Copywriting Is A Form Of Which Marketing

Why is marketing communication important?

According to Joel Comm, author of "Power Marketing", everyone wants more content. More sharing, more fun, more interesting stories. And they want them now!

So what do people want from communications?

They want value. They want to get quality that will satisfy them.

And successful communications offer value in many forms: captivating design, practical information, entertaining narratives, and enticing promotions.

Value may be found in various combinations in different kinds of advertising, but it is present every time. Without offering value, you don’t sell anything. You tell your story or promote your product simply by being available online and through word-of-mouth.

That’s why value-based marketing (sometimes also called “experiential marketing”) has become so popular over the past several years.

Many businesses have realized how valuable storytelling can be. People love to hear stories. We like to listen to stories and sometimes we want a story with no end, such as a real-life fairy tale.

Stories help us understand things that happen in life. The aim of any good story is to entertain and motivate readers or listeners.

It draws their attention and makes them laugh enough to forget their problems for a little while. That’s why good stories are so essential in sales and marketing.

Various types of marketing communications

There are many different ways to get your message across beyond simply talking about your product in an advert. Some of these techniques include any form of advertising, such as billboard advertising, word ads (adwords) or promotional content, pre-event/post-event promotions, merchandising displays at events, etc. All of these methods can be used very effectively to promote your product, brand, and service.

However, there is another way to achieve this which involves creating online content & promoting it using various means, including social media, text messages, advertisements, flyers, posters, website design, email campaigns, news articles, radio interviews, live speaking engagements, etc.

This type of promotion is also known as “branded content”, “content creation”, “creative communication”, or “infomercials”. It is increasingly becoming more popular than traditional advertising due to its wider availability and lower cost.

Branded content is one specific form of marketing communication. Others include personalized emails, adverts, videos, technical documents, information sheets, smartphone apps, print materials, brochures, billboards, YouTube channels, social posts etc.

Developing your marketing message

Writing is an important part of selling your product or service. Your copy should be compelling, persuasive and convincing. It’s what sells you and your company to potential clients.

Your writing should tell people one simple story that motivates them to buy. You can call it storytelling.

You need to know which stories to use and how to tell them. That requires research and focus group testing to see which ones work best.

Let’s say you are trying to sell cars. You could write a blog post telling your customers why cheap cars are a good deal. Or you could write about how clean and efficient your car is. Which would get more readers and followers?

The second option is much better because people want to learn more about cleaning and maintaining their vehicles. By focusing on benefits for your audience, you are able to connect with them and they will feel more compelled to read your content.

Put your product in its right place

There’s a reason that Apple places so much emphasis on location, location, location — of all things, don’t overvalue marketing somewhere else, but put your product in as good a spot as it can be placed.

Think about it for just a moment. How often do you go to a restaurant looking for food? How often do you visit a store seeking help with a problem? You probably never think to yourself, “I should stop by the supermarket before I shop,” or “I need to swing by the bakery before my bread is stale.”

You also likely don’t consider how important placement is when there are few other products to compete with yours. Restaurants have busy kitchens, small spaces, limited storage space, and relatively little equipment (compared to retail stores), which makes finding a place to put all those extra items one of the hardest problems they face.

That’s why manufacturers prefer putting their own brands into use instead of trying to get customers to buy them directly through multiple brand names. It’s why retailers sometimes struggle with no matter what they did to sell their most attractive products; people simply end up buying something else instead.

Focus on customer service

Customers who feel satisfied with your business will tell their friends and encourage them to visit you.

People love to talk about their good experiences. If customers are talking less than three stars, they’re going to have a hard time letting others know how great their experience was.

The best way to achieve customer satisfaction is by focusing on the needs of your customers. What problems can they be experiencing that your company could solve or help them resolve?

Consider what types of sales tactics work for you and don’t use junk marketing techniques. People hate being conned and mislead.

It makes them feel worse about buying from you. Create content that inspires people to buy. They need to trust you and believe in what you offer.

Don’t worry about profits until you get a steady stream of buyers through the door. Most businesses rely too much on selling into the consumer market.

Start supplying better quality products at higher prices and increasing production levels when demand increases. Sales increase as a result.

Keep raising prices (if necessary) to keep margins high. It’s always harder to raise prices later in the game. You want to avoid doing this because consumers may start looking for other providers.

Raising my prices did not make me more wealthy, it made me more aware of how much money I needed to make. Once I adjusted my mindset, though, everything changed.

Tell your story through images and video

Video content is taking up more and more space on our smartphones, computers, television sets, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. People love hearing stories via videos that are easy to watch.

You have taken away one of their main reasons to turn back from watching videos. Videos allow viewers to go beyond the written word to get his answer. They give them the ability to experience events, people, or ideas second-hand (if necessary)..

Videos also help users visualize information. That doesn’t mean they are full of clichés. It means users can see how pieces of info look in context.

For example, a still image would not tell you what running looks like. Only someone who has tried it already can describe it to you. A video could let you try running for yourself!

Use language that captures attention

The first step to writing effective copy is choosing your words with the intent of grabbing someone’s attention.

There are many different techniques you can use, but one of the most common is telling a story.

You should aim to create a visceral response from the reader by using vivid descriptions and interacting with the character in the sentence to convince them to keep reading.

The whole process boils down to a tone that says, “I want you to feel something for this person or anything related to that topic.”

Keep videos short and snappy

When people hear the word “video,” they think length — most people don’t consider how much content there is to upload in order to create video.

But audio quality has improved greatly over the past few years, so you can get away with shorter clips than you used to.

And while it’s still important to avoid longer clips that are difficult to watch (you want your viewers going to sleep or feeling bored), you can easily shorten any clip above 250 words.

That way users won’t feel as though their time was wasted.

Here are some examples of strong copywriting clips I’ve come across recently:

Communicate with your audience

Writing is very important for copywriters because they need to ensure their messages are clear and understood.

There’s no point telling someone something if you cannot get your message across in the written word.

A good writer will focus on an idea and try to communicate it as effectively as possible, which can sometimes mean taking some time to apply communication techniques.

The key thing about writing is that it is direct and to the point.

People don’t have much time these days to read long stories, so the trick is to be concise.

That way people can spend more time doing what they want to do (and less time reading or thinking or talking about the content of your text).

Concision is the route most bloggers take, who write shorter paragraphs based on one topic and bullet point.

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