Getting Started With SEO

Web hosting

Your website needs an internet host or web provider. This is where you can upload your content, such as pages, images, video, and other files that will display on the browser of each user who visits your site.

You may also have an existing host, but if not, then this could be a new experience for you. Most likely you will be required to register with their host, giving them permission to put up websites in your name.

There are many different types of hosts, with some being free and others costing money. The price includes tools that allow you to customize the look of your site.

Hosts offer various capabilities and programs to make building sites easy. At the very least, they provide storage for all your material.

Website design

Even if you have no idea what to write about, your website needs to look good. Your writing should be easy to understand and appeal to the reader.

Your business or brand name also has to be recognizable. You want people to associate quality with your company, and a beautiful website is one way to do that.

The second part of your online presence is social media. These days, it’s almost impossible to get noticed in this world while still offering low quality content.

Websites are pretty intuitive; they use code which can be difficult for some people to read, but there are many screen readers available which make things easier for them. Content such as photos, videos, and animations add flair to your page and help users visualize what it would feel like to visit your place.

These are all great ways to connect with your audience and create an atmosphere of trust and reliability. People spend lots of time researching companies and businesses on the internet, so keep their experience safe by having a professional looking web site.

Search engine optimization

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More and more people are turning to the internet for information, marketing products and services, doing research, and finding new things to enjoy in their daily lives. As with any tool or medium, it’s important that you learn how to use it to get the most out of your effort.

That includes writing quality posts, tags, and links to other websites (that is, if you intend to boost your website’s rankings). It also means providing helpful and informative content that inspires confidence and trust.

All of these factors help to build a strong connection between readers and your article. Having said that, we do have to take into account what will improve the ranking of our page.

Search engines like Google and others use complex algorithms to evaluate each site linked above a set threshold and produce results that are ranked according to overall value.

These days, top search engines such as Google track major online trends in order to provide better keyword searches and external web analytics applications can tell you very accurate data about your audience and its trending preferences.

Pay-per-click advertising

Probably the most common form of pay-per-click marketing is Google AdWords. With this ad campaign, you can create specific ads that will attract your target audience and then show them for only a few cents each day.

But what makes Google Ads so effective are their quality scores. These criteria determine how likely someone is to click on your ad when they see it.

Google takes into account several factors in placing an advertisement, including the type of device users are viewing the page from, whether or not the user has already seen that particular ad, etc. You can even set budget limits, which helps you control how much you spend on clicks.

Social media presence

In this age of technology, there are thousands of social networking sites. If you’re not already active on at least one, now is the time to join them. Your business should be too.

Whether it’s sharing information with your existing customers, or keeping in touch with people who work for you, or even expanding into new markets, today’s consumers expect companies to have an online presence.

More and more businesses are turning to their favorite social networks to promote products and services. Research shows that having a large number of fans on Facebook can help attract new clients.

That’s why it’s so important to start using these tools early. Before late morning, you’ll have lots of friends and fans waiting to hear what you have to say.

And don’t worry about how good you are at making posts– others will do that for you. Focus on putting out quality content that makes sense and sounds interesting.

Then try reaching out directly to other people and brands to connect with them. And when it comes time to create your own brand, make sure those connections serve as the foundation for your identity.

Email marketing

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Even if you have no web site, or even if you don’t advertise, still emailing your list is important. People who subscribe to your emails are more likely to read them than those who do not subscribe them.

Moreover, once they subscribe, they are much less likely to drop out of sight or spam your messages.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, people who opt in order to receive promotional materials (compared to those that simply observe) usually know exactly what you offer and want it at this moment.

Furthermore, promoting your content via social media is crucial, but before we get into that, let’s discuss how to put together an effective email marketing campaign.

An obvious step here will be to choose a product or service that matches their interest. Who wouldn’t want to buy soap from a company after reading a description about their trip down the mountain?

That said, when drafting your message, keep in mind you need to convince readers to open their inboxes so you can send them something.

Provide instant benefits, only mention costs below the signature line. Summary points make peoples’ minds form opinions which they then use to determine whether or not to proceed with a purchase.

Let them think about it for just a second... Then ask if they still wish to go through with it. A lot of times, people may backout because they decided they didn’t want to commit resources

Mobile marketing

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More than 50% of all web traffic is from mobile devices, so it’s important to have a way to communicate with your fans on their end.

Facebook makes it easy for you to update your page with new posts without paying for advertising; Twitter allows you to send out messages directly to your audience.

The most popular method of mobile communication is texting. It’s cheap, fast, and interactive. You can use these texts as engaging content to attract followers and promote brands.

Video promotion

Google recently announced that they will be promoting videos more heavily in their search results. YouTube is also doing something called “promoted posts” where companies pay to have their content promoted next to video searches. All of this contributes to what we call ‘video altocum’ – individual short videos that are all about the same topic, produced extremely well, with professional (and often funny) soundtracks.

These types of videos can do very well for you if you're focused on the subject matter and visitors from trending topics. The issue is how to compete with these highly optimized videos?

How can your website promote itself through independent videos that exist outside of people finding them via search?

The answer is by creating original, engaging videos that get noticed, both free and paid. People need to trust your brand and understand who you are before they begin paying attention to the words that come out of your mouth or videos that show up on your screen.

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