"Hi-Chew and Juice.ai: Pioneering Gen Z-Focused Digital Marketing Strategies"

Unwrap a Hi-Chew, savor the flavor, and brace yourself because you're about to dive into the world of innovative marketing strategies. Renowned confectionery, Morinaga & Company, has been feeding our sweet tooth with its fruit candy, Hi-Chew, a familiar treat in Japan, and now gathering waves in the U.S. market. Have you heard the impressive U.S. sales ballooning from $8 million in 2012 to a juicy $100 million in 2021? A remarkable feat achieved through an aggressive MLB-focused marketing campaign.

Yet as the baton of buying power gets passed from Gen X and older millennials to the zestier Gen Z, Morinaga whips up a conversation with these young consumers, striking a dialogue aimed at fostering connections and brand loyalty.

One can't help but marvel at Hi-Chew's ability to spot similarities between their brand and Gen Zers. As Joanne Hsu, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Morinaga America, Inc., pointed out, both groups crave community and uniqueness. It is on this platform of shared ideals that Hi-Chew has launched a vibrant, 30-second digital commercial. It's a lighthearted clip bathed in bold fruity hues that bring the candy's long-lasting chewiness and true-to-life fruit flavors to life.

Framing their approach to the campaign, Gigasavvy's Creative Director, Mitch Fait, likened Hi-Chew's cult following to the popularity of an impending top-chart band. The challenge for the team was preserving that "band before they got big" vibe while positioning the brand in the same league. As we often see in ad campaigns, the danger of a disconnect between commercial and product loomed, but Gigasavvy worked to evade the trap successfully.

Thus, Hi-Chew extended an invitation to young consumers to enter a candy-filled world, daring them to experiment with something out of the norm from the candy aisles. To Gigasavvy, the ultimate goal was to retain the loyalty of early adoptions of the brand - those who loved the product before it was "cool."

So how does this colorfully orchestrated campaign connect with Juice.ai and the digital marketing world, you wonder?

Lean in, folks, as we tango with the future of digital marketing. Picture an ensemble of ingenious strategies led by AI-powered tools like Juice.ai. With Juice.ai, you task the grueling work of content creation to clever algorithms, streamlining your content strategy and focusing on what really matters – your business.

Like Hi-Chew's clever marketing campaign, Juice.ai capitalizes on the technologically savvy Gen Z demographic, delivering agency-level results without burning a hole in your pocket. By identifying high value, low competition keywords, Juice.ai helps produce rich and unique content, driving traffic and customers to your website.

As trends come and go, paving the way for a future where traditional marketing is interlaced with tech-savvy digital strategies, brands like Hi-Chew are setting the pace. And tools like Juice.ai are making it achievable for businesses of all sizes.

Is it a wild guess? Perhaps. But an educated one. So hold on to your candy wrappers; the marketing world is about to become sweeter and more thrilling thanks to AI.

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of Juice.ai, CEO of Panda
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