Generating Revenue Online

I will be talking more in-depth about how to start a business from this link here!
But for now, let’s talk about something much simpler – generating revenue.

Generate = pay for (Product or service)
Revenue = what you get paid after you spend time creating your product or offering your services

So, what are you waiting for? Start investing into projects that can generate income today!

I know it may feel overwhelming at times, but not too far into starting your career you will be asking yourself why didn’t I started earlier?

I implore you to do so soon! There is no reason why you should wait until you have retired to make money. You deserve this thing we call life, and you deserve to live it comfortably.

Starting a business isn’t as difficult as some might make it seem; however, doing it without any planning is never the best idea.

Planning ahead of time will give you an edge over others who aren’t prepped properly. It will also help you stay motivated as you grow.

There are many ways to begin generating revenues, and I will go through a few here. These won’t be the only types of businesses out there, but they are good foundations to build upon!

Many successful entrepreneurs began with one of these before moving onto another type of business.

My website is doing well

im generating revenue

A few months ago, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I spent most of my time studying and working, but I always felt like there were things I needed to get done later that would keep me from focusing on something new.

I constantly had one goal on my mind – to make as much money as possible so that I could live the rest of my life in luxury. It wasn’t because I wanted more materialistic things, it was because I thought that if I didn’t work hard now, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor in future.

My dream was to own a house by the beach where my kids can grow up and watch the surfers ride in on their motorcycles every morning. But I never imagined I’d find myself living that lifestyle earlier than expected!

It all changed when I made the decision to give up my job and launch my business full-time. Suddenly, I had more free time which allowed me to focus on other things I want to pursue later in life.

By giving up my salary, I learned how to manage my money better and paid off lots of debts. At the same time, I discovered the importance of family and friendship outside of money.

Since launching my site, I have been able to pay for our monthly bills and save enough money to buy a car within the next year.

I am expanding my business

im generating revenue

As mentioned earlier, I have expanded my team to include an editor, social media manager, and content creator here on TAWB. My editor works with me directly by editing our own blogs as well as those of other brands we create content for.

My social media manager handles all of your social media accounts (this includes creating new ones you might have) and manages all engagements. This means responding to comments, likes, and shares etc.

I handle writing and developing my own blog content as well as finding creative inspiration and incorporating it into engaging posts.

I am trying to sell my products

im generating revenue

A few months ago, I did not have many sales or followers on my social media accounts. I barely had any income, with very little revenue coming in. But today, I almost always have something to show for myself.

I started creating content about two years ago. At first, it was just blogs, then YouTube videos, and now I do both. Since starting this journey, I have improved my writing, marketing skills, and business sense.

Now that I have invested into these tools, I feel like I should be making more money than I actually are!

It is tough being motivated to create content when you don’t believe anyone will want your services. It takes time to build up confidence in yourself as an artist. But if you are really committed to growing as a person and entrepreneur, I think you will find what you are looking for eventually.

I am launching a new product

im generating revenue

Over the past few months, I have been working on my first ever business — ReGenerate Health. My goal with this company is to help you or me develop our own personal re-tooling process for health and wellness.

I’ve coined this process ReGeneration because it works by giving you back your life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It revs up your metabolism, boosts immunity, restores balance to other areas of your life, and helps you feel better about yourself.

By investing in your health, you invest in happiness and success. You become more productive at work, and you’re happier at home. Your mental state impacts everything else about your life, so making changes that are positive will create momentum and keep you moving forward.

It takes time to see results from nutrition and lifestyle shifts, which is another reason why this system is ideal as a launch pad for someone who wants to improve their overall health.

With every purchase through my website, you support my mission to spread awareness and educate people on how they can achieve optimal health. Plus, I only market products that I use myself, and that I would recommend to anyone.

Immediately after buying ReGenerate Health, you will receive an email confirmation along with easy instructions for how to begin using the program.

I am more focused on generating revenue

im generating revenue

As mentioned before, being obsessed with making money is not a good thing. It can easily become the driving force in your life, to the exclusion of other things.

I will be straightforward – this has cost me at times. I would spend hours brainstorming ways to make money, or I’d spent half the day trying to write an article like this one that may or may not have made enough profit to pay for my lunch.

That was until I realized what was really bringing me down — I was spending too much time thinking about how to make money.

Making money is great, but I want to enjoy my life while I’m doing it. Money is just a means to an end, and I wanted to know if there was something beyond money I could live my life on.

What I’ve learned since then is you don’t need to focus only on making money to feel successful. You can also care about giving back to others, investing in yourself, and living a meaningful life.

I am providing better service

im generating revenue

It is very important to differentiate between doing business with the right people and being a good seller. Having a large customer base and offering great services are both integral parts of running your selling business, but only if they match what you want to achieve as an entrepreneur.

I would like to talk about how I have rebranded my service and why it is so important to do this. My company’s new name is AWeber – The Best Email Marketing Service For Businesses.

My old service was KlearStance – which doesn’t really tell anyone anything except that I used to offer email marketing software before switching to AWeber. Now that I have transitioned into another product line, I feel compelled to give a more in-depth explanation.

What makes me different from other email marketing systems out there isn’t just my software, it’s my support. I will always go above and beyond to ensure that my customers are happy. I keep close tabs on what they are looking for and try to provide solutions for every one of their questions, even the difficult ones!

By supporting my clients and giving them the attention they need, I have been able to maintain my top position as one of the most popular email marketing providers.

I am offering more incentives

im generating revenue

As mentioned earlier, you do not need a business license to offer your services online. There are however some limitations to running an unlicensed business. One of these is that you will have to use PayPal as a payment option- this can be limiting if you want to accept credit cards.

Another limitation is having regulatory compliance in place. This includes things such as being licensed or registered with the police, state departments, etc. And lastly, there’s the cost of buying a business license.

I am offering a lower price

im generating revenue

Recently, I reduced my prices by about 10% for one of my most popular products! This product is an advanced system that teaches you how to build a business website from scratch with no experience needed. It’s super-easy to use and anyone can pick up right away where I left off.

I have generated over $15,000 in sales since launching this product back in May. While it took me around 30 days to reach that revenue, I now generate close to $4,000 per month (more than ever before)!

This isn’t a quick money maker process like many other systems out there. But I promise you, it will pay dividends. I cover everything from what to include in your site content, SEO basics, responsive design, etc. All of this is very important to achieving success with your website.

It’s also way cheaper than some of the ‘pro’ software packages. Pro pricing starts at $497 which is more than double the cost of mine. Even if you were to buy all of the add-on features, which you don’t get with my system, this would still be a much better deal.

About The Author

Tiara Ogabang
Tiara Joan Ogabang is a talented content writer and marketing expert, currently working for the innovative company With a passion for writing and a keen eye for detail, Tiara has quickly become an integral part of the team, helping to drive engagement and build brand awareness through her creative and engaging content.
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