How Can Netflix Improve Their Marketing Strategy

As we all know, streaming services have become the new normal way to consume content. With companies like Amazon having an almost monopoly over that market space, it is more important than ever for other large corporations to find a way to adapt or perish.

Content creators are constantly being solicited by different streaming sites about ways to advertise on their platform. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are the most effective while also ensuring you will be seen before people stop viewing your show!

That’s where I come in. In this article I will go into detail on some of my favorite marketing strategies that work for Netflix and how you can use them to promote your show. If you want to see your show succeed, then these must-do’s are necessary so let’s get started!

Marketing Strategies For The Streaming World

The term “marketing” has slightly changed with technology, but there are still some universal rules applied to any form of advertising. These rules apply not only to TV commercials, but also to YouTube videos, blogs, and even Instagram stories.

General marketing tips include using social media to grow your audience, creating interesting content to attract watchers, and staying organized and consistent when promoting yourself and your show.

Luckily, many great resources exist online with information on everything from producing a podcast to making your first money off of YouTube.

Personalize marketing messages

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

A lot of things about how people use streaming services has shifted in recent years. People no longer watch an average of three episodes per show, but instead only watch one at a time!

This is bad for TV networks and advertising agencies that rely on batch watching to generate revenue. By having individuals pick and choose what shows they want to watch, advertisers are finding it harder to target specific demographics or get exposure for their products.

So how can companies deal with this? They need to find ways to personalize your stream by matching your viewing habits to products you like, offering tips and tricks for different shows, and even creating new accounts using information gathered from other sources.

Personalized television advertisements have become increasingly common as technology allows for ever more detailed data collection and analysis. This article will talk more about why and how this is important for marketers on Netflix, along with some strategies to implement.

Focus on customer service

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest issues that customers have with Netflix is their lack of communication. They feel like they’re constantly having to work harder to get answers about why something isn’t working or what features are available to them as an account holder.

If you pay for Netflix, then you should know how to use it!

Netflix has plenty of resources online where people upload content or create lists and recommendations, but beyond that, few understand how to fix any issue someone might be facing.

It would be very helpful if there were some kind of “Help” button somewhere on the app, but instead, you must go into the Help section within the Customer Support area of the site to find such a thing.

By going through this process, not only will you almost certainly find solutions to your problem, but you’ll also learn more about using Netflix and how to best navigate its services.

Offer promotional discounts

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, one of the most powerful ways to gain new subscribers is by offering promotional coupons or rewards for subscribing. Companies can offer special privileges such as free monthly subscriptions or a 1-month trial of their service.

By giving away free content, they are drawing attention to your brand and attracting new users. If you run a website that offers online services, you can easily give away some of those services to draw in more visitors. This also helps retain current customers, as people will feel extra incentivized to continue using the service!

You could even gather together all of these services and sell them as a package deal which would be much cheaper than buying individual accounts. This way you can make money while also bringing in new clients.

Companies have been doing this for years; it’s just not enough any more. People expect to pay nothing for something important to them, so offering lower price points doesn’t work as well.

But what if we gave you a truly absurdly low price point? One that was so ridiculous that anyone would look at you like you were crazy! What if we told you that there was a way to get access to ALL OF THE NETFLIX SERVICES FOR FREE!?

That’s right – you read that correctly. You get an incredible amount of entertainment for no cost whatsoever.

Reach out to their audience

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important things for any business is reaching out to your audience. This includes telling people about you, letting them know who you are and what you have, as well as offering services or products that match what they want.

Netflix does an excellent job of this! They make sure their audience knows who they are, what kind of content they provide, and how to use it. Plus, they let their users take control by offering all sorts of tips and tricks to enjoy their service.

By giving back to their community, they create an atmosphere where others feel comfortable coming in and exploring their product. This creates word-of-mouth marketing that can spread quickly.

Market research companies spend lots of time gathering data about consumers’ behaviors, but they never talk about another key piece of information – why people perform certain actions.

By asking yourself these questions, you will begin to understand some of the factors that motivate individuals to interact with brands, employers, or other groups.

Provide a website and app

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

As discussed earlier, adding a streaming service to your account is almost always through their website or mobile app. This could be via creating an account at or using the app that they provide you with a link to.

The reason this is important is because it gives people the ability to use the service without having to go out and buy or rent a device from another company. People can simply access the content you have by doing so!

This was already the case for several companies like Amazon Prime and Hulu but now it’s even more prevalent due to the ease of use.

By providing easy ways to connect to your services, others will naturally feel inclined to add you to theirs making it possible to make money passively off of their efforts.

Running a promotional campaign on social media or sending out emails to advertise the service is also something that most big companies do in order to increase exposure. These are usually done during times when people are actively looking for content or tips on how to watch content so it doesn’t cost too much extra.

Netflix has been around for quite some time now which allows them to spend money on advertising strategies such as TV commercials, billboards, and magazine ads. All of these work well for them since there are many ways to contact potential customers.

However, all of these things require money which may not be very readily available for startups and/or individuals who aren’t rich yet.

Distribute videos and content to other media outlets

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

As we mentioned before, one of the most important things that streaming services like Netflix can do is to distribute their content through other channels. This not only helps them grow their audience, but it also gives you an opportunity to spread the word about their service as well.

By creating and offering your own YouTube channel or by writing blogs about how great this app is, you give yourself a way to promote the service while sharing your knowledge and expertise. You get credit for helping build the company, and your followers gain access to your content which can be helpful in building their engagement with the site.

There are many ways to help promote Netflix via YouTube. Creating action-packed vlogs or “how to” videos related to the service is a good start. If you have experience using the app, upload footage showing off all of its features!

Running a contest or giving away free trial accounts is another way to bring in new users. By doing so, they will probably share the news about the giveaway online, spreading the word even more.

Develop a social media presence

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

Another way to increase engagement is creating a strong social media presence that attracts followers. If you are reading this, then it is evident that you enjoy watching TV shows and movies, so why not create an account for your favorite show or movie and let people know of all the cool things you watch!

By having a large following, your friends can find out about what you like and want to see, and you get exposure. People who look up to you as a person will most likely admire what you have to say and learn something new from you!

There are many ways to promote yourself on social media, such as posting pictures and videos of yourself doing activities related to your career, sharing reviews and tips about products and services you use, and giving off-the-ball comments to inspire conversation.

Many companies try to be more interactive by asking questions or offering giveaways in order to gain attention, but instead of promoting their product, what they really need to do is give you information about how to better spend your time.

Create engaging ads

how can netflix improve their marketing strategy

A good way to boost engagement is by using content designed pictures or videos that appeal to your audience. If you are looking to increase viewership, do not use full-on advertisements of products but instead create an article or video about products that people will be interested in reading or watching!

Netflix has some great examples of this including their latest marketing campaign which is called “The Inner Workings”. This ad features various clips and scenes depicting different situations where individuals work on their inner struggles such as depression, anger, fear etc.

This advertising technique works because it gives the viewer insights into how other people handle certain emotions and problems in life. It also creates an atmosphere of intimacy since the viewers get a sense of what these people go through in private every day. These types of advertisements are very effective especially during times when people are seeking help for mental health conditions.

By creating more open, honest advertisements, streaming services like Netflix can reach out to new audiences who may benefit from their service.

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