and marketing narratives. Meanwhile, others are content with subtler shifts, aiming to reintroduce themselves to the consumers whose tastes and media consumption have undergone a radical conversion, thanks to Ross and Rachel level "on a break" with the world.

In the marketing hall of fame this year, Pepsi stands out with its radical switch to maximalism after 14 years. Slow goodbye to muted tones and big hello to electric colors and a new pulse motif as they gear up for the next digital marketing chapter. Likewise, 7-Eleven shook up their Slurpee campaign with a self-expressive 'Anything Flows' storyline.

Keeping Gen Z on their radar, Chips Ahoy! reworked its marketing magic with fun digital platforms featuring their animated mascot Chip. Kraft Singles also revved up its brand image with an ambitious facelift, introducing a vibrant palette and user-friendly packaging.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile didn’t just change gears; it rebranded and became the Frankmobile to promote its reformulated all-beef franks. Stella Artois, a brand that has always had a distinct charm, altered its positioning to focus more on casual dining to match the evolving dining habits of consumers.

Facing a revenue fall of 22%, Peloton went all out to make their brand more accessible by introducing a free membership tier and a new in-app content feature: Peloton Gym. In a significant shift to align with their Hawaiian roots, AB InBev's Kona beer changed its name and refreshed its brand for the summer.

After parsing through all these refresh sessions, it’s clear that though these shifts vary in their scales, they all point towards one target – a return to normalcy that is in sync with consumer behavior and buzz.

Now, if these brands are the would-be phoenixes eyeing a grand resurgence, then is the Dumbledore, extraordinarily assisting businesses with their digital marketing strategies.

How? uses AI-Driven tools to spot trends, curate content, and effectively narrate the brand's story. This means that your marketing efforts can reap fantastic rewards without the workload of juggling a Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the Golden Snitch at once!

As the landscape is ever-evolving, here's a fun prophecy: Soon, we might witness brands getting refresh-makeovers as frequently as people change their profile pictures. But for good or for bad, one thing is sure - will be right there turning these changing tides into tsunamis of success for businesses. Get on board, won't you? Join us as we brew some juicy marketing concoctions!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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