Google Marketing Strategy Case Study

Creating a persuasive argument is something that most people are very familiar with. It’s when you want someone to do something, they need to feel like there is enough reason for them to make the decision. You can look at it as buying a product or giving your colleague their deserved praise.

By explaining why what you have offered makes sense, you increase your chances of success. This article will talk about how digital marketing companies use this principle in their business strategies.

It's important to note that not every company uses this principle in their advertising, so it is best to be aware of this before trying to replicate theirs. What works for them may not work for you!

Google is one of the biggest brands in the world. They know how to advertise, and we as consumers are quite accustomed to seeing their ads everywhere. That is why this case study will focus on their advertising techniques and ways to implement some of yours.

Understanding the Google marketing strategy

google marketing strategy case study

As mentioned before, there are two main components of the Google advertising engine. These are targeted advertisements and the analytics software that monitors how well these ads perform.

The advertisements in this engine are what people may refer to as ‘sponsored links’ or ‘affiliate links’. An affiliate link is when someone creates an advertisement (or sponsored link) for a product or service – usually for a company you already know or have done business with. The advertiser pay an agreed fee per click on their ad, which is converted into revenue for the person who owns the website where the advert appears.

This article will not go into detail about why or how this works, but I would recommend doing some research onto it if you are ever interested in making money through online advertising.

Creating a digital marketing strategy based on your business

google marketing strategy case study

As mentioned earlier, you will want to make sure that your online presence is geared towards promoting your business. This means creating content that focuses on your product or service, but also includes products and services like yours.

Your website should include an about page with information about you and your company, as well as contact info. You can also add testimonials and videos of yourself talking about your business!

You can also design your site using templates that are designed to appeal to people who visit your site looking for similar businesses.

Finally, use social media tools to promote your business and spread word of mouth advertising. People are sharing online pictures and comments about your business, so take advantage of this by replying to them and commenting where others have done before.

Organization is important in marketing

google marketing strategy case study

As we have discussed, your business does not exist without people knowing about it, nor will you earn any money without creating products or offering services that people are willing to pay for.

So how do you gain their attention? How do you get them to choose your business over the others? This is where organization comes into play.

Organization is the process of establishing structures within which to operate. For example, most companies have an executive team made up of individuals who work under a chief executive officer (CEO). The CEO manages day-to-day operations, making decisions and executing strategies set by the senior management team and the board of directors.

The board of directors makes strategic decisions such as what markets to enter, what businesses to buy or merge with, and whether to launch new brands or abandon ones. They also hold regular meetings at which the executives discuss current projects and issues.

A company’s senior leadership team typically includes the president, vice presidents, corporate chiefs, area managers, and other key positions like treasurer and secretary. These individuals coordinate internal processes, project plans, and messages.

They make sure everyone has access to the same information and sets appropriate priorities. Their influence often determines a department’s success or failure.

Develop a website

google marketing strategy case study

A well-developed marketing strategy begins with creating an easy to access, informative, and persuasive website. Yours can be any type of business – it does not have to be for online shopping!

Your site should tell your potential clients who you are, what you do, and how you help them. You can even include pictures and videos to enhance the experience for your visitors.

It is important to note that while having content and images is great, being overbearing is not. Too much content may turn off users who do not want to read about your business for hours on end.

On the other hand, if your audience wants more information, they will come back later. People spend lots of money online so there’s a wealth of resources available to those who provide good services.

But before you start spending large sums of cash, make sure you have proof that you know what you're doing! Hiring a professional company to take care of all of this work can save you a lot of time and energy.

Create a blog

google marketing strategy case study

A well-crafted, consistently updated website is a great way to boost your online presence and generate additional business for your company. With the right amount of investment, your website can function as an interactive billboard that features content people are seeking and advertisements you create for yourself.

By creating a consistent level of quality content, you will attract new readers who want to read what you have to say. You can then use these readers to direct them to the next stage in your marketing strategy by linking out to other relevant pages or products.

Your success does not end once the article has been read. Use various media platforms to update your followers on all things related to your field. This includes posting pictures of yourself working with clients, sharing announcements and events, and linking to other sites where you do work.

Gain social media presence

google marketing strategy case study

A well-designed website with rich content will always win over an interesting flash page or even no webpage at all! But creating that engaging content can be a challenge once you have run out of ideas.

That is why it is important to use marketing tools like free blogging platforms, video creation software, and audience analysis apps to help you find your authentic self and then enhance your skills from there.

By using these tools, you will also get more inspiration for content as they provide easy ways to add pictures and videos to give your posts flavor.

Social networking sites are another way to boost your online presence. By investing in paid accounts on some of the most popular ones (like Facebook and Twitter) you can increase your SEO (search engine optimization), brand recognition, and reach.

Google Advertising is one of the best ways to launch a new business venture or rebranding project. With their constant algorithm changes, advanced features, and vast resources, it is impossible to not do business with them.

The trick is to figure out what services are needed and which ones are cost effective depending on your budget. They both offer powerful solutions for different budgets so pick whichever level you fall under and focus on growing within that.

Create engaging videos

google marketing strategy case study

A well-crafted video can be a powerful way to promote your business or product. It is not necessary to have a huge budget to create interesting, entertaining, and educational videos that stick.

You can use your own voice as an instrument and develop your writing skills by recording yourself talking about products and services. Or you can hire someone to do it for you!

Google offers free tools to make sure your content does not look “boring” or “measured” when embedded in a YouTube video. They also offer some basic editing features and direct monetization through their paid platform.

There are many ways to utilize this medium to spread key messages about your company and products. Creating a video advertisement, answering questions related to your field, holding a talk show – all of these require filming and editing.

The most important thing to remember when producing your videos is to be authentic and informational. Your viewers will quickly pick up on any patterns or tricks used during the production process or ideas for things your business can provide.

After filming your video, now is the time to edit. Take your time to fix minor issues and add effects where needed until you feel the video is ready to hit a channel.

Some software available free or cheap allows you to test out your edited video first before investing in the pro version. There are several sites that allow you to upload and test your video easily.

Distribute marketing materials

google marketing strategy case study

A well-rounded digital marketer will have distribution strategies in place for different media, such as social media sites, email newsletters, blogs, etc.

As mentioned before, staying relevant is an ongoing process that requires constant investment. But don’t worry about spending money at this stage – you can get great quality material online free of cost! There are plenty of websites with vast amounts of content you could use to promote your business or inspire others.

There are many ways to distribute your company’s latest news through various channels, but one of our favorites is via blog posts. Writing new articles is a great way to generate interest in your products and services. Not only does it provide informative value to your readers, but it also gives your website some exposure (more traffic = more opportunities to make sales).

What we like about writing short, easy-to-read pieces is that they help them retain their focus on what they want to achieve with their site.

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