Cottonelle Partners with Ken Jeong for Cheeky 'Assvertising' Campaign

If you've ever spent a moment of your precious time pondering about the marketing potential of... well, your derriere, then you, my friend, are not alone. In a marketing strategy that is nothing short of audacious, a marriage between raunchy humor and user-generated content is proving to be a game-changer in the personal care sector. That’s right - cottony soft Cottonelle is taking the backside brouhaha to the next level.

Teaming up with actor, comedian, and former physician Ken Jeong, the folks at Cottonelle have given birth to a cheeky new branding strategy they are proudly calling "assvertising." This brilliantly bold and posterior-focused campaign aims to get ‘to the bottom’ of consumer needs and is proving to be anything but a bum deal.

That’s right folks, if you’re itching more for creativity in advertising, Cottonelle’s got you covered! But don't just take our word for it. Aspiring assvertisers can visit the campaign microsite till July 26 and let the world know about their 'down there' situation – in a clever yet clean way, of course. Four distinguished contributors will be chosen to receive a whopping $10,000 each, and the honor of developing social media content amongst other duties – talk about a job that won't be a pain in the behind!

Determined to break away from typically prim and fluff-laden depictions, Cottonelle is prepared to stand up and be counted - or rather, sit down, lean back and relax! As Elizabeth Metz, the North American vice president of Cottonelle, puts it eloquently, they are ready to “normalize the conversation around down there care and shine light on the solutions."

Sensing a pattern here? So are we here at This refreshing take on relatability highlights what we're all about - utilizing innovative, out-of-the-box strategies that engage audiences in a real and relatable way. 

And while we admire Cottonelle’s ‘bottom up’ approach, we are also turning our analytical gaze to the exciting future of digital marketing. Will hilarious humor and cheeky puns be the, beat of future campaigns? Only time will tell.

For now, is your one-stop solution for carving out your own niche in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a comprehensive suite of tools to upgrade your online presence, we’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk - or in this case, strutting our stuff. So, are you ready to moonwalk into the future of marketing with Let's get crackin'!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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