Fashion Show Marketing Strategy

As seen with many of today’s top fashion brands, creating an event to showcase your products is a great way to draw attention to yourself and your product. Creating an event that features your brand will help you get exposure for your company and its products!

Fashion show marketing strategies have been around for quite some time- in fact, they are one of the most effective ways to market any type of business. A fashion show can be done at either local or national level depending on how much resources you have access too.

With the rise of social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, holding a small event online has become very possible. By using their tools, you could even hold an interactive chat during the event which allows people to ask questions and give feedback. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to sell something since potential customers can try out the item before buying it.

This article will talk about how to organize a fashion show event and what kind of events are best suited for different types of businesses.

Plan a fashion show

fashion show marketing strategy

A fashion show is an excellent way to promote your business or product. They are typically held at a venue with enough space for people to admire and watch designs being shown off. Influencers can also be invited into the event, which helps them spread the word about your products.

A fashion show will usually start with someone introducing the models and designers who will participate. These artists often do some kind of performance (like singing or dancing) for the audience to enjoy while they showcase their latest looks. After the performances, everyone gets to discuss the clothes and shoes used in the look before it’s revealed what brand was used!

Participating brands gain lots of exposure by having the press write stories about their clothing line. For you as a designer, this is a great opportunity to get more attention for yourself! If you’re looking to launch your own collection, a fashion show could be the perfect way to connect with other entrepreneurs and share information about how to begin designing.

Fund the fashion show

fashion show marketing strategy

Now that you have determined how important it is to hold a fashion show, your next step will be to fund the event! Depending on the size of the crowd you want to attract, the cost of the dress or t-shirt for each attendee, and the amount of exposure the media will give your business, the budget can range very widely!

There are many ways to source funding for your fashion show. You do not need to spend a large sum of money to get the job done. Many people are aware of their worth and willing to lend some extra cash for an experience they will remember.

Some of the more common sources include:

Businesses – If you accept donations or sponsorships from businesses, these individuals would pay to come to your event as guests.

– if you accept donations or sponsorships from businesses, these individuals would pay to come to your event as guests.

Choose a location for the show

fashion show marketing strategy

Now that you have determined your event’s main talking points, it is time to choose where people will gather to hear them!

You should consider choosing a venue or at least a section of a venue that is close to public transportation so that attendees can easily get there and back. This way they do not need to spend money on expensive parking or taxis.

If possible, try holding the show in an indoor space with good acoustics. It would be best if there was a stage area as well as seating.

People looking to attend the event may feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor without a seat, so make sure to include enough comfortable seating for all involved.

Improvise by using empty meeting rooms or hotel conference spaces, but no more than one night per visit unless paid for separately.

Prepare the venue

fashion show marketing strategy

Now that you have chosen your event type, it is time to prepare the venue! This includes finding out who owns what rooms or space at the venue, as well as confirming their use for events.

If possible, find out if there are any decorations in the room you want to use before buying new ones. For example, if you wanted to hold an event with fashion shows, see if there are any curtains or drapes in the room you choose. These could be re-used!

You do not need permission from everyone to use the spaces, but it is good practice to ask if you can.

Tell your friends about the show

fashion show marketing strategy

This is one of the most important things you can do as an influencer! When hosting a fashion show, there are usually invite-only parties that have tickets. These ticket holders get to watch the show and ogle the looks for hours!

As you read above, being in the know about the event makes it much easier to attend. By having access to the event, you will be able to admire the designs and maybe even pick up some tips or supplies!

If you love fashion, then sharing information about the event should be easy. Starting conversations with “Hey, did you go to XYZ Event this week?” and linking them to the event can help spread the word.

But what if they don't already know about the event? That's when things get tricky.

Influencers are very popular because people trust their recommendations. If someone you follow shares an event, she probably wouldn't mind if you joined her party. You could also send out tweets and messages asking if anyone knows who organized the event and why people might want to join.

By using your social media influence to promote the event, others will feel more inclined to share the info themselves.

Buy advertising time

fashion show marketing strategy

After confirming that their clothing line is unique, fashionable, and of good quality, you will need to buy some advertising time. Companies that hold fashion shows typically advertise in magazines or websites with large audiences- these are your candidates for sponsors.

Magazine advertisements are usually cost per thousand impressions (CPTI) styles or feature models that can be expensive. Website ads are normally sponsored by businesses so they’re much cheaper!

You should do at least one test run to see what price advertisers offer before buying an amount that is within your budget. Test out different sites to make sure it works well for you!

Website sponsorships often include free marketing tools such as a business website, social media accounts, and pictures or videos of yourself using the products. This helps your clothes brand grow because people can connect you to the brands more easily.

Create a website

Now that you have your fashion show event planned, next is to start planning for the online presence of it! This can be done by creating an Instagram account linked to your event, setting up a Facebook page or business profile, and creating a web site or landing page dedicated to the event!

Having all of these accounts ready will help spread the word about your event and promote engagement, which are both key parts in marketing any type of product or service.

Get Facebook fans

fashion show marketing strategy

When you are trying to get more foot traffic into your fashion store, having a large audience is key! With that being said, how can you create an online shopping experience for people? By using social media!

Running a fashion show is a great way to connect with other shoppers, gain followers, and promote your brand. Having a giveaway or competition during the event is also a good idea.

By creating an event on Facebook, you will be able to include all of these features and much more! You can even use it as a way to showcase your products by including pictures and descriptions.

There are many ways to launch your event, but one of our best tips is to use promotional material to help get attention.

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