Does Copywriting Cost Money

Sales-related writing

Writing for sales is an important skill that every marketer should know how to do.

Even if you’re not marketing yourself, there are still many opportunities to write for others.

For instance, you can offer to help other businesses to consult on business communications or blogging systems.

You can also be a peer reviewer who helps others improve their writing or you can take on any task involving language translation.

Sales skills involve something called “close” work, where you spend your time closing deals with excellent customer service. You need these skills anyway, whether you want them as a seller or not!

There are two ways to get good at close work: practice and role play.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t rely on luck to give you ideas when doing sales.

Being able to talk about your products and services with enthusiasm is a much better way to win customers.

Grammar and spelling corrections

When you type up a draft of your writing, there are often errors. You might have misspellings or incorrect grammar. There’s a lot to look through, so it can be tempting to leave all of the mistakes in while trying to put your words onto the page.

This is not very professional, and takes time that you may want to spend developing your brand. Correcting these errors will also make your readers more confident in what they are reading, which is probably why you wrote the article in the first place.

There are many free online services that will help you correct some of those errors. They can usually be found by searching for “[your website] finder” or something along those lines.

Google has a handy tool called Google Spell Check. It finds most spelling errors without having you spell everything out word-by-word. In fact, it checks with its database and finds similar articles.

You can also just check yourself by doing mentally, adding in some common mistakes that people make.

Rewrites of old content

Digital marketing enables you to create specific versions of your website and send out tweets, Facebook posts, and Google alerts with just one click. You can use bold colors, alternative layouts, different messages, or even entire new websites masquerading as existing ones.

These are called rewrites because they’re page clones from an original copy that got torn up and rewritten when someone changed their mind about it.

It’s hard enough getting people to read the first sentence of your article, let alone try to convince them to pick up the piece after they've had a chance to look at another version.

That's why it is so important to duplicate content. When you have separate copies for all channels, you give yourself multiple chances to get through to readers and persuade them to do something.

They may still go with their initial channel idea, but at least they gave your message a fair hearing.

Images required

Even if you’re not a professional, it makes sense to invest in images for your content. Without them, people will think you are lazy or that you can’t write good copy.

However, there are many free tools out there that can help you create great-looking graphics without too much effort.

HTML templates are my favorite way to add visual interest to a piece of text. You can also look into using Word processing software, which comes with its own set of icons that make creating images easy.

There are even apps that do this automatically for you, so if you aren’t sure about what to use for visuals, you could always save money by investing in one of these.

Business owners who want to start a storytelling campaign should consider investing in pictures, because they tell the story better than words alone. I recommend having both types of media in your marketing arsenal, since they work well together.

A/B testing

Website operators go through hours of tweaking and experimenting to find what works best. The process is called A/B testing, which stands for allocation (or split) between options (or versions) of a page or website feature.

When doing an A/B test, you will split your traffic -- sometimes as much as 50% -- between two versions of a page so you can see which gets more clicks or conversions.

Which version gets more results depends on the situation at hand. You try different things to see which wins out in the end. This is known as optimization, where there are many variables that need to be tested to come up with a final result.

There's no one right way to do it. You could create several tests and run each one for multiple weeks before analyzing the data and going back to zero (unless you were trying to break something that was working), or you can use software packages that drop samples from larger portions of your site to speed up testing.

Guest blogging

Although it can be difficult to get started, guest posting is an excellent way to gain exposure for your website and enhance its visibility in the search engines. By hosting a guest blogger on your site to write a piece, you are offering visitors content that interests them.

Visitors will most likely continue to visit the author's blog after they have read their article which increases traffic to their blog.

Guest posting provides quality backlinks to your site and help establish yourself as a credible source of information. According to research, high-ranking sources such as news outlets and blogs tend to rank higher than articles posted by individual writers.

Utilizing guest posts is also an easy way to connect with other bloggers and create friendly competition between them and you. This works well not only for connecting with readers, but also for spreading the word about your blog.

If someone else writes an interesting piece, why not share it with him or her? You may even want to offer a link up to your own blog for free. The more connections you make, the greater chance there is that people might click on your blog instead of someone else's.

Facebook ads

If you have a business page on Facebook, then advertising through Facebook’s pay-per-click (PPC) system is very easy to set up. Once you get going, creating attractive advertisements is straightforward.

You can target your ads by interest group, or by who has paid for an ad in the last month. Your ads are displayed in full view of everyone when they log into facebook, so no one is avoiding them accidentally.

If you have a budget, there are also affordable options that give you more clicks for less money. Paid advertising will help you lower the cost of marketing yourself and raise the price of not using traditional means.

Twitter marketing

Are you using Twitter as an advertising tool? If not, you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities to connect with people and promote your business.

Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms – if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you’re falling behind.

People are spending more time than ever before going through their daily routine on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

More and more people are turning to Twitter for information and updates, so if you don’t have a tweet or two sharing your own content, you’re missing out.

Add personal tweets to your website and use twitter help you keep in touch with customers and share important info--without cost.

Share blogs and links to inform readers. Reach new audiences by sponsoring conversations and posting comments that relate to your brand.

Introduce them to your company by showing who you are through your words and demonstrating your value as a person.

Give fans and followers something fun to do by adding alerts to your page and message board. Let them know when there's been a change around here-- maybe give an update about a new product or service or news about what you're doing.

This way they'll come back for more information.

There are all sorts of ways to get more engagement from your supporters and subscribers, many of which cost money.

But don't

SEO writing

Ranking high in search engine results is important for online business, especially with the popularity of mobile searches. If you know how to use keywords and phrases along with proper grammar, then your content should rank quickly.

There are several different types of SEO writing, each with its own price tag. Technical writers, for example, cost money per word because they include professional industry terms that will be familiar to their audience. Other writer’s charge by the page, so if you need a lot of words to write, this might be a good option.

Content marketing costs businesses time and effort to create, but more importantly, it takes time to read and edit. In order to save time, people can do what?

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