Creating A Simple Business Plan For Dummies

A business plan is an essential document for any entrepreneur or small business owner. The first step to starting your own business is deciding on what type of business you want to run, which industry you feel fits you, and then creating a basic business plan that outlines all the components of your business.

This article will go into detail about how to create a simple business plan that can be easily adapted as your business grows. There are three main sections in most plans — company description, marketing strategy, and financials. These three parts should be updated as your business changes and new products are added or cancelled.

Company Description

Most people start their search for a job by looking at the employer’s website and learning some key information such as whether the organization has done work before, what types of services and products they offer, and who their customers are. You should do the same thing for yourself!

When you have identified your ideal field, you should learn more about the companies in that area by reading their websites and doing some research. This gives you both some insight into the career choice and also helps you determine if this company would be a good fit for you. It may even give you some tips or tricks to get started in the profession!

Marketing Strategy

After you have determined what kind of business you want to run and researched several opportunities in that field, it is time to pick a name and begin designing your business concept.

Make it detailed but not overwhelming

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A business plan is always more than just about your company and what you are going to do to succeed. It includes important information such as who the plan is for, what time frame the plan is in, and how much money there is for investing.

It also includes what resources will be needed to make the plan come to fruition, and what part of the plan you will hire other people to help with. All these components together create an efficient framework for success.

When creating your business plan, keep it brief and concise. Do not worry about being very formal or fancy at this stage. Just because something is well-done does not mean it is the best way to go about things.

Provide a timeline

how create a simple business plan

Now that you have determined your business idea, what next? You will need to provide a timeline for when you plan to start and run your business! This is important as it gives people an estimate of how soon they can expect to see results from working with you.

It also helps them determine if they are going to be able to support you while you are investing in your career or if they should look elsewhere for help. Most importantly, it ensures their money is not wasted on someone who does not want to work hard to achieve their dreams.

A general rule of thumb is to begin looking into ways to launch your business within six months of deciding on your idea.

Get expert feedback on your plan

how create a simple business plan

Even if you have an idea that can make money, without a business plan or goal statement, people will not believe in it nor will they help you achieve your aim of launching your new business.

So, what are we talking about when we say business plan? It is a written document that describes the who, what, where and how of your business. It also makes time for questions and challenges to be addressed.

The first part of most business plans is to define their audience. This includes identifying who will read the plan and why this person would want to contribute towards success for your company.

It also looks at what area of the business needs improvement and what changes need to be made. This helps create milestones and deadlines for tasks to meet timing requirements.

The last section of any business plan should include goals and strategies for the coming year.

Set your goals

how create a simple business plan

A business plan is not about giving yourself awards for being very ambitious, it’s not designed to make you feel good about yourself, it’s not intended to make you proud of how visionary you are, and it definitely should not make you feel like you know what you’re doing.

A well-designed business plan can help you achieve your dreams, but only if you create plans that actually work.

That’s why I’d like to talk about something more important than the title or the executive summary of your business plan – what are your goals?

Your goal cannot be to just keep writing and writing until you have a business plan that looks professional. Your goal must relate to what you want to accomplish with your company.

It could be to get funding so you can start investing in equipment or marketing strategies, or maybe to launch an online store where you can sell products. Or perhaps your goal is to go into another field after business studies, or to find employment as a business owner.

Whatever your dream job is, put those things in a business plan! Take our example again: If your goal was to run a restaurant, then a financial model, research, and a description of your location would all fit nicely under the heading of market analysis.

Create your company structure

Now that you have determined what business you will run, how to market it, and who will work for you, you need to create an official position or title for yourself. This is called creating your company structure.

Most entrepreneurs choose to use their first name as their business name. However, this can be problematic later on if you want to take credit for all of the success in your career.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use either your middle initial or your full last name as your business name. For example, if your name is Jon Smith, then your business name could be “Jon M. Smith Consulting” or simply “JM Smith Consulting.”

By using only one part of your family name, people won’t be able to connect your career with yours. If you would like to use your own first name instead, make sure to go through legal channels to do so.

Write your company's mission and values

how create a simple business plan

Your business's mission is what you want your company to achieve, and its value is how much it wants to succeed in that aim. Your business mission should be clear and simple, like "We will help people find great deals online."

The value of your business comes down to two things: how well it meets its own internal goals (like making money), and how well it fulfills an external goal for your company (more profits).

Write your marketing plan

how create a simple business plan

Now that you have determined what products or services you will offer, what markets they target, and where you will position yourself in the market, it is time to start writing your business plan!

Many people begin their search for success by making a list of things they want. They add up all the money they have in the world and then try to go out and buy a boat or a house with that cash. It is very difficult to know when you should stop buying things and starting your business.

You can easily get distracted by the ease at which you could purchase a stock tip or a digital copy service, so make sure you keep those costs under control. You do not need to spend a large amount of money to be successful!

There are many ways to organize and structure your business plan. Some people write using bullets whereas others use paragraphs. What matters most is how you feel about the document and whether or not it helps you succeed as an entrepreneur.

You should always strive to include examples of other businesses similar to yours and information about strategies and techniques you would like to implement into your own company.

Establish your company's budget

how create a simple business plan

Now that you have determined what products or services your business offers, and how it will market these offerings, you need to establish your company’s budget. This includes money for advertisements, marketing materials such as brochures, stickers, and flyers, and things like website hosting costs.

It is very important to know where your income comes from before making large investment in your business. If your main source of income is coming directly from the service or product you offer, then investing may not be necessary!

By having a clear understanding of how much money you have spent, and how many more expenses are needed, you can determine if creating and running your own business is financially feasible. You should always keep an eye on your spending, but remember that doing so requires adequate funding!

Running a business means there will be constant changes being made, so make sure to save enough money for potential down-times.

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