How Are Blogs Used For Marketing?

A closer look at what makes a good marketing blogger includes understanding how blogs fit into the wider spectrum of marketing strategies. Many brands use blogs as a way to engage with their audience, create an online presence, find new opportunities, learn more about marketing, and grow their business or career.

Blogs are simply websites that have content written dynamically by someone else. You can become a writer for free on blogging platforms like WordPress or Tumblr, then market your writing skills by offering it for payment or revenue via YourBrandNameYourService (YBNS) sites or other types of businesses.

Marketing through a medium such as social media may lead to engagement or conversations that result in sales, while a well-written article or press release is used to spread the word about your product or service. Some people advertise products by writing articles and posting them on blogs and forums, called linkbaiting.

The goal of all these tactics is to generate attention for your product or service so that people will want to interact with you or buy from you. Most people call this advertising.

Heart-to-heart talk about blog advertising

how are blogs used for marketing

When it comes down to it, most people start thinking about giving up blogging because they think that it is not working as well as it was when they first started.

Blogging has gone through some changes in how advertisers use it, but one of the main things that have changed are the types of blogs that exist.

There are two very different sorts of blogs that people make during the process of marketing via blogs.

One type is what we call a business or sales related blog. These are typically focused on providing tips and tricks to improve your product or service or promoting them by telling stories about yourself or others who used them.

The other kind of blog is more personal. They can be funny or weird, but they focus mostly on sharing experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Many bloggers will mix both types into one article or even event style posts, but it is important to know which ones are targeted towards marketing and what sort of content you should expect to see.

Who is your audience?

how are blogs used for marketing

A few years ago, people would have said that blogging was only useful as an online business tool or to generate more traffic to your site and sales. Thankfully, this perception has changed, and now there are many ways that blogs can be used for marketing.

Blogs can help you market your product or service by creating an engaging writing style and experimenting with different content types (e.g., article, list, diary). You will find it hard to run out of ideas when you start producing content.

Your readers will quickly learn about you and what products and services you offer, which helps in building trust. This also creates opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field and establish yourself as an expert.

Furthermore, studies show that 94% of all web activity happens on just 5% of websites so having a well-managed website is important for boosting exposure and engagement.

Creating a blog topic guide

how are blogs used for marketing

A good way to begin marketing via a new medium like blogging is to create your own little blog. This can be done through any number of free or paid sites that offer you an easy-to-use platform to start writing and posting content.

Most online platforms have something called an About Us page where you can include links to yourself, your company, products and services, and anything related to you as a person. You can use this space to tell your audience more about yourself and what you hope to get out of blogging. It will also help promote your website and brand.

Your personal story can now be told! Tell people why you started blogging and what inspired you to become a writer. Hopefully, your readers will feel motivated by your passion and desire to share it with the world. Your potential audience may even find you relatable because of how similar they are to you.

Interrelated to this, you should include a link to your website so people can check you out directly. Make sure to update your site URL as well as your About Me section frequently to keep them up to date and honest.

Creating engaging content

how are blogs used for marketing

A well-crafted article or story is always more effective than just about any type of advertising you can produce. When writing your own material, try to use stories to help convey your message.

A good narrative flow accompanied by solid messages will keep your readers’ attention longer!

Writing an article takes time, so don't rush it. Take your time to make sure each sentence adds value to what you're trying to say.

Your word choice and style matter too! Make sure they're consistent and clear.

When possible, link directly to products or services mentioned in your article to enhance credibility.

With all that said, let's look at some ways to create engaging content to get people moving and interacting.

Start with asking yourself what you want to tell others then find the best way to tell them that. Be honest and straightforward with your messages.

Blogs are a great medium to do this because you can include links and pictures!

Making changes to how you present yourself is a powerful way to strengthen your image as someone who cares about improving his/her life.

Linking your blog with other platforms

Another way to use your blogging platform as part of your marketing strategy is by linking it to other sites and services. This is an easy way to create new blogs, increase traffic to existing ones, and spread your brand’s message across various mediums.

Linked-up blogs are not advertisements or promotional materials; they're in-depth reports or studies that you wrote about making a product or service seem more attractive. For example, if someone was reading Your Money – Week After Week, a linked-from site may feature a banner advert for GE appliances!

The person who made the referral received a mention and link back to their website. It's a win-win for both parties. And when it comes to ROI (return on investment), it makes sense to add links to reputable websites using your expertise as a buyer. By creating free inbound links, you'll earn prestige from the web community and improve your SEO.

Distinctive style

how are blogs used for marketing

A distinctive style is an integral part of using blogs to do marketing. You can use bold colors, italics, large fonts, and other graphical elements to make your blog stand out from the rest.

This is especially helpful if you want people to recognize your blog as being quality content. If your readers find your style boring or uninteresting, they will not contribute to help promote your blog!

Your style should be consistent across all areas of your blog- including headers, paragraphs, sidebar contents, and main article content. Make sure everything looks similar and flow well together.

Also, remember that it is okay to mix and match styles within your own unique flair. This helps take away some intimidation may feel from coming into blogging new.

Blogs with great marketing features include creating engaging articles, promoting products via sale links or at least plain old product advertisements, and offering valuable information to your followers.

Making yourself available to answer questions gives your audience more exposure than just writing a few words about something. Doing this keeps your followers connected to you!

Market your business through adding profile pictures, linking accounts to show off your skills, and growing your follower base.

Social media

how are blogs used for marketing

A lot of people use blogs as a way to advertise. They create an online diary or journal where they can promote their products and services. By having other people read about how much they love something, spread word-of-mouth marketing.

Blogs are very interactive. You get to see what things your reader likes and doesn’t like. This is valuable information!

People trust reading what others have to say. So if you are trying to gather new knowledge or tips, start writing a blog and sharing it with the world!

There are many ways to make money blogging. Most bloggers begin publishing content in order to gain exposure and then monetize that exposure by creating advertising spaces on their site or through sponsored posts.

But first, you must learn how to market yourself and your product/service. Read our article here on some easy ways to boost your website traffic and sales.

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