Google Marketing Strategy 2020

A rising tide lifts all boats, right? Well, not always. In fact, in some industries, with some competitors, a falling boat can make it so that no one has a boat at all!

In this article, we will talk about how to effectively use digital marketing strategies in the year 2020 and what changes may arise as technology advances.

We will also discuss some of the trends that are shaping the way people search for information and buy products online, along with some recommendations on ways to optimize your business model using these trends.

This article will focus mostly on practical applications and insights that you can implement into your own business now or in the future. We will go over some hard lessons learned from past shifts and technologies.

Improve your website

google marketing strategy 2020

One of the most important things you can do to improve your online presence is to take good care of your website. Make sure it contains quality content that attracts people, interactive features, and of course, an easy navigation menu.

You don’t want to make users struggle to find what they are looking for so try organizing your pages logically and clearly. Your site should also be mobile-friendly as more and more people are now living their lives from anywhere thanks to technology!

Your website isn’t just a place to put up information, it’s part of your brand identity and one very powerful way to project this identity is by using rich media such as pictures and videos. Use these media effectively by creating interesting content focused on gathering attention and then optimizing the settings for them.

Google loves rich media so chances are your images will get optimized automatically if you use software like Adobe Photoshop or other similar applications. It’s best to only edit photos in a professional setting though to avoid wasting time on poorly done edits.


google marketing strategy 2020

In this era of digital media, it is easy to get distracted by all the ways you can connect with people and promote your company or product. While marketing via social media channels like Instagram and Facebook is important, traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads and billboards are still valuable.

When doing an ad campaign, there’s usually a budget determined depending on the size of the advertisement, if it has supporting materials (like flyers or brochures), and how much time you have to spend promoting the product before the next phase begins.

Finding efficient ways to improve your advertisements while sticking to the budget is an art form in itself. Luckily, there are several strategies that can be incorporated into your promotional process to maximize effectiveness.

One of these strategies is ensuring that your online presence is well-optimized for search engines. By creating content that attracts attention and is interesting, you increase your chances of being seen by more people. This is particularly true now, when most people look up information through their phones or laptops rather than desktop computers or televisions.

By having higher rankings in both direct and indirect searches, potential customers will find you! There are many different types of optimization, but one of the most effective is optimizing your website for use on mobile devices. More and more people are choosing to access the internet using their phone or tablet instead of computer, so making sure your site looks good on all screen sizes is essential.

Create content

google marketing strategy 2020

A well-rounded social media marketing strategy does not rely exclusively on posting updates, engaging in conversations, and creating content for others to share, but instead creates your own content to distribute through your channels.

This is an important part of any social media marketing campaign because you will be producing quality content consistently to use up all the bandwidth available to advertise for your business.

Your followers and potential customers will notice when you are not sharing anything related to your industry or they may see you as inactive or uninterested in what it is that your company offers.

By having your own unique content, people will look at you more actively and potentially do business with you. They will want to connect with you and read what you have to say!

Google loves high quality content so start writing about things that matter to you and create your voice online where everyone can access you. You can even write about things that relate to your job field or hobbies.

Distribute content

A well-rounded social media marketing strategy does not begin with creating accounts, but instead focusing on producing engaging content to distribute across your various platforms.

Your followers and potential customers will find you online, so it is important to put in effort into developing your presence through the different mediums of social networking sites, forums, blogs, and advertisements.

By distributing content consistently, people will recognize your business and gain more exposure. Content can be anything from an interesting article or series of articles, an interview, a review, or even videos!

Running a successful social media campaign doesn’t only include posting material, but also responding to comments, messages, and questions related to your business. You want to make sure that everything about your company is clear and understood so that others may connect with you.

The more connected you are to your community, the better chance you have at achieving your goal of increasing sales.

Create a blog

google marketing strategy 2020

Starting your marketing campaign with a good old-fashioned blog is one of the best ways to go about it. A well-written, focused blog that contributes something valuable can create large growth for your business.

A lot of businesses begin adding content to their website or buying advertising space before determining what kind of content they want to write about and how.

You will need to determine this first! Before you start writing about anything related to your business, make sure you have covered all the basics – such as whether you’re offering services or products, who your target market is, and what makes your product or service different from those already available.

Once you have determined these things, you can start brainstorming potential topics and timing them appropriately.

Timing is important because people are online at various times throughout the day, so if you don’t take time to establish yourself as an authoritative source, no one will trust your knowledge or expertise.

Connect with your audience

google marketing strategy 2020

A well-known strategist once said that you cannot influence people unless you connect with them. This is true in business, and it’s especially important when talking about something as powerful as marketing.

Your success will depend heavily on how well you connect with the people who use your services or products. The better you are at connecting with others, the greater chance you have of succeeding.

That doesn’t mean being all talk and no action, but instead using communication tools to actively listen and work towards a common goal.

By doing this, you’ll win over many loyal followers who feel appreciated and wanted. These people will keep coming back because they perceive you care about them, not just what you can get from them.

There’s a reason why people refer to marketers as ‘social workers’ – we know how to use social media to build relationships. And when you’re able to relate to your customers, they’ll reward you by sharing your product or service.

Do viral videos

google marketing strategy 2020

More and more marketers are relying on using engaging, entertaining, and infectious content to spread their brand message. This is an excellent strategy if you can create content your audience will enjoy!

There’s a growing trend in marketing called virality. Viral content doesn’t necessarily mean something funny or clever; it can be anything that spreads like wildfire.

Making memes and gifs of things (like cats) has become popular because they go “viral” quickly. People share them, talk about them, and get lots of comments and likes.

Viruses also occur when someone else creates content people love and you re-share it, spreading your name for doing so.

Some types of content are naturally more likely to go viral than others.

Distribute advertisements

google marketing strategy 2020

A third option is to create and distribute advertisements yourself or through an advertising agency or firm. This can be done via creating and distributing content, posting ads on social media, placing advertisements with websites, sending emails with advertisement content, and many more.

Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people may feel that writing a short article about a product is enough, but this isn’t effective unless it is marketed properly.

Businesses will spend money to get new customers, so why not help them promote their products and services? Creating your own content is a cost-effective way to do this.

There are several ways to make money online by producing your own content. You could write about things you know well and earn royalties for your work, you could produce videos and direct sales for your business, or you could start streaming and offering paid lessons to other individuals or businesses. The choice really depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you have to invest in each one.

But before you begin spending any of your hard-earned cash, there are two key factors to consider. First, ensure your content is relevant and does not contain plagiarized material. Second, find a balance between investing in expensive tools and resources and staying within budget. Only invest in those that are necessary if no affordable alternatives exist.

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