How Can We Reach Customers Most Efficiently

Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns

Digital advertising allows companies to reach a wide audience at lower costs through social media, Internet blogs, and websites.

However, traditional ads still have a place in our lives. Nothing replaces good old-fashioned adverstisement.

For example, buying a product is not going to fix your computer or phone because you bought MS Office. But if you’re already using that software, an advertisement for it can help you learn how to use it better.

This may be helpful information but only when you need to know it. You are probably very familiar with this app, so trying to teach yourself could take some effort.

Consider hiring someone to walk you through any steps you might need assistance with. They can show you what resources are available if you decide to buy them.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

Digital marketing is an effective way to reach customers. But digital advertising is expensive and it requires time to have a effect. Other less-expensive options are word of mouth and grassroots campaigns.

It’s important to put your money where your audience is. If you have a store, then invest in billboard ads near stores or restaurants.

If you have a restaurant, then invest in outdoor advertising like street signs and buses. People who eat out frequently also check out online deals for best prices on food products and services.

Invest in catalogs and web sites designed to create awareness about their brands and messages. They can lead to calls and visits from people interested in them.

Product placement

More and more often, consumer products are trying to get in touch with you through social media or advertising. You can even see them pop up in unexpected places, like reading glasses lying in the aisle of your local grocery store.

Social media is an easy way for companies to reach out to their customers. By putting their brand into context for consumers, they create opportunities to directly connect them with customers.

This can be very effective, but there are rules about it. Before going too deep into any marketing strategy, find out how else brands have previously reached people inside the hour time slot that you’re considering.

Consider hiring someone to help you plan these campaigns. For example, someone who is expert at social media algorithms will give you a better idea of which posts will rise to the top and attract followers.

It also helps if you have a larger platform from which to make calls. Call details should always be put in writing and signed by both parties as evidence of what was said and agreed upon.

Customer service

Customer service

Customer service can be defined as an organization’s capacity to satisfy its customers in ways that have value for them.

It starts with listening to your customers carefully and understanding what they are trying to achieve (their goal), then providing services or products that help them get there.

For example, if someone wants to increase their productivity, you might advise them to use email less and share files more. You could give them steps for how to do this at home over Wi-Fi or you may provide these services yourself.

The important part is that you understand their goals and seek to help them reach them. This involves being a researcher of things people want and need. Then you must create products and services that fulfill those needs.


You can find out where your competitors is offering similar services or products. By creating something unique and better than theirs, you will gain customer loyalty and success.

To learn more about how to improve your customer service skills, read our article about how to build trust using values.

Peripheral marketing

Peripheral marketing

If you’re like most companies, your website is full of links to products that you want customers to buy. But there are ways you can reach out to your prospects and clients more effectively.

One way is called peripheral marketing. With this kind of outreach, you talk to people not about your product but about something else.

You discuss non-product topics with them as an opportunity to sell them other products or services. For example, you could call someone who has a small business and ask questions related to running their business. You could also invite them to events they might be interested in (events featuring new technology, for instance).

Any time you get to speak with potential customers without enforcing a sales cycle, it is peripheral marketing. It’s just talking with people to try to convince them to do things.

Some people refer to it as speaking with power players – because you speak to executives of large corporations vice representatives who work at lower levels within the company.

There are several advantages to peripheral marketing. First, it can lead to deeper conversations. When you engage in conversation, you actually have a chance to learn what matters to the person you’re calling.

Second, it takes less effort than traditional direct mailing. There’t any need to create mass emails or send out promotional messages. The only form of communication required is between you and the customer.

Third, it makes use of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + all allow you to connect with your audience publicly.

Many businesses rely on these platforms heavily, so if you have content worth sharing, then engaging with your fans and followers via social media is a good option.

Of course, word of mouth

Of course, word of mouth

Although it is often assumed that customers will discover a business’s products and services through traditional media channels like newspapers or magazines, research shows that listening to what people have to say is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and sales.

Listening to your customer's concerns and offering solutions in a timely manner can bring substantial results. The more you understand their needs, the better you will be at serving them.

By doing so, they will trust you and your expertise and tell their friends about you. And since we are talking about trusting our customers, let me ask you this: how many times has someone asked you “How do I look?” and you told them?

That’s right; never. You may think that no one ever asks anyone that question because everyone is too focused on work and life responsibilities. But I bet you get that question from time to time. When that happens, you should probably just go with your normal answer and try to help others out when they ask you the next time, “What did you say?”

Social media presence

Social media presence

Today, social media is an essential tool in customer acquisition or retention. If you want to see what works for your competitors, then you’ll have to try it yourself.

To be successful with social media marketing, you need to understand the psychology of why people use these platforms and how they think.

You can learn everything you need to know from experts and other people who are already doing it, but thinking like someone else won’t help you if you don’t understand where others are coming from.

The best way to understand social media usage is by giving it a try. You only have one life and no one can make you feel bad about that. So set some time aside to enjoy it.

Try adding blogs and tweets into your content strategy. See which ones work and which ones don’t. Which ones generate the most traffic and sales? Which ones connect you with people? The answers to those questions come down to research - figure out what people are interested in and do not worry about trying something new.

People love sharing things that give them joy and bringing people together. And providing quality content is a great way to build trust within your audience. People will share your content because they trust you and believe that what you put out is true and important.

Content doesn’t cost anything; creating it does. But investing in good quality content provides a return that always exceeds any investment costs.

Confidently develop your customer base

Confidently develop your customer base

It’s impossible to reach out to all of your customers early on, which is why it’s important to have a growing community of people you know and trust who can be brand ambassadors. People feel more comfortable selling products they like and understand.

They also need to make enough money to keep buying those products. If you don’t sell enough at first to pay for product, that guilt will stick with your users.

It becomes even harder to convince people to try new things when you tell them how much it costs. The best way to gain trust is by providing quality products and services at great prices.

When people see what a few dollars looks like, they will begin to realize that their old habits were not helping them stay within that budget. It is hard to maintain that same level of behavior once we are used to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars without batting an eye.

We become used to certain standards and expectations of quantity, price, and value. When someone tries to introduce something different (a lower cost model, a high-quality gimmick), we react negatively because we are used to the norm.

That is why brands spend so much money focusing on reputation management and image rehab. They want people to stop thinking about your company as cheap.

Provide excellent quality

Provide excellent quality

‘Reach’ is an abstract concept that can be easily explained with examples.

If you provide good quality products or services, your customers will want to buy more from you, they will share their experiences with others, and word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

Let’s look at a few examples!

A restaurant that serves high quality food will attract loyal patrons. People who eat there tend to enjoy the experience and tell their friends about it.

This results in increased business for the restaurant. More people try the restaurant because others love it so much.

High quality restaurants are also easier to find than low quality ones. People know where they are going, and they expect to get value for money.

They don’t need to go looking for a great meal. If the place isn’t well known, perhaps no one tells anyone about it – but if just a few people come to visit, everyone knows how nice the experience was.

In this way, customers can reach you through ads, social media, online reviews, etc. But by offering such quality that inspires conversation, those same customers return again and again to give themselves more opportunities to become reached.

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