DraftKings Amps Up Marketing Ahead of 2023-24 NFL Season with Kevin Hart and Retired NFL Stars

Lights, camera, action! The world of sports betting is stepping up its marketing game in a big way. Online sportsbook, DraftKings, has gone all Hollywood on us as we gear towards the 2023-24 NFL season. Drafting (pun intended) in star power like retired NFL players and even comedian Kevin Hart, DraftKings seems to be making a significant push to seize a considerable share of the staggering $93.2 billion that fans staked on bets in the past year.

DraftKings' marketing strategy reaches its zenith this August 21 when the new campaign goes live. The campaign comes off the heels of their incredibly successful Super Bowl ad, which also featured Kevin Hart, acting nothing short of stupefied by the deals DraftKings was offering.

Indeed, DraftKings isn't playing in the last league with their marketing efforts. Their latest campaign sees Hart teaming up with other retired football stars, with the aim to deliver their value proposition in style. According to DraftKings' Chief Marketing Officer, Stephanie Sherman, the humor and wit provided by Hart help to present DraftKings' promotions in a way that resonates with its audience.

In this marketing offensive, DraftKings intentionally tilts towards the grandiose. As an example, the new campaign’s tagline, "The crown is yours," subtly signals the platform's royalty-themed name while demonstrating a customer-centric approach, according to Sherman. Additionally, DraftKings plans to expand its marketing approach nationwide, seeking to capture and captivate audiences on a broader scale than local buys.

However, DraftKings' impressive marketing strategy isn't happening in a vacuum. Fierce competition looms on the horizon, especially from FanDuel, another sportsbook receiving prominent attention during the Super Bowl. Even Disney has thrown its hat into the betting ring, announcing the rebranding of Penn Entertainment’s existing sportsbook as ESPN Bet.

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