How Can Nike Improve Their Marketing Strategy?

As seen with the recent success of the sponsored athlete program, marketing to consumers through influencers is a powerful tool. Product sponsorships have become very popular as companies look to increase their exposure while also supporting worthy causes.

By paying top dollar for an endorsement, your company can reap the benefits in many ways- increased sales, brand recognition and credibility, and creating relationships that last. Influencer marketing is likewise a way to generate interest in your product or service by drawing attention to yourself (the influencer) and your lifestyle (the content).

There are several brands that have made significant changes due to the influence marketer position holders take on their products and services. While some see it as free advertising, most know what a powerful tool endorsements can be.

For this article, we will discuss how Nike could improve its own marketing strategy and whether or not they should offer paid speaking engagements. More than ever before, people enjoy watching sports and listening to music! Creating engaging conversations about sport and fitness is one of the hottest fields to enter into.

Create a website based on what your customers want to see

how can nike improve marketing strategy

As mentioned before, you do not have to stick to the same style and approach with marketing strategies when doing so feels stale. Changing up the style and approaches of how you market yourself and your product is important in keeping things fresh.

The best way to determine if your current strategy is working or not is by looking at the results it has produced. If the result is no change, then chances are there is nothing effective about your current tactic.

You will need to evaluate whether the changes made improved your sales, increased brand recognition, or generated more feedback. Either way, it’s essential to assess the effectiveness of your tactics in order to keep moving forward as an entrepreneur.

There is always something that can be done to improve your business, even if it’s just trying out new styles of marketing. What we should remember though, is that changing your strategies too frequently may hurt your business instead of helping it.

Personalize marketing materials

Marketers have been telling people to personalize their messages for years, but most still use boring content that was made before personalization became mainstream.

With the explosion of digital media, it is now easy to create, edit, distribute, and measure your messages like never before.

Personalizing your message includes using pictures or illustrations, adding testimonials, linking to other sites or products related to yours, and introducing yourself or someone else to contribute.

The more you add, the better!

By incorporating these into your marketing strategies, you will stand out in the sea of brands with same-looking campaigns. Your followers and customers will appreciate the extra effort you put into creating content they want to see.

You can also use social media tools to promote and monitor this personalization process. For example, you could track how many clicks each picture received or which posts got the most comments.

This way, you can determine what types of pictures work best and make sure to use them consistently for maximum impact.

Distribute promotional materials where your customers are

how can nike improve marketing strategy

As seen with the new sneakers, marketing strategies that work today will not work in one year or two years! Companies must constantly evaluate their approach to see what works and can be improved upon.

Nike is a great example of this. They have many different brands they promote through various media and advertisements.

Their basic brand is athletic footwear and clothing, but they also advertise shoes for casual wear and fashion. These additional products draw attention to themselves by adding emphasis onto the already established base of Nike being known for top quality athletics gear.

These other brands all contribute to developing their market segment and promoting new products. This is important because as mentioned before, marketing strategies that work now may no longer work tomorrow.

So, how can we improve our current methods? The first thing you can do is to assess the method and determine if it is working well for you.

If it is, then keep doing it that way! But if not, try looking at it differently. Are there ways to make it more efficient? If so, implement those!

The best way to ensure this is constant researching and testing out approaches. There are several online sites and resources which can help you achieve this.

Offer a contest or a giveaway

how can nike improve marketing strategy

Running shoes are expensive, which is probably why most people purchase them. Companies spend big money on marketing strategies to get more people to buy their footwear. While some brands focus on product promotion, other companies find new ways to market every year.

A recent strategy that has seen success for many shoe brands is offering a free pair of shoes as a prize in a contest. Or they may give away an additional pair after paying for shipping and handling, or both!

Brands such as Vibram Five Fingers have even given away whole feet so individuals can try out the shoes firsthand!

Vince DiMarco, Director of Digital Media at NIKE Inc., says this type of marketing works because it connects with your audience on an emotional level. He adds that it helps promote brand loyalty since you need to know if what they say about the products matches what the company promises.

Encourage social media engagement

how can nike improve marketing strategy

A lot of brands seem to be going all-in on social media, with almost every company having their own profile, business page, and/or group. While this is great for supporting your brand’s appearance, it may not necessarily work well for marketing.

By doing so, you are creating more competition for yourself by others in your industry. This creates a negative effect as potential customers will likely compare you to the other companies that have opened up accounts.

If you want to achieve success through social media, then start off by testing out different platforms to see which ones get the most comments and feedback. You can also create an account that focuses more clearly on your products or services!

Once you find a platform that works, keep posting on it and use relevant content to engage with your followers. If you notice that some posts are getting very little response, consider investing in advertising on the site to boost attention.

Connect with your customers on the internet

how can nike improve marketing strategy

With the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, it is easy to get distracted by the speed at which you are sharing updates, posting videos, and responding to comments. While all of these things are entertaining, they also can take up valuable time that could be spent focused on new marketing strategies or improving current ones.

Instead of investing time in online distractions, invest in creating an audience that will appreciate your content and contribute to the community. By giving away quality content that you produce, people will form a connection to you and hopefully influence them to pick up a product or service from yours.

By being more intentional about engaging in conversations and establishing relationships through digital channels, you will save time that you could use for other purposes. This will give you more free time to focus on creative projects, doing business related activities, or just spending time with family!

Nike uses their expertise in marketing to help craft great messages designed to connect with its target market. They know what types of pictures, slogans, and advertisements work for their brand and base most of their campaigns off of those.

Create a website theme based on your customer’s interest

how can nike improve marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, understanding your audience is one of the most important parts of marketing. This applies to how you design your site as well as what messages you put out there!

Nike knows that very well. They make lots of products with catchy slogans and logos that appeal to people. But their latest marketing strategy may surprise some.

It seems like every week they are launching new websites or redesigning old ones to focus more on health and fitness. That makes sense since they are known for athletic shoes and clothing.

But what about business casual clothes? Or dress shoes? Why not use those styles to promote other brands you have? And why not do it in way that connects with health and wellness?

That was the approach Nike took when they rebranded last year. Now they have several sites under the “Nike Pro-Motion” label which feature active lifestyle gear and services.

Their best bet for marketers who want to take advantage of this trend is to create a website that fits into their brand’s style, offers helpful content, and appeals to their target market.

Offer a guest blog post for other companies

how can nike improve marketing strategy

Writing an article or feature about products, services, trends, and studies is a great way to boost engagement and visibility for your company. Companies offer free content to gain exposure so you should do the same!

Most people are aware of how valuable it is to have solid social media accounts but less than half know what kind of value writing is.

Writing is a form of communication that comes naturally to most people, which makes it easy to publish something words come from somewhere inside us.

Your subconscious mind processes written information more quickly too, making it better to connect with others through writing.

We’ve seen lots of examples of brands offering their readers a chance to give feedback or ask questions, but very few add some additional value by creating an opportunity for guests to write an article or feature about a product, service, trend, or study they believe is important.

This can help bring more attention to the writer’s brand/company and provide them with new sources of inspiration and marketing material. It also gives your company the possibility to increase its online presence via blogs and other website platforms.

If you're in the market for some creative ideas, read on! We've compiled a list of ways you can use blogging in marketing.

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