Does The Government Generate Revenue?

Recent discussions about whether or not the government is a source of revenue for businesses have become quite heated. Some claim that the federal, state, and local governments spend too much money and ask if this expenditure benefits you as an individual.

Many people feel so strongly about this issue that they will not work for the government because they believe it to be wasteful. Others think that our national institutions make sure that all citizens are taken care of and thus consider the spending to be necessary.

Either way, many wonder what kind of job applicants must deal with these questions during interviews. While there is no clear answer, most employers agree that asking such questions is very inappropriate.

This article will discuss why government employment is different than private sector jobs and some ways to identify if your employer has asked such questions.

Income tax

does the government generate revenue

The income tax system is one of the most complicated ways to generate revenue for a country. Countless loopholes exist that very few people are aware of, making it difficult to enforce the law.

Income taxes were originally designed to be used only as a way to help fund military operations or development programs. As time went on though, politicians began using them for different purposes.

Some use it to boost their own personal income, by offering special deals to well-connected individuals or businesses. Others use it to take money away from citizens in other countries, through international taxation schemes.

Many economists argue that income tax does not work because it takes too much money out of society, creating a situation where only rich people have enough money to spend. This has an overall negative effect on the economy.

Citizens who earn less than this “rich” person will feel the effects of the income tax immediately, reducing spending opportunities. Businesses that depend on consumer spending may also suffer, since these individuals cannot afford to buy things.

Creationists argue that income tax unfairly targets religious groups, due to restrictions on how Christians can organize themselves. By taxing membership fees, they say, governments punish churchgoers.

Property tax

does the government generate revenue

The most common source of revenue for governments is property taxes. This is how many counties, cities, and states make their money.

Property taxes are paid when you own or possess something (like a house). Your property tax bill is determined by two things: your area’s average market value and how much tax there is in your area on that average market value.

The higher the price of land in your community, the more income it generates through property taxes. Communities with high real estate prices have lots of potential income due to this.

Land is an investment! It will always be worth something, which is why investing in expensive property is a great way to profit from income taxation.

However, not every place can easily increase its property tax rate because they must pass a referendum to do so…which means enough people need to support the idea for it to succeed.

That isn’t always easy if some people already feel like the government takes too much money and doesn’t use it well.

Corporate tax

does the government generate revenue

Another major source of revenue for the government is corporate income taxes. Businesses are taxed when they make profits, usually at either the national or state level depending on where the business is located.

Businesses use every trick in their arsenal to avoid paying these taxes, which sometimes include moving offices, offering employees discount coupons, and even relocating outside of the country. This doesn’t just hurt the local economy, but it can have a negative impact on our nation's fiscal health as businesses pay higher than average tax rates.

The United States has one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the developed world, according to Forbes. A company with $10 million in annual revenues pays around 24% in federal income taxes, almost twice the OECD average of 13%. In fact, only three other countries (Chile, Brunei, and Singapore) impose a higher rate!

These high corporate income tax rates not only incentivize companies to move abroad, but also keep them from investing here. It creates an environment that encourages corporations to spend heavily on marketing instead of developing new products or expanding operations, both important components to growing the American economy.

Another drawback of this high corporate income tax rate is that it may encourage more wealthy individuals and firms to invest offshore, further weakening our financial system and putting greater pressure on already overburdened international finance regulators.

Sales tax

does the government generate revenue

When you buy something, you usually have to pay an additional sales tax depending on where you are and what item you’re buying.

Sales taxes vary by state or province and can be very expensive if you aren’t aware of them!

Most states now require online purchases to include a seller’s address, phone number and email so that they can collect their money quickly and easily.

Other ways to identify the seller includes looking at references (like reviews) and doing do some research about who sells like this one here.

You should also check out whether the seller is licensed or registered in your area and know how to report any issues you may come across.

These reports help ensure honest sellers and strong customer trust which has been shown to increase overall sales for both parties.

Cigarette tax

does the government generate revenue

When you buy a pack of cigarettes, there is a government fee that we refer to as a cigarette tax. This tax depends on the country and state you live in and how much product you are buying. The higher the price of a pack of cigs, the greater the tax!

Some countries and states increase the tax as the pack increases in size, so even expensive brands have high taxes. Some people argue that this extra money goes towards healthier choices for you, but what about the other products used to make your smokes taste better?

There are some companies that add sweeteners or chemicals to enhance the smoke flavor. These additives help create an illusion that smoking is more satisfying and/or less harmful than it really is. Because they work, people use them and continue to enjoy their tobacco products despite the higher taxes.

Another source of income for the government comes from alcohol sales. Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol which is why most alcoholic drinks have a color and consistency that people recognize. Many of these colors and dyes come from the ethanol content of the beverage.

Highway tax

does the government generate revenue

A highway tax is an indirect user fee that is typically charged to drivers for use of public highways, such as toll roads or highways. Most countries with well-developed transport networks impose some type of vehicle usage fee upon their citizens. The amount of the fee is usually related to the length of trip you are making, how fast you travel during your trip, and the area you are traveling in. For example, someone driving longer distances may be taxed at higher rates than people going shorter distances.

In many cases, these additional fees are directly deposited into a national transportation fund like the Federal Highway Trust Fund (FHWTF). This fund is used to pay for projects and programs that relate to improving our roadways and transit systems, developing new vehicles, etc. Since Canada’s transportation system is largely paid through federal revenues, most of the money goes back into Canadian coffers!

Implementation of highway taxes can also have an adverse effect on individuals due to changes in commuting patterns. If users find it more expensive to visit destinations away from home, they will likely choose alternative forms of transportation, which could reduce traffic.[1]


Highway taxation was first implemented by the Romans. They would levy a gabelle, or road tax, on wagon travelers passing through their territory. As time passed, this tax became less frequent until it disappeared completely around 700 AD when the Empire collapsed. It was not reinstated after the fall of the Roman Republic either.

Gas tax

does the government generate revenue

The reason why people talk about how expensive it is to fill up your car or take public transportation is because of the gas tax. This is one of the main sources of revenue for the government.

The more you drive, the higher the taxes that are paid on each gallon of gasoline you use. People usually complain about this when they go to buy a bottle at the store, but there’s an easy solution- don’t do it!

By staying in school and earning his degree, Obama was able to avoid paying any additional gas taxes. As he pointed out, most wealthy people pay a lot in other taxes so if someone like him can afford to eat lunch every day then anyone else can too.

Entertainment tax

does the government generate revenue

Earlier, I mentioned how the government makes money through income taxes and sales taxes. But there’s another way they make revenue: an entertainment tax. This is when the government levies a fee on things like movies or books that contain material with high moral or ethical value.

The reason this is done is because these products can influence people to form beliefs and values about life. They can promote ideas such as racism or sexism – even if only subconsciously.

Because of this, the entertainment industry has a very hard time selling their product in some countries. So instead of making money off of what you do, the other guys at the company have to cut back on production costs, which means lower quality films and TV shows.

This hurts not just your wallet but also our collective understanding of media.

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