"Digital Marketing Driven By Rising Social Media Usage and AI Solutions"

Title: "**Riding the Digital Marketing Wave: Navigating the Shifting Tides of Social Media Trends**"

Don’t you love it when numbers do the talking? They say nothing can depict a situation better than facts, and we at Juice.ai couldn't agree more. Showcasing a recent report from Sprout Social, we learn that despite the world reverting back to semi-normalcy, social media usage continues to soar.

Drink this in: A whopping 53% of consumers confess a higher social media usage over the past two years compared to the two years preceding. While the pandemic had us reaching for our phones more than usual, it seems that this new digital habit is here to stay.

Gone are the days when social media was just a platform for friends to share a cat video or two (unless it's a heartwarmingly funny cat video - those, we believe, will always hold onto their throne in social media spheres). Today, about 68% of consumers use social media mainly to stay up-to-date with new products and services, and snatch up exclusive deals.

According to the engaging Jamie Gilpin, CMO at Sprout Social, this trend underlines the need for social media teams to tightly mesh with product, sales, and customer service teams.

Diving deeper into the data, we find that social media now allows customers to enjoy direct contact with brands, and boy, do consumers love to feel connected! In an alarming revelation for brand activists, only 25% of consumers believe that brands should stand on their soapboxes in line with the consumer's values in order to be memorable.

Guess the best way for a brand to make a mark? Respond to customers. Yup, it’s that simple. Over half of consumers — 51% — remember brands that respond to them on social media. Consider this simple equation: prompt response = brand love.

As we step into a smart, slightly scary era (cue the sci-fi music), artificial intelligence (AI) seems poised to steer the digital marketing ship. Believe it or not, 81% of marketers attest to the positive impact of AI on their work. With AI taking over tedious tasks like data analysis, marketers have more hours for creativity and establishing deeper connections with consumers.

So, how can Juice.ai shake hands with these trends? Well, we have been doing handstands to harness the power of AI to turbocharge your digital marketing game. With our Autopilot technology, we identify powerful, low-competition keywords related to your niche. But we don't stop there! We are committed to building your content on these potent keywords, boosting your Google SERP standing, and driving those elusive web traffic numbers north.

All right, let's fast forward to the near future (we love playing Miss Smarty Pants). Marketing mavens predict that brands need to continue adapting to shifting social media dynamics, leveraging AI technology for a personalized consumer experience. The ever-morphing landscape of social media, while daunting, offers interesting opportunities for brands to reinvent their digital strategies.

So as we prepare to surf the gargantuan digital marketing wave ahead, remember, Juice.ai is not just riding the wave, we are part of the swell. The future of digital marketing? The possibilities are immense! But here at Juice.ai, we have a hunch - the future of marketing is going to be highly personalized, juice-ily automated, and brimming with intelligent AI solutions that deliver delicious results. Be part of the future, get juiced!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of Juice.ai, CEO of Panda
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