How Can BMW Improve Its Marketing Strategy?

As consumers become more conscious about how much sugar they are consuming, food companies have to find new ways to appeal to them.

With the rise of the health movement, people are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that too many additives in our diets can have on us. This has prompted some changes in what foods we like and which ones we avoid.

For example, while years ago most people would choose chocolate over broccoli, now there is a trend towards healthier choices. More and more individuals and businesses are rejecting processed junk foods and instead choosing natural products or at least less harmful alternatives.

In fact, according to an article from Healthline, one third of all Americans’ daily calories come directly from added sugars. That equals about 1,500–2,000 extra calories per person!

This isn’t good for your overall health, especially if you are already overweight or obese. Advertisements seem to be catering more to this health movement with messages telling us not only what types of foods are bad but also what kinds of drinks are unnecessary and possibly even harmful.

There is no doubt that marketing influences our buying habits so it is important to know what types of strategies advertisers use and whether these are effective. Certain techniques may influence whether or not you will purchase a product, so it is worth knowing what they are.

BMW is one company that seems to be moving away from using traditional advertising methods.

Focus on customer service

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

As discussed earlier, marketing is an ever-evolving process that constantly shifts in emphasis depending on what messages work for your company and your customers. A lot of companies get stuck focusing only on how to market their product or services, but they forget about another key element: engaging with and satisfying your current customers!

This is especially important for long term businesses as it keeps people coming back. The more engaged you are with your community, the better your sales will be. And speaking from experience, I can tell you that word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business.

As mentioned before, personalization is king when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook. This means instead of using generic content to advertise your products, use pictures and videos that relate to your audience’s interests. Your followers will feel special if you pay attention to them and connect with them on a personal level.

Another way to focus on customer service is by offering frequent discounts and/or freebies via various channels. By giving away something valuable, other sellers may pick up some of your lost business due to your discount. Plus, this creates new opportunities to make a sale as well as promoting your brand name.

Personalize marketing

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

A company that is trying to reach its target audience as a whole will use general messages and advertisements that are not targeted towards individuals. Companies that personalized their advertising, however, by incorporating individual information such as likes and dislikes or even personal traits of the viewer become more relevant for your viewing experience.

This is particularly important in the era of the internet where people can access content at any time through different channels. With every advertisement an online platform has, they get paid to show you the ad!

BMW should focus more on educating potential customers about how their cars work instead of just telling them to check out a new model. They could also emphasize things like the safety features or efficient design so users know what to expect from their car.

Personalized marketing allows for greater effectiveness because it uses data to determine who gets the message and what messages resonate with whom.

Use social media

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

Social networking sites are a powerful tool for any business to use. They are not only way to connect with other people, but they also allow you to convey your message more clearly.

By creating an account on various networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you get the opportunity to tell your story and promote your company.

People use these websites to communicate so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? You can create profile pages that feature products or services from your company, hold conversations, send out direct messages, and spread your brand awareness.

BMW does a good job using social media to increase its marketing efforts. They have active accounts on all major platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

On their YouTube channel, they featured different cars and brands and what kind of marketing strategies they used. This is very interesting to watch if you are a car enthusiast or want to learn some tricks about vehicle advertising.

Overall, this article showed how important it is to use social media as part of your marketing strategy.

Distribute promotional materials

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

One of the biggest ways that large companies develop relationships with customers is by providing them with products and information to read or watch.

This is called marketing, and it’s what most people refer to when they talk about advertising. A lot of brands have made their name through effective marketing strategies, so there are lots of examples to look at.

But for every brand that does well because of its marketing, there are also a number that fail to make an impact because they do not advertise enough.

As we know, marketing isn’t cheap, which is why some businesses can’t afford to spend as much money as they would like on promotions. This is especially true for younger generations who don’t necessarily feel connected to established brands unless something dramatic happens.

That’s why I believe that older, more stable brands should try doing things such as publishing short articles on their website or sharing small snippets on social media sites.

Offer a deal

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

As mentioned before, offering a coupon or discount is one of the most effective ways to win new customers. Companies that have success with this strategy offer monthly rewards, annual rewards, or both!

Monthly rewards are great because they don’t cost much money and can be exchanged for just about anything you want from the company. Examples include getting products free or buying a larger size product than normal.

Annual rewards are also very popular as you get back what you invested in the service yearly. This could be purchasing more expensive merchandise, going up a level in reward program membership, or all of the above!

Both monthly and annual rewards are common marketing strategies that many companies use. Both seem pretty similar at first, but there is an important difference between them.

The key difference comes down to how the rewards are given out. With an annual reward, the rewards are typically only available once a year. That means if someone wanted the reward right now, they would have to pay extra for it.

With a monthly reward, however, the person gets access to the reward periodically throughout the month or even beyond depending on when the member purchases something from the company. This gives people more opportunity to grab the reward since it isn’t limited to a specific time frame like an annual gift card.

Encourage repeat customers

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

Repeat business is what keeps businesses thriving, which is why it’s so important to focus on creating loyal followers of your company.

By offering quality products that meet need, supporting your community through events and promotions, and keeping yourself accessible to your clients, you will foster trust and loyalty.

And while hard work, it can be done!

Business owners often underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. People are always sharing their experiences with brands they feel are reliable and trustworthy, and this will do wonders for your sales as well.

People who enjoy working with you will spread positive stories about your company, helping to promote both yours and theirs reputation.

BMW and The Art Of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

The way that people describe cars is very interesting. They use words like sturdy, dependable, solid, and powerful when talking about how well built something is.

But what if I told you that those same adjectives could be used to describe how much someone likes or loves a car?

Powerful = person who knows what they want and goes after it with confidence

Sturdy = strong and durable

Dependable = consistent in performance

Solid = never feels flimsy or lacking anything needed to perform its function

That would definitely apply to some vehicles!

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to market a product.

Appeal to consumers' values

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

As mentioned before, cars are an aspirational product. People look at car pictures and videos and stories about cars and then make decisions based on what kind of feel they get from those products.

If a vehicle doesn’t seem like it was built with care or passion, then people will give less of a “welcome” when they meet you in person!

Consumers want to buy into a narrative that a company is invested in creating value for themselves by producing quality goods. And marketing messages should emphasize how much effort goes into making each new model unique and desirable.

This way, potential buyers can associate the manufacturer not only with good quality, but also with integrity — something that big corporations often lack these days.

Be consistent

how can bmw improve its marketing strategy

Consistency is one of the most important things to be as a business owner or marketer. It’s what people are used to, which makes it easy for them to identify how you relate to others, and how you promote your products and services.

When was the last time you saw someone wearing an Adidas t-shirt? Or noticed someone eating McDonald's food again after mentioning it in a review? We're talking about consistency across different mediums — not just advertisements, but also social media posts, blogs, etc.

It's impossible to keep up with the ever changing marketing trends, so why try? Even though technology changes rapidly, staying within the same styles and patterns becomes boring for followers. This looks bad for your brand.

You will lose respect if you do not stay consistent. While progress should be made, it must remain logical and internalized. Your audience will get tired of seeing you switching up your style every week.

Consistency is a powerful tool that can boost your online presence and influence. Don't give up this element because you think there is no way to achieve it!

There are several ways to maintain consistency, from using catchy slogans to keeping regular communication channels open.

Start by picking one area of your life to focus on, and see how well you can manage it. Then move onto another part of your life, and repeat.

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