Guerlain and Mnstr Shake up Marketing Landscape with Generative AI Campaign

Hello, all you marketing connoisseurs! Buckle up and get ready for a blend of luxury, creativity, and groundbreaking technology in the world of marketing and advertising.

Enter Maison Guerlain – a nearly 200-year-old French luxury house – who in collaboration with the Paris-based creative agency Mnstr, are redefining the marketing landscape by implementing generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their campaigns.

They recently launched a short film to celebrate their iconic Flacon aux Abeilles fragrance, illustrating the history of the renowned Bee Bottle and forecasting its bright future. The film titled, “Born in 1853. Made for the future” premiered on June 12 and has been turning heads across the spectrum.

It uses AI-powered art to present a series of Bee Bottle-inspired images that evolve with the shifting valley-aesthetic, common in AI art. Paris witnessed the immersive experience first-hand at the Vivatech trade fair in June. This ingenious effort is the result of a unique relationship between Guerlain and Mnstr. Instead of responding to creative briefs, the duo embarks on a daring quest for innovative concepts.

Mnstr's deputy managing director, Simon Méchali, sheds light on their co-creation process, stating, "When we have an idea, we're going to pick up the phone and say, 'We have a good idea, we need to pitch it to you." The incorporation of generative AI in making the film was one such pitch.

Training the AI model on Guerlai took numerous weeks. The process involved feeding aesthetic references and prompts to AI technologies from independent studio Bonjour Interactive Lab, who were trained on Guerlain’s archives.

AI's role was seen as a creative ally, and not as a tool rendering human input obsolete mentions Martin Friedrich, strategic planner at Mnstr. As a result, the Mnstr team curated principles to guide the usage of AI: Every image had to be a fusion of human and AI creativity, they should collectively enhance the artistic process, and the distinctiveness of generative art must be preserved.

This twisting turn of events may make you question: where does fit into this evolving digital marketing landscape?

Well, at, we're all about embracing change and integrating that into our growth strategies. We understand that leveraging AI, like Guerlain and Mnstr, can transform your marketing process and elevate your brand image. And we're here to make it happen. can help you implement AI-driven strategies that enhance your marketing efforts and augment your brand's visibility, all within the convenience of a user-friendly interface. The platform automates keyword discovery, aids in quickly generating unique content, and increases your customer engagement, ultimately freeing up more time for you to focus on your core business priorities.

As we venture into the future, it’s clear that marketing tactics will be more keenly interwoven with AI technologies. The only question is, are you ready? With by your side, you certainly will be.

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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